Jewel Blast Dragon Mod Apk 1.38.2 (Unlimited Money)

Jewel Blast Dragon Mod Apk 1.38.2 (Unlimited Money)

App Name Jewel Blast Dragon - No Wifi
Publisher Go7Game
Genre Casual
Size 95MB
Latest Version 1.38.2
Update on Dec 13, 2023
Requirements 4.4
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Jewel Blast Dragon is a popular Android puzzle game featuring explosive jewel matching action. Players take on the role of a young dragon hero who must save the kingdom by blasting through hundreds of colorful puzzle levels.

Key Features

  • Match-3 puzzle adventure
  • Cute baby dragon hero
  • Six magical jewel types to blast
  • Powerful special abilities to unlock
  • Defeat goblin bosses and minions
  • Daily events and challenges
  • No internet required for play

The goal is to match 3 or more jewels of the same type to clear them off the board and meet level goals. By making matches, players also charge up their dragon’s magical abilities which provide aid in clearing tricky puzzle boards.

Let’s take a deeper look at the explosive matching gameplay and magical storyline featured in this casual puzzle adventure.

Jewel Blast Dragon Storyline

In the fantasy kingdom of Dragon Land, all dragons possess the power to harness magic from special jewels and crystals. Your character is a young trainee dragon who dreams of becoming a magical jewel guardian.

Suddenly, mischievous goblin thieves invade the kingdom and begin stealing all of the magic jewels! Without these jewels, the dragon clans lose their powers and cannot defend the kingdom.

You set off on a quest to retrieve the stolen jewels and defeat the goblins. Along the way you must master the arcane art of Jewel Blasting – the dragons’ technique for harnessing the magic within jewels.

Jewel Blasting involves matching jewels by type and color to unleash their magical energy in powerful blasts. By collecting and blasting jewels to solve puzzles, you can regain strength, unlock mystical abilities within your dragon soul gem, and ultimately track down the goblins.

It’s a thrilling magical adventure filled with explosive jewel puzzle challenges! Do you have what it takes to reclaim the kingdom’s jewels and save Dragon Land?

Core Gameplay & Features

Jewel Blast Dragon delivers polished casual matching action fused with light RPG elements. Here are some key features:

Magical Jewel Board Puzzles

The main gameplay centers around a match-3 jewel board. To advance, players must match 3 or more jewels of the same type and blast them off the screen by dragging. There are 6 different magical jewel types, each with unique properties.

Making matches causes any jewels above to fall down and fill the gaps, allowing for cascading chain reactions. The key is to strategically blast jewels to meet the requirements of each level before running out of moves.

Cute Baby Dragon Hero

The dragon hero levels up over time by acquiring soul gems from completed puzzle stages. This unlocks new magical abilities that aid jewel blasting such as clearing rows of jewels, zapping jewels in shapes, or removing jewels of a specific type.

Daily Events & Challenges

Special limited-time levels and events appear daily, giving players an opportunity to win bonus coins and items. These events add variety by changing up win conditions and jewel objectives compared to the main campaign levels.

Boss Battles

Every few dozen levels culminate in an epic boss battle against the thieving goblins and their monstrous minions. Defeating bosses requires smart ability usage and puzzle mastery to overcome their tricky jewel boards and battle mechanics.

With polished casual gameplay and light RPG elements, Jewel Blast Dragon creates an accessible yet strategic matching puzzle experience. The cute fantasy theme and dragon companion provide plenty of charm as well.

Jewel Blast Dragon Mod Apk Features

The Jewel Blast Dragon Mod Apk is a hacked version of the game for Android that unlocks premium benefits. Here are some of the key perks included:

Unlimited Money

Normally in-game coins are earned slowly by completing levels, leaving little for purchasing powerups or continues. The mod apk provides players with unlimited coins from the start for buying whatever they want.

All Levels Unlocked

Players must beat each level one by one to unlock the next in the original game. The mod unlocks all 400+ levels right from the beginning for players to access.

No Ads

Video and banner ads appear at times during gameplay seeking user engagement in the regular version. The mod completely removes all ads for uninterrupted matching.

Free Powerups

Magic items like row clears, explosions, and rainbow jewels require coins to activate in the base game. The mod makes all boost powerups completely free to use strategically.

By removing common free-to-play restrictions, the Jewel Blast Dragon Mod creates a superior gameplay experience focused on pure puzzle solving fun.


In summary, Jewel Blast Dragon provides a magical jewel matching adventure perfect for casual gamers. Players take on the role of a young dragon tasked with saving the fantasy kingdom by recovering stolen jewels and defeating goblins.

The core gameplay centers around exploding match-3 puzzle boards but also features light RPG elements like a leveling system and special abilities. And the Jewel Blast Dragon Mod Apk unlocks premium benefits like unlimited money, all levels, no ads, and more for the definitive experience.

With cute fantasy style, strategic jewel blasting, and plenty of magical charm, Jewel Blast Dragon is a must-try for fans of casual puzzle games. Download the mod today and embark on an enchanting match-3 adventure as a baby dragon hero!

  • Unlimited
  • Money

Jewel Blast Dragon brings you happy hours - A new Christmas event has been added. - Added 20 new levels and expanded the level to 3840 levels. - Added pirate chests 169-172. - Fix bugs and improve performance. Thank you for your support of Jewel Blast Dragon!

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