Last Day on Earth MOD 1.20.17 APK (Menu/Free Craft/Unlocked)

Last Day on Earth MOD 1.20.17 APK (Menu/Free Craft/Unlocked)


App Name Last Day on Earth: Survival
Publisher KEFIR
Genre Action
Size 630 MB
Latest Version 1.20.17
Update on Nov 21, 2023
Requirements 7.0
Mod info Menu/Free Craft/Unlocked
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Last Day on Earth MOD APK (Menu/Free Craft/Unlocked) is a mobile survival game developed and published by Russian game studio Kefir. Released in 2017, the game quickly became popular, winning Google Play’s Most Innovative Game award that year.

In Last Day on Earth, players wake up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and must try to survive as long as possible in a harsh post-apocalyptic world. The game incorporates elements of crafting, base building, and player vs player combat.

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This in-depth review will examine the key aspects of Last Day on Earth’s gameplay, including:

  • Graphics and Visuals
  • Gameplay Mechanics and Progression
  • Crafting and Building
  • Exploration
  • Multiplayer and Social Elements
  • Monetization

Graphics and Visuals

Last Day on Earth Mod Apk 1.20.17 features decent graphics for a mobile game. The environments and character models are rendered in 3D, allowing for an immersive experience. Detailed textures and lighting effects help bring the post-apocalyptic world to life. Zombie designs are appropriately gruesome, and the visuals do a good job of conveying the bleakness of the setting.

The game uses a top-down isometric camera perspective. This gives players a broad view of the surrounding area for exploration and combat. The camera can be zoomed and rotated freely to inspect objects and scan for threats.

While the graphics are not on par with high-end PC or console games, they are impressive for a mobile title and contribute greatly to the atmosphere. The visuals succeed at depicting a gritty, desperate world plagued by the undead.

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Gameplay Mechanics and Progression

Starting Out

When starting Last Day on Earth, the player character spawns in an isolated area with nothing but their underwear. Berries, stones, trees, and wildlife dot the starting zone.

The first order of business is gathering basic supplies like wood, fiber, and plant materials. These can be crafted into primitive tools, weapons, and clothing. A stone axe and basic shirt and pants allow the player to venture out further from their starting point.

The beginning areas only contain docile creatures like deer and rabbits. However, it’s not long before the player encounters zombies of varying strength. Combat is handled in real-time, with the player using their weapon and dodging attacks.

Base Building

After collecting enough supplies, the player can construct a basic shelter. This safehouse provides storage and crafting stations.

The base can be expanded over time to include features like walls, traps, furniture, and decorations. Investing in base upgrades is crucial for long-term survival. A solid stronghold stocked with supplies serves as a lifeline in the dangerous world.

Base building requires regularly collecting wood, stone, and metal from the environment. Some components like concrete and steel plates must be crafted from raw materials.

Maintaining and defending a base is an ongoing task. Raider NPCs and other players can attack, destroying walls and stealing hard-earned loot.

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Character Progression

As the player levels up, they gain access to new crafting recipes, building options, and equipment. Hundreds of useful items can eventually be produced, including weapons, armor, medicine, and vehicles.

Experience points are earned through activities like crafting, gathering resources, and completing objectives. Leveling up boosts stats like max health, damage, healing ability, and more. The character grows from a nearly naked castaway to a heavily geared survivalist.

Looting gear from chests found around the world is another way to progress. These contain useful items and rare materials for crafting. Weapons, armor, and vehicle parts can be obtained from chests.

Exploration and Raiding

To find the resources needed to advance, players must explore their surroundings. The world map consists of zones like forests, towns, bunkers, and bandit camps.

Each zone contains resources to loot and enemies to fight. Some areas also include NPC survivors that offer quests and valuable items for sale.

As players level up and obtain better equipment, they can access more dangerous areas. These offer rare crafting materials but pose greater risks.

Some zones feature valuable loot but require raiding skills to successfully plunder. Multi-floor bunkers are complex dungeons full of zombies and traps guarding the best treasures.

Crafting and Building

Crafting is a core mechanic in Last Day on Earth Mod Apk. Players collect raw materials and use them to create the items they need to survive. Here are some examples of craftable gear:

  • Weapons – Spears, bats, guns, bows, traps
  • Armor – Shirts, pants, tactical armor, helmets
  • Tools – Hatchets, pickaxes, shovels, saws
  • Base Items – Walls, doors, floors, furniture
  • Resources – Planks, nails, rope, first aid kits
  • Transportation – Choppers, ATVs

Hundreds of recipes can be unlocked, providing solutions for every survival need. Weapons and armor can also be modified on workbenches to improve their capabilities.

The crafting system is well-executed. Gathering materials feels rewarding when you can see the results in your growing stockpile of equipment. Crafting progression is paced nicely as well – more advanced gear takes time and effort to attain.

Building a fully-furnished base piece-by-piece through crafting is an engaging long-term goal. Customizing a base provides a creative outlet amidst the survival chaos.

