Lifting Hero APK 42.7.3 MOD (Unlimited Money, Gems)

Lifting Hero APK 42.7.3 MOD (Unlimited Money, Gems)


App Name Lifting Hero
Publisher Rollic Games
Genre Casual
Size 133 MB
Latest Version 42.7.3
Update on Nov 15, 2023
Requirements 5.1
Mod info Unlimited Money/Gems
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Lifting Hero is a casual idle clicker game for Android developed by Rollic Games. The goal of the game is to tap on the screen repeatedly to make your character lift weights and build muscle. As you gain strength, you can upgrade to lifting heavier objects like barbells, cars, and eventually planets and asteroids.

The gameplay loop is simple but addictive – tap to lift, earn money, upgrade equipment, lift more. With fun pixel art graphics and silly powerlifting characters, Lifting Hero provides a lightweight, entertaining experience for short play sessions.

Lifting Hero MOD APK



The main gameplay of Lifting Hero revolves around rapidly tapping on the screen to make your character lift weights. Each tap counts as one rep. As you tap, a number rapidly counts up showing your reps completed.

You start off only able to lift light objects like a pencil or book. But as you gain strength, you can upgrade to heavier items like dumbbells, chairs, and even cars and buses.

The faster you can tap, the quicker your reps go up. Your character will automatically lift the weights even when you’re not tapping, but at a much slower rate.


After each lifting session, you’re awarded coins based on the number of reps completed. These coins can be used to upgrade your lifting equipment and increase your strength.

As you progress to heavier objects, your character visibly gets bigger and more muscular. The sense of progression is satisfying as you go from scrawny to buff.

Eventually you can grow massive in size, lifting objects like trucks, trains, and even planets. The progression feels endless, always tempting you to play more to grow even bigger.

Idle Mechanics

In addition to active tapping, Lifting Hero employs idle mechanics that allow you to progress even when not playing. Your character will continue lifting weights automatically when the game is open.

You can also earn offline progress when the game is closed. Every time you return, you’re rewarded with coins and strength gains while you were away.

These idle features complement the clicker gameplay nicely, allowing you to actively play in short bursts but still build progress over time.


Spending coins on upgrades is crucial for progression in Lifting Hero. There are two main upgrade branches:

Strength Upgrades: Increase the amount of strength gained per rep. This allows you to level up faster.

Speed Upgrades: Make your lifts faster, increasing reps per second. Again, more reps means faster progression.

Finding the right balance between strength and speed upgrades is important. You need enough strength to lift heavier objects but also enough speed to rack up reps quickly.


Once you reach the end-game and have lifted the largest objects, you can choose to prestige. This resets your strength back to zero but provides permanent bonuses to help you progress faster on your next run.

Prestiging adds more replayability and long-term progression to work towards. The permanent bonuses stack, so each prestige run gets you farther than the last.

Lifting Hero MOD APK

Graphics and Visuals

Lifting Hero features cute, colorful pixel art. The lifting characters have exaggerated muscular bodies and comically oversized weights and equipment.

The visuals give the game personality, matching the lighthearted vibe of the gameplay. While simple, the art style is endearing and fun.

Each environment also has its own unique look, like lifting weights on a beach, in a gym, or even out in space. It keeps the scenery fresh as you progress.

The user interface is clean and minimalist. Your strength and coins are shown in the upper left, with your current equipment and next upgrades on the right. An unobtrusive options menu slides in from the left.

Overall, the graphics won’t blow you away but have plenty of charm. The visuals match the casual gameplay nicely.


The audio in Lifting Hero complements the light, silly tone. When lifting, upbeat music with whistles and chimes plays. The repetitive tapping sounds almost like a rhythm game.

The over-the-top voice lines match the exaggerated characters. You’ll hear corny lines like “Feel the burn!” and “No pain, no gain!” that fit the theme.

When not actively lifting, slower, atmospheric music plays. The audio shifts seamlessly between the two states.

Like the visuals, the audio is simple but effective. The sounds reinforce the core gameplay and bring the characters to life.

