Likee APK 5.16.52 MOD (Unlimited Fans/Likes/Video) for android

Likee APK 5.16.52 MOD (Unlimited Fans/Likes/Video) for android


App Name Likee - Short Video Community
Publisher Likeme Pte Ltd
Genre Social
Size 83 MB
Latest Version 5.16.52
Update on Nov 15, 2023
Requirements 4.4
Mod info Unlimited Fans/Likes/Video
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The Likee android app is a short form video creation and sharing platform that allows users to create, edit, and share fun videos. With over 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store, Likee is one of the most popular apps worldwide in the short video space.

Some of the key features of Likee include:

  • Video creation tools
    • Various filters, effects, stickers, emoji, text, and more to enhance videos
    • Ability to use photos to automatically create short videos
  • Video editing capabilities
    • Trim, splice, adjust speed, add background music, and more
  • Video sharing and interactions
    • Share videos publicly or with friends
    • Likes, comments, duets, reactions, and more ways to interact with videos
  • Live streaming
    • Go live and interact with viewers in real-time
  • Personalized recommendations
    • “For You” feed shows videos based on your interests and engagement
  • Challenges
    • Popular hashtag challenges to participate in
  • Gifting
    • Send virtual gifts to creators as a sign of appreciation


User Interface

The Likee user interface is clean, modern, intuitive and easy to navigate.

Home Feed

The home feed shows a continuous scroll of short videos recommended based on your interests and engagement. You can scroll up infinitely to discover more videos.

Create Button

The large pink create button is fixed to the bottom middle of the screen on all tabs. Tap it to open the camera and start recording a new video.

Bottom Navigation

The bottom nav bar makes it easy to switch between the Home Feed, Discover, Friends, and Profile tabs with just one tap.

Dark Mode

Likee offers an optional dark mode to switch from the default white interface to a sleek dark theme.

Video Editor

The built-in video editor offers a timeline editor, trimming, filters, effects, stickers, text, music, and more tools to enhance your videos before sharing.

Profile Customization

You can customize your profile by adding a profile photo, bio, website link, and more. Your Likes and video views are also prominently displayed.



In terms of performance, Likee offers a smooth and lag-free experience even on low-end android devices thanks to performance optimizations.

Fast Video Loading

Videos start playing instantly as you scroll through the feed without any lag or load time.

Quick Navigation

Switching between tabs and navigating the app is snappy. Actions like opening the camera and editor are also very quick.

Lightweight App Size

Despite all of its features, Likee manages to remain under 100MB in size making it accessible to more users.

Low Mobile Data Usage

Likee provides different video quality options to help minimize mobile data usage. You can choose between low, medium and high quality.

Battery Efficient

Battery drain is well optimized. On average, an hour of actively using Likee drained only 5-6% of battery in our testing.


Privacy Concerns

While Likee offers fun ways for users to express themselves through short videos, there are some privacy concerns to be aware of.

Personal Data Collection

Likee’s privacy policy states that they collect a user’s profile information, user generated content, contacts list, location data, watch history and more. This data can be shared with third parties.

Children’s Safety

As there is no age verification, the app can potentially expose children to inappropriate content and interactions. Moderation relies heavily on user reporting.


Contact with Strangers

Users can easily communicate via comments and direct messaging with strangers from around the world which raises safety concerns.

Explicit Content

There is an abundance of sexually suggestive content from users despite Likee’s policy prohibiting nudity and pornography. Reporting relies on users.

Security Issues

Likee has previously faced security vulnerabilities that allowed hackers to access private videos and user data. However, these issues were addressed in app updates.

Ad Tracking

The app shows targeted ads and collects data for ad targeting purposes stated in their privacy policy without a clear way to limit this tracking.



In summary, Likee is an extremely popular short form video app offering powerful creation tools, a social community, and engaging video content. However, parents should be aware of the privacy issues and monitor their children’s use. While fun to use, Likee does require more digital safety precautions compared to other social apps.

  • Unlimited Fans
  • No Watermark Video

Bug fixes and performance improvements

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