LOST in BLUE Beta APK 1.170.0 MOD [MENU MOD/Unlimited Money]

LOST in BLUE Beta APK 1.170.0 MOD [MENU MOD/Unlimited Money]

App Name LOST in BLUE Beta
Publisher Volcano Force
Genre Adventure
Update on Dec 26, 2023
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LOST in BLUE Beta is an adventurous new Android game developed by Volcano Force that allows players to preview exciting new features before they are officially launched. Set on a deserted island after a plane crash, you must gather resources, build shelters, craft weapons, and explore mysterious locations to survive and find your way home.


Game Story and Premise

You play as a plane crash survivor stranded on a deserted island somewhere in the vast Pacific Ocean. With no signs of rescue or civilization in sight, you must learn to adapt and survive using only the limited resources around you.

The game’s story revolves around exploring the island, uncovering various secrets, battling enemies and creatures, and eventually finding a way to escape. Food, water, weapons, tools, and shelter are all necessities you must procure and maintain to stay alive.

The island also holds ancient ruins, abandoned research facilities, strange mutated creatures, and other survivors with unknown intentions. Unlocking the island’s mysteries may be the key to finding your way home.


Main Features

Detailed Crafting and Building

You must collect materials from the island like wood, stone, ores, skins, bones etc. to craft tools and weapons like axes, pickaxes, bows, knives etc. Use these to hunt animals for food and defend yourself.

Combine materials to build shelters, defensive walls, traps and other structures to create a safe base camp. Install facilities like gardens, rain water collectors, wind turbines etc. Manage hunger, health and other attributes.

Multiplayer Interaction

Cross paths with other survivors and form alliances and communities to improve quality of life or wage war to control resources and territories on the island. Communication is key for trade, truces and more.

Character Progression

Gain experience to unlock skills and upgrades like improved foraging, crafting speed, healing, melee combat etc. Customize your play style for challenges ahead.

Exploring Unique Locations

Venture beyond your camp to scavenge new zones like dense forests, tall mountains, deep caves, abandoned labs and more for precious loot. Discover secrets and clues related to the island’s past.

Thrilling PvE Challenges

Battle increasingly difficult enemies like pirates, mutated animals, zombies, robots, and even mythical beasts! Use your wits and skills to prevail.

Competitive PvP Gameplay

Test your survival skills against real opponents in various arena game modes online. Outwit and outlast enemies for glory.

Dynamic Weather Effects

Brave harsh weather like tropical storms, blizzards, dense fogs and more which impact movement, combat, health and resource availability in an area.

Day-Night Cycle

Manage your activities wisely across day and night. Certain resources only appear at certain times while some enemies grow stronger in the dark.


What is the Mod APK?

The mod apk for LOST in BLUE Beta is an unlocked developer version that offers players free unlimited money/gems to spend on upgrades and items in the game’s store. This allows you to access premium content without paying real money.

Other mod features include free crafting, one hit kills, infinite health and more cheats that let you customize the game difficulty or make gameplay easier if desired. Using mods is optional though and not required to complete the game.

Key Benefits of the Mod APK

  • Save money by unlocking all items/upgrades for free
  • Enable cheats like one hit kills or infinite health for an easier experience
  • Customize gameplay exactly how you want for more fun
  • Access all premium content without grinding for gems
  • Experiment with different playstyles using money cheats
  • Show off exclusive paid items in multiplayer

Overall the mods make LOST in BLUE Beta more convenient and enjoyable for all players. Give them a try to leap past boring grinds or tune the experience to your liking without worrying about costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What devices and Android versions can play LOST in BLUE Beta?

A: The game requires at least Android 6.0 and 2GB RAM. It runs on most modern phones, tablets and Android emulators for PC like GameLoop.

Q: Is the game completely free or are there in-app purchases?

A: The base game is free to download and play, but optional in-app purchases exist for gems, money packages, season passes etc. The mod apk unlocks these for free.

Q: How much storage space does LOST in BLUE Beta need?

A: About 2GB free space is needed currently, plus extra for future updates. So have at least 3GB free before installing.

Q: Can the same account progress be shared across multiple devices?

A: Yes, LOST in BLUE Beta supports cloud saving and syncing to let you resume the same game on different devices conveniently.

Q: Is there a single player campaign or is it just multiplayer?

A: Both exist. You can experience the full story and explore the island even playing solo without interacting with others online if desired.

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With detailed survival mechanics, fun crafting and base building, exciting PvE and PvP action, plus mod support for unlimited money and free rewards, LOST in BLUE Beta shapes up to be an extremely addictive Android game that will consume hours of your time. Download it now for a unique battle royale/adventure hybrid experience.

Version Update 1. A new mount - Dark Phoenix will be available soon. 2. Bug fixes and optimizations on home camp contents.

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