Lifting Hero MOD APK

Game Modes


The main campaign is the core progression gameplay of Lifting Hero. Starting from zero, grow your strength to become the ultimate weightlifting champion.

With over 50 levels of equipment to upgrade, the campaign provides hours of incremental progression and growth.


Take on other characters in lifting battles. Tap as fast as possible to complete more reps than your opponent within a time limit.

Winning battles earns you bonus coins to help boost your progression. The battles provide a fun change of pace from the regular lifting gameplay.


Limited-time events add variety to the game. Events have special challenges and conditions, like reduced upgrade costs or a chance for rare loot.

The events keep the game fresh with new objectives to chase. They help break up the standard progression gameplay.


As a free-to-play mobile game, Lifting Hero employs expected monetization tactics. There are ads and optional in-app purchases. However, none of them are required to progress or succeed in the game.


Short video ads play between lifting sessions or when opening the game. Thankfully the ad frequency is reasonable, with only 1-2 ads every 5-10 minutes of play.

The ads are optional. Watching them provides small rewards like coins or temporary power-ups. But you can close them without penalty if desired.

In-App Purchases

A premium currency (diamonds) can be purchased to gain boosts and power-ups. However, everything available for purchase is also obtainable through normal gameplay.

IAPs are not aggressive and fully optional. They offer convenience rather than exclusive content. The game is very enjoyable without spending money.

Lifting Hero MOD APK


As a simple idle clicker game, the controls for Lifting Hero are intuitive and easy to pick up.


  • Tap anywhere on the screen repeatedly to perform lifts and build strength.
  • Tap and hold to activate power-ups that increase tapping speed.
  • The more fingers you can use, the faster your reps!
  • Tabs along the top allow switching between different menus.
  • Buttons allow claiming offline earnings, activating boosts, and more.
  • Swipe left to open the side menu for options and settings.


  • Tap on upgrade buttons to purchase strength and speed boosts.
  • Manage your coin spending to balance both upgrade types.

The simple one-touch gameplay makes Lifting Hero accessible for anyone to pick up and play.

Progression and Replay Value

Lifting Hero provides plenty of content and progression for a casual idle game. It will take hours to reach the end-game, and prestige systems add more replayability.

Lengthy Progression

  • 50+ levels of equipment to upgrade through.
  • Exponential strength and coin gains to earn.
  • Prestige system extends progression further.


  • Different environments and music.
  • Limited-time events.
  • Battle mode for extra challenge.


  • Prestige bonuses to collect and stack.
  • Pets that provide permanent boosts.
  • Outfits to customize your character.


  • Achievements to earn.
  • Daily and weekly challenges.
  • Leaderboards to climb.

There’s lots of incremental content in Lifting Hero that will keep you tapping for hours. The progression systems are well-designed to hook players in the long term.

Lifting Hero MOD APK


The Good

  • Addictive, incremental idle gameplay.
  • Cute pixel art graphics and audio.
  • Lots of progression depth and content.
  • Silly theme and characters are fun.
  • Monetization is fair for a free game.

The Bad

  • Gameplay is repetitive by nature.
  • Progress eventually hits slow walls.
  • Content can feel samey over time.
  • Occasional bugs and stability issues.


Lifting Hero nails the casual idle clicker formula. If you enjoy lightly growing stronger and bigger through simple repetition, you’ll find plenty to like. The silly gym theme and pixel graphics add charm. Just don’t expect innovative or deep gameplay. As an idle game, Lifting Hero provides mindless, entertaining fun in short sessions.

Lifting Hero MOD APK

Verdict: 7/10

Lifting Hero isn’t revolutionary but succeeds at what it aims for. The repetitive grinding and growth loop is time-tested and executed well here. The gym setting and exaggerated characters add personality. While the core gameplay is shallow, there’s enough depth and progression to keep you coming back. If you’re looking for a new idle clicker to play in short bursts, Lifting Hero is a muscle-bound good time.

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Currency
  • Unlimited Money

Before you continue playing, take a moment to update the game - we’ve added a bunch of new features to improve your app experience.

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