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Exploring the world map is an essential part of gameplay. Each zone presents new challenges to overcome and loot to discover. Here are some of the locations players can explore:


The starting area. Trees provide wood, bushes produce fiber, and wildlife can be hunted. As players progress, the forests hold zones with better loot.

Abandoned Houses

Yield basic supplies like food and clothing. Useful temporary shelters when far from home.

Police Stations

Contain valuable weaponry and armor. Heavily infested by zombies.


Massive underground dungeons filled with enemies and traps protecting the best loot.

Farm Lands

Provide fruit, vegetables, and wheat for cooking. Watch out for zombies and hostile NPCs.

Gas Stations

Scavenge fuel and vehicle parts. Zombies often swarm these sites.


Offer boat materials and exotic items. Pirates and sea zombies pose threats.


Dark, claustrophobic tunnels with zombies and rare crafting components.

Special Event Locations

Only open during holiday events. Unique enemies and exclusive loot.

Exploring this wide variety of locations provides exciting challenges and meaningful rewards. New equipment allows accessing greater dangers, incentivizing exploration.

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Multiplayer and Social Elements

Last Day apk on Earth incorporates cooperative and competitive multiplayer elements.

Cooperative Play

Joining a clan allows teaming up with other players. Clan members can chat and share resources. Working together makes upgrading bases faster and provides strength in numbers.

High level clans can construct elaborate shared bases. They can also activate the Clan Raid feature to attack AI bases as a group for bonus loot.

Competitive PVP

In certain zones like Air Drops and Bunker Alfa, players compete against each other for limited loot. Fighting and outplaying other survivors is necessary to come out on top.

Player bases can also be raided by enemies. Joining a clan helps defend against raids with strength in numbers.

The multiplayer features create tense, exciting scenarios. Contending with skilled human foes is a much different experience than fighting AI enemies.


Last Day on Earth is free-to-play, but includes optional in-app purchases. Players can buy packs like:

  • Starter packs – Provide immediate resources and items for early game progress.
  • Resource packs – Give materials, weapons, medkits and more.
  • Building packs – Include walls, floors, decorations, and other base items.
  • Loot packs – Contain rare weapons, armor, and vehicle parts for end-game.
  • Seasonal packs – Offer exclusive items during holiday events.

The game utilizes an energy system that limits gameplay per day without paying. Energy can refill over time, but packs provide instant refills.

While not necessary, purchases provide faster progression and access to exclusive items. The game still feels balanced for non-paying players, but expect a slower grind.

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Last Day on Earth provides a compelling survival experience on mobile. Exploring a zombie-infested wasteland and carefully building towards self-sufficiency is engrossing despite the slow pace. PVP elements add replayability and multiplayer vibrancy.

The progression from nearly naked castaway to well-equipped survivor feels rewarding. A staggering amount of weapons, armor, and items can be crafted and looted. Base building allows creativity within the survival framework.

However, the game requires grinding repetitive tasks to make progress. The energy system limits gameplay for non-paying players. Monetization seems slightly aggressive for a mobile title.

Last Day on Earth is an excellent choice for players who enjoy:

  • Methodical, long-term survival/crafting gameplay
  • Base building and customization
  • Cooperative and competitive multiplayer
  • Zombie-themed settings and combat

More casual players may lose patience with the game’s slow, grinding progression. Nonetheless, Last Day on Earth succeeds at bringing zombie survival to mobile in an accessible free-to-play package.

Score: 8/10


With its expansive crafting system, base building mechanics, PVP gameplay, and large open world, Last Day on Earth packs an impressive amount of content into a free mobile game. It clearly stands out as one of the top zombie survival games available on mobile platforms.

Players looking for a hardcore long-term survival experience will find a lot to enjoy. Those seeking more fast-paced action may want to look elsewhere. But overall Last Day on Earth is a great choice for mobile gamers craving a zombie apocalypse.

  • Mod Menu
  • God Mode
  • One Hit Kill
  • Attact And Shoots Speed
  • Fast Loot
  • No Skill Requirement
  • No Skill Requirement2
  • Unlock Backpack Skin
  • Unlock Survival Guide enable and disableWhen receiving
  • Moto paintings unlock
  • Weapon Modify Unlock
  • Unlimited Foods And Water
  • No MinigunColdown
  • Detect Enemy Range
  • Active Contrast 16 Hours
  • Animal Not Move
  • Unlimited Durabilty
  • Unlimited Item in inbox
  • Hit Without aiming
  • Unlock Items For Craft
  • Craft + Construction
  • Unlimited Point Craft
  • Finish Motorcycle ATV
  • Fast Walk Travel
  • Energy Cost 1
  • Unlock All Event Bug Account
  • The City Tax 0%
  • Player Speed
  • Drone View

- The Fair is back. Help William throw a big party in the Wasteland. - The issue with frequent game crashes has been fixed. - Technical improvements have been conducted. - Many bugs have been fixed.

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