Kilonotes APK MOD [Unlocked/Premium] for Android

Kilonotes APK MOD [Unlocked/Premium] for Android

App Name Kilonotes-Notes & PDF reading
Publisher Hefei T-Stack Information Technology Co Ltd
Genre Productivity
Latest Version
Update on Dec 8, 2023
Requirements 6.0
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Kilonotes is a feature-rich note taking and PDF annotation app available for Android devices. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the main features, user interface, performance, and how Kilonotes compares to other popular note taking apps.

Kilonotes MOD APK


Kilonotes is developed by Hefei T-Stack Information Technology Co. and is available on the Google Play Store. The app has over 1 million downloads and a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars based on over 10,000 reviews.

The core functionality of Kilonotes includes:

  • Handwritten note taking
  • Typing notes
  • Drawing
  • Inserting images
  • Annotating PDFs
  • Organizing notes into notebooks
  • Unlimited note sheets
  • Customizable covers and paper styles
  • Recording audio
  • Text recognition
  • Quick browsing
  • Syncing between devices

Some key things that set Kilonotes apart from other note apps:

  • Breaks limitations of paper: You can freely move, scale, rotate, and undo handwritten notes. Advanced editing capabilities not possible on paper.
  • Deepens memory: Insert images/photos into notes. Combine text, drawings, images to improve recall.
  • Flexible organization: Unlimited notebooks and sheets help organize all your notes.
  • Works offline: All your notes are saved locally so you can access them without internet.
  • Affordable pricing: Free version with paid subscription for $2.99 per month. Comparable apps often cost more.

Next, we’ll take a deeper look at the features, interface, and performance of Kilonotes.

Kilonotes MOD APK


Kilonotes comes packed full of features to enhance the note taking experience. Here are some of the standout capabilities:

Flexible Note Taking

The foundation of Kilonotes is the ability to take handwritten notes using an Android device and stylus. However, you are not limited to just writing:

  • Type notes using the text tool to quickly jot information down.
  • Draw sketches, diagrams, shapes using the drawing tools.
  • Insert images/photos from your Android device’s gallery to add visuals.
  • Record audio while taking notes and replay it later.
  • Text recognition converts handwritten notes into digital text.

Kilonotes gives you the flexibility to combine handwriting, typing, drawings, images, and audio all in one note sheet. This replicates and enhances the capabilities of paper notebooks.

PDF Annotation

Kilonotes lets you open, import, and annotate PDF documents:

  • Use the highlighting tools to mark up key passages.
  • Add text comments to provide feedback or notes on PDFs.
  • Draw shapes and diagrams on PDF pages to call attention to sections.
  • Use the lasso select tool to move annotations if needed.

Annotating PDFs is seamless in Kilonotes. The interface and tools make it easy to mark up documents for studying, reviewing, collaborating, and more.

Deep Customization

You can extensively customize the look, feel, and organization of your notes in Kilonotes:

  • Notebook covers: Choose from dozens of colorful premade covers or design your own.
  • Paper styles: Select between blank, dotted, squared, or special music/engineering paper styles.
  • Page colors: Customize the background color of note sheets for visual differentiation.
  • Quick browsing: See page thumbnails and easily jump to pages.
  • Unlimited sheets: Create as many note pages as you need with no limits.

Between notebooks, paper types, colors and more – you can setup Kilonotes to match your notetaking preferences.

Flexible Organization

Kilonotes makes it simple to organize all your notes:

  • Notebooks: Notes are organized into notebooks for grouping related content.
  • Unlimited sheets: Each notebook can hold unlimited note sheets.
  • Quick browsing: Page thumbnails and quick browsing make finding notes easy.
  • Search notes: Search all your notes to instantly find what you need.
  • Share notes: Export single notes or entire notebooks via PDF to share with others.

With endless flexibility in organizing your notes into notebooks, Kilonotes ensures you’ll never lose track of important information.

Additional Features

Here are some other useful features in Kilonotes:

  • Sync notes across Android devices.
  • Password protection and fingerprint unlock for securing notes.
  • Import/export notes to backup or transfer to other apps.
  • Lasso select tool to manipulate annotations and drawings.
  • Shape recognition for converting drawings into standard shapes.
  • Template library with premade templates for learning and goal tracking.
  • Works offline so you can access notes without internet.

Kilonotes MOD APK

User Interface

Kilonotes has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface optimized for notetaking. Here’s an overview:

Clean Layout

The interface is clean and distraction-free, focused on your notes:

Kilonotes User Interface

Core elements on each note sheet:

  • Page toolbar (top): Tools for editing, inserting, organizing.
  • Notebook cover (top left): Displays current notebook cover.
  • Note sheet (middle): Canvas for writing notes.
  • Thumbnails (right): See page previews and quickly jump around.
  • Audio player (bottom): Control audio recordings.

The simple layout keeps your notes front and center.

Responsive Tools

The page toolbar puts essential tools within quick reach:

  • Pens and highlighters: Tools for freehand writing and highlighting.
  • Shapes: Draw perfect shapes and lines.
  • Eraser: Remove unwanted elements cleanly.
  • Text: Tool for quickly typing text.
  • Insert: Embed images, audio recordings, and more.
  • Edit: Manipulate, move, copy, or delete page elements.
  • Menu: Additional options for organizing and managing notes.

With the core tools visible up top, you can swiftly switch between pens, typing, drawing, erasing, inserting, and editing as you take notes.

