LOST in Blue APK 1.170.0 MOD (Unlimited Money, Menu Mod)

LOST in Blue APK 1.170.0 MOD (Unlimited Money, Menu Mod)

The Story

App Name LOST in BLUE
Publisher Volcano Force
Genre Adventure
Update on Dec 26, 2023
Get it on Google Play
You play as Keith, a teenager who finds himself stranded on a deserted island after his cruise ship sinks in a storm. With only the clothes on his back, Keith must use his wits and resourcefulness to survive on the island.

Early on, Keith discovers that he is not alone – a girl named Skye has also washed up on shore after the shipwreck. Together, Keith and Skye must gather food, build shelter, craft tools and equipment, and explore the island if they hope to survive and hopefully get rescued.

The story progresses as Keith and Skye uncover bits and pieces about the history of the island, including clues that it was previously inhabited many years ago. Strange ruins dot the landscape, hinting at the island’s secrets. Keith and Skye must stay alive long enough to unravel the mystery.


Main Features

Detailed Crafting and Survival Mechanics

  • Forage for materials like wood, vines, and stones to craft over 100 items including tools, weapons, shelter, and more
  • Tend to needs like hunger, thirst, warmth, and rest to maintain health
  • Brave the elements like storms, cold snaps, and heat waves

Rich Explorable Island

  • Traverse varied environments like forests, beaches, caves, and mountain peaks
  • Discover remnants of past inhabitants with cryptic clues
  • Encounter wildlife including boars, monkeys, snakes, and more

RPG Character Progression

  • Level up abilities and skills to become a better gatherer, hunter, builder, etc.
  • Manage attributes like strength, stamina, and intelligence
  • Loot gear from chests and defeated enemies

Dynamic Weather and Day/Night Cycle

  • Plan activities based on time of day and weather patterns
  • Seek shelter or risk getting sick during storms or cold fronts
  • Use darkness as cover when fighting dangerous creatures

Fishing and Hunting

  • Fish in lakes, rivers, and the ocean using different rods and lures
  • Hunt animals with crafted bows, spears, traps, and even tamed hawks
  • Utilize hunting to obtain meat, hides, bones and other resources

Base Building and Farming

  • Construct a home base out of wood, stone, and other materials
  • Install protective measures like walls, spike traps, and lookout towers
  • Cultivate crops and livestock pens to establish renewable food sources

Multiplayer Co-Op Play

  • Team up with friends online to improve chances of survival
  • Collaborate on building projects and resource gathering
  • Watch each other’s backs when exploring dangerous territory

No Pay-To-Win Elements

  • 100% free-to-play with no ads or paywalls
  • All content can be accessed without spending real money
  • No loot boxes, premium currency, or other predatory monetization


What is the Mod APK?

The Lost in Blue mod APK is a modified version of the game client that unlocks all items, infinite resources, max skills, unlimited money, and more. It essentially removes all the grinding and scarcity elements, allowing you to freely explore the island.

Key Features

  • Unlock all crafting recipes and building options from the start
  • Enable infinite durability on tools and weapons
  • Max out character levels and attributes
  • Add unlimited coins, gems, materials, etc.
  • Remove ads and unlock paid content
  • Enable god mode and other cheats

The mod APK makes Lost in Blue more fun as a sandbox rather than a pure survival game. You can focus on base building, farming, and exploring without worrying about the difficulty. It’s great for casual players who want to relax on the island without the hardcore survival elements.


Benefits in More Detail

Immersive Survival Atmosphere

Lost in Blue does an excellent job capturing the feeling of being stranded on a deserted island. The detailed survival mechanics, dynamic weather, explorable world, and mysteries of the island come together to fully immerse you.

Small touches like rummaging through suitcases washed up from your ship, reading journal pages from past inhabitants, or stumbling upon ancient ruins make the island feel alive. It strikes the perfect balance of solitude and intrigue.

Satisfying Progression Loop

Starting with nothing but the clothes on your back, you gradually gather resources to build tools, weapons, shelter, and more. Unlocking new crafting recipes and leveling up skills feels impactful. The feedback loop of exploring to find materials to craft better gear to explore further is extremely gratifying.

And just when you get settled, the island throws a new challenge at you – a cold snap, damaging storm, or attack from predators. It keeps you on your toes at all times.

Engaging Co-Op Play

The online co-op mode lets you explore and build on the island with friends. You can take on projects like constructing villages, bases, tree houses, and more. Stockpile resources together to survive disasters. And watch each other’s back when braving dangerous areas.

The mysterious island makes for an immersive backdrop to let your creativity run wild. And the survival elements add just enough tension and reward to the co-op experience.




Q: What type of game is Lost in Blue?

A: Lost in Blue is a survival/crafting RPG with a heavy focus on exploration. Core gameplay involves gathering resources, crafting gear/buildings, managing needs like hunger/thirst, exploring the island, and uncovering clues about past inhabitants.

Q: Can you play Lost in Blue offline?

A: Yes, Lost in Blue has an offline single player mode with the full story and survival mechanics. The online co-op feature is optional.

Q: How long is Lost in Blue?

A: Players report anywhere between 15-30 hours to complete the main story, with many more hours available exploring the island and end-game activities. So there is plenty of content to sink your teeth into.

Q: Does Lost in Blue have controller support?

A: Yes, Lost in Blue has built-in controller support and UI/control schemes designed specifically for gamepads. It plays very smoothly on phones/tablets paired with Bluetooth controllers.

Q: Is there a sequel to Lost in Blue?

A: Lost in Blue is the first installment of a popular series originally released for Nintendo handhelds. We can expect to see Lost in Blue 2 and future sequels adapted for mobile down the line if this version finds success.

Version 1.168.0 Update 1. Happy Christmas event will be live soon. 2. Added character skin - Christmas Hunter. 3. Added companions including Nicky and Frostbeard Giant. 4. Christmas Guardian weapon skin series will be available soon. 5. Cash Deduction Voucher and Upgrade Reset Tickets will be added soon.

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