Legend of Ace APK 1.69.5 MOD (Unlimited Money, Map Hack, Menu)

Legend of Ace APK 1.69.5 MOD (Unlimited Money, Map Hack, Menu)


App Name Legend of Ace
Publisher Still Gaming
Genre Action
Size 804 MB
Latest Version 1.69.5
Update on Nov 20, 2023
Requirements 5.1
Mod info Unlimited Money, Map Hack, Menu
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Legend of Ace (LoA) is a popular 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for Android and iOS devices. Developed and published by FunCube Technology, LoA combines elements of MOBA gameplay with a unique trading card system to allow for extensive customization and strategic depth.

Released in 2018, LoA has grown a substantial playerbase and fostered an active esports community. With its anime-inspired art style, variety of game modes, and frequent content updates, LoA provides a polished and engaging experience for MOBA fans.

This in-depth review will examine the key aspects of LoA’s gameplay, graphics, progression system, and overall quality.

Legend of Ace MOD APK


Core Mechanics

As a MOBA, LoA adheres to standard genre conventions. Two teams of 5 players compete on a symmetrical map with 3 lanes, turrets, and bases. Each player controls a powerful hero character and must work with their team to destroy the enemy’s structures and base.

Matches play out in real-time and emphasize strategic teamplay. Heroes gain experience and gold from defeating enemies which allow them to level up abilities and buy items. Proper coordination, positioning, and objective control are essential to victory.

LoA’s gameplay is instantly familiar to anyone who has played titles like League of Legends or Dota 2. The tap and virtual joystick controls are responsive and easy to grasp, even for MOBA newcomers. Matches are snappy, lasting 5-10 minutes on average.

Hero Roster

LoA currently has 36 unique heroes divided into standard MOBA roles like tank, mage, marksman, etc. The hero roster covers a diverse set of playstyles and abilities, from a mystical fox mage to a steampunk robot that can transform into a turret.

Each new hero release adds more variety and strategic options to the game. While the roster is not massive, it strikes a good balance between approachability for new players and choices for veterans.

Trading Card System

The most unique aspect of LoA’s gameplay is its trading card system. Instead of buying set items in a shop like most MOBAs, players construct customized decks of cards that modify their hero’s stats and abilities.

There are over 200 cards to collect, offering an enormous number of combinations. Cards grant buffs like attack speed, lifesteal, critical hit chance, and more. Some cards even provide active abilities or alter the functionality of skills.

This system allows players to define their own builds rather than following prescribed item builds. Tailoring your card deck to counter opponents or synergize with allies adds tactical depth. Regular card pack rewards and upgrades give players a sense of progression outside of matches.

Game Modes

LoA has all the standard game modes expected of a MOBA:

  • 5v5: The core MOBA experience with ranked and casual queues.
  • Brawl: Fast-paced 5v5 matches on a smaller map for quick fun.
  • 3v3: Faster 3v3 skirmishes that emphasize small team fights.
  • Hook Wars: 2v2 battles focused on skillshots and dodging.
  • Custom: Create custom lobbies to play with friends or solo practice.

Ranked 5v5 is the most competitive mode, with players earning ELO ratings based on their wins and losses. The various casual game modes provide nice pacing between intense ranked matches.

There are also rotating game modes that offer unique twists, like “Protect the Captain” which designates one player on each team as a vital VIP. These limited time modes keep gameplay feeling fresh.

Legend of Ace MOD APK

Graphics and Presentation

Art Style

LoA utilizes a colorful anime-inspired aesthetic. The vibrant graphics and smooth animations give battles a stylish look and feel. Character and environment art adheres to a unified visual theme that is both appealing and readable.

Clean graphics, clear visual effects, and a smart interface make it easy to parse the action at a glance. This allows players to focus on strategizing and executing plays rather than deciphering cluttered visuals.


Players can personalize their experience via unlockable skins, emotes, titles, avatars, and card backs. These cosmetics let you show off your style without affecting gameplay. Certain skins are only available during special events or as premium purchases.

The ability to pick a fun avatar, equip cool skins, and select a flashy card back for your deck adds to the enjoyment and personality of the game.


LoA runs smoothly on a wide range of Android devices thanks to modest system requirements. The game loads quickly and suffers minimal lag or frame drops, even on lower end hardware. Matches feel responsive with little delay between inputs and actions.

The game’s smaller install size compared to PC MOBAs also appeals to players with storage constraints on their mobile devices. Frequent performance optimizations and improvements keep the gameplay experience polished.

Legend of Ace MOD APK

Progression and Rewards

Account Leveling

Playing matches in LoA grants account experience that increases your summoner level, up to a current cap of Level 30. Higher levels unlock ranked mode, daily quests, and other features. Leveling up also rewards chests containing cards, skins, gold, and gems.