Table of Contents

The table of contents pane offers a few helpful ways to navigate your notes:

  • Notebooks: Switch between notebooks.
  • Search: Search all your notes to instantly find information.
  • Page thumbnails: Scroll through page previews and jump to a specific note.
  • Starred pages: Access important pages you’ve starred for quick reference.
  • Recent pages: Jump back to pages you’ve recently viewed.

Rather than endlessly scrolling to find a specific note, the table of contents offers faster pathways to what you need.

Customization Options

While the default interface aims for simplicity, you can tweak and customize elements:

  • Notebook covers: Choose a cover or create your own background image.
  • Paper style: Select between blank, dotted, squared, or speciality paper styles.
  • Page color: Set the background to any color you prefer.
  • Full screen mode: Hide the tools and focus solely on the page.
  • Night mode: Enable dark mode for easier viewing in low light.
  • Left-handed mode: Optimize the interface for left handed use.

If the default look doesn’t suit your preferences, dive into the settings to tailor Kilonotes to your liking.

Kilonotes MOD APK


In terms of performance, Kilonotes delivers excellent responsiveness and stability for a robust note taking experience:


Thanks to optimization for Android devices, using Kilonotes feels snappy and responsive:

  • Low latency writing makes it feel like writing on paper.
  • Smooth scrolling and transitions when moving between pages and notes.
  • Quick load times when opening large notes or importing big PDFs.
  • Stable performance even when notes contain lots of elements across hundreds of pages.

These performance enhancements contribute to a natural, lag-free note taking experience – a must for any note app.


Beyond sheer responsiveness, Kilonotes is also reliable and robust:

  • Auto saving means your work is always saved so nothing lost if app closes unexpectedly.
  • Offline access lets you retrieve notes anytime without internet.
  • Secure cloud sync uses encryption to safely sync notes across devices.
  • Backups allow restoring notes if they are accidentally deleted or corrupted.
  • Stability through thorough testing across Android devices to prevent crashes.

You can count on Kilonotes to securely save, sync, and manage your notes – critical for notetaking usage where notes become an indispensable repository of your ideas and work.

Cross Platform Support

Kilonotes is available across platforms allowing seamless transition between devices:

  • Android phones and tablets with optimization for Android features like split screen.
  • Chromebooks with full support for Android apps.
  • Windows and Mac coming soon allowing access to notes from any device.

With the ability to run Kilonotes across all your devices, you can switch from taking notes on a tablet to referencing them on a laptop without missing a beat.

Kilonotes MOD APK

Comparison With Other Apps

So how does Kilonotes stack up against popular competitors like OneNote, Evernote, and Google Keep? Here’s a concise comparison:

Note Taking App Comparison Table


Microsoft OneNote offers more collaboration focused features like sharing notebooks with team members. However, it lacks some key elements for individual note taking like PDF annotation.


Evernote pioneered many note taking capabilities but has regressed in recent years due to neglect, bugs, and rising prices. Kilonotes matches Evernote’s core features without the issues.

Google Keep

Google Keep excels at fast capture of quick notes and to-do lists. However, capabilities like handwriting, drawing, and PDF markups are missing.

Key Differences

While the above apps have merits in specific use cases, Kilonotes pulls ahead when it comes to:

  • PDF annotation tools lacking in competitors.
  • Fluid handwriting and drawing with palm rejection for accurate input.
  • Intuitive organization with endless notebooks and quick page browsing.
  • Extensive customization from covers to templates to match any style.
  • Reliability and stability for confidence notes are securely saved and synced.
  • Affordable pricing with a free version and $2.99 monthly subscription.

For individual note taking encompassing handwriting, drawing, PDF editing, audio recordings, and more – Kilonotes delivers a comprehensive experience that outpaces rival apps.

Pros and Cons

Based on our extensive evaluation, here are the key advantages and disadvantages of using Kilonotes:


  • Smooth, responsive handwriting and drawing
  • Annotate and edit PDFs
  • Record audio alongside notes
  • Convert handwriting into text
  • Feature-rich organization with notebooks, stars, search etc.
  • Highly customizable covers, templates, paper styles
  • Reliable auto saving and syncing
  • Affordable subscription pricing
  • Works across Android phones and tablets


  • No collaboration capabilities
  • iOS and Windows versions still in development
  • Smaller template library compared to competitors
  • Cannot directly insert videos into notes

While no app is perfect, Kilonotes nails the core capabilities for personal note taking while continuing to improve via rapid development.

Kilonotes MOD APK


Kilonotes delivers a versatile note taking experience spanning handwriting, typing, drawing, annotating, organizing, and sharing notes. An intuitive interface coupled with reliable performance makes capturing ideas and information feel seamless. Extensive features for customizing the app to each user’s preferences provides added flexibility.

For anyone seeking a fresh alternative to legacy note apps like OneNote or Evernote, Kilonotes is a compelling option. Students can effortlessly jot down lecture notes while seamlessly reviewing textbook PDFs in one unified workspace. Professionals can combine meeting minutes with sketches and web clippings to nurture ideas. Lifelong learners can augment online course materials using highlighting, annotations, and audio commentary.

While collaboration capabilities are still in development, Kilonotes already shines when it comes to personalized note taking and knowledge management. Thanks to rapid improvements and updates, the app continues to refine an already solid foundation. For these reasons, Kilonotes earns our recommendation as one of the top note taking apps available across desktop and mobile. It hits the sweet spot between simplicity and power while continually getting better week by week.

Added advanced folders and pens

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