This steady drip feed of level-up rewards gives you something to work toward beyond just grinding ranked rating. Maxing your account level takes a couple hundred hours, providing long-term progression.

Chests and Achievements

Completing daily quests and achievements earns you chests of various rarities. These contain random rewards including new heroes, skins, cards, gold, gems, and experience boosts. This loot box system incentivizes logging in and playing regularly.

Certain premium skins can only be acquired from special chests, encouraging players to keep opening their hoard of earned chests. Achievements also function as fun metagame challenges that reward you just for playing.

Events and Battle Pass

LoA receives frequent content updates in the form of limited-time events and themed Battle Passes. Events offer exclusive cosmetics and other goodies for completing themed challenges and missions.

The Battle Pass has free and premium reward tracks with plenty of skins, chests, gold, cards, and other loot. These recurring events add new goals to work toward each update.

Legend of Ace MOD APK


As a free-to-play mobile game, LoA monetizes through optional in-app purchases. However, spending money is not required to access gameplay content or compete at high levels. Here’s an overview of the monetization model:

  • Heroes: Only the free rotation heroes are available at the start, but all heroes can be unlocked for free over time from level-up rewards, achievements, and chest drops. Buying heroes with real money is unnecessary.
  • Skins: Purely cosmetic skins must be purchased with premium currency (diamonds). They provide no gameplay advantages. Sales and skin chests make them occasionally obtainable for free.
  • Battle Pass: The premium Battle Pass rewards faster progression, but the free track still gives a fair amount of loot. The pass price is reasonable compared to competing games.
  • Card Packs: Cards are regularly awarded from playing. Buying card packs with diamonds speeds up collection, but free-to-play players can still build competitive decks.

Overall, LoA has one of the most fair free-to-play experiences in the MOBA genre. No content or mechanics are strictly pay-to-win. Patience and skill trump money spent.

Community and Support

LoA fosters an active community across its official social media channels and subreddit. The developers communicate frequently with players and take feedback into account when balancing heroes, cards, and features.

Support tickets receive reasonably fast responses. While the game’s documentation is sparse, fans have created wikis and guides to help new players learn the ropes. The community is generally helpful and welcoming rather than overly toxic.

The esports scene also continues to grow, with official tournaments taking place featuring top teams. The competitive community provides plenty of high-level gameplay and strategy analysis.

Legend of Ace MOD APK

Major Updates

LoA receives regular patches every 1-2 weeks that fix bugs, balance the meta, and add new content. Here are some of the most impactful updates:

  • New Heroes: 4-6 new heroes get introduced per year, expanding options and team compositions.
  • Ranked Changes: Ranked mode has been overhauled multiple times to improve matchmaking and progression.
  • Card Systems: Major card upgrades were added, like combining cards into higher tiers with bonus effects.
  • Events: Special limited-time events like anime crossovers, holiday celebrations, and PvE dungeon modes.
  • Quality of Life: Numerous UI upgrades, chat features, controller support, and other quality of life changes.

The developers continuously support LoA with impactful new content and improvements rather than letting it go stale.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely customizable card system allows unique strategies and builds
  • Fun, fast-paced matches suitable for mobile gaming
  • Fair free-to-play model where skill matters more than money
  • Polished anime-style graphics and presentation
  • Engaging progression via account leveling and achievement hunting
  • Active competitive community with tournaments and esports


  • Smaller hero roster compared to major PC MOBAs
  • Steep learning curve for complete newcomers to the genre
  • Meta can feel stale sometimes before new balance patches
  • Lacks deep tutorial modes and guides for new players
  • Solo queue matchmaking can be hit or miss

Legend of Ace MOD APK


LoA manages to translate the strategic depth and competitive teamplay of PC MOBAs into an accessible, pick-up-and-play mobile experience. The unique card system adds immense replayability through nearly endless customization options and strategies.

While the game has a high skill cap, the matches are short enough that losing doesn’t feel like a massive time sink. The anime aesthetic gives LoA a stylish and inviting appearance. The gameplay is kept fresh with new content updates and events.

For MOBA fans looking for quality 5v5 action on mobile, LoA is easily one of the top choices thanks to its fair free-to-play model, simple controls, and diverse meta. Both casual and competitive players can find plenty to enjoy as they collect cards, raise their ranked tier, and master new heroes.

Overall, LoA delivers a full-fledged MOBA experience with excellent production values and engaging progression that feels satisfying over both short and long-term play.

Gameplay – 9/10

Graphics – 8/10

Progression – 7/10

Monetization – 9/10

Support – 7/10

Overall – 8/10

  • Mod Menu
  • Show Enemy In Mini Map
  • No Skill Cooldown

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