ISS Detector Pro APK 2.05.10 MOD (AD Free/Patched)

ISS Detector Pro APK 2.05.10 MOD (AD Free/Patched)


App Name ISS Detector Pro
Publisher RunaR
Genre Education
Size 13 MB
Latest Version 2.05.10
Update on Nov 11, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info AD Free/Patched
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The International Space Station (ISS) is a habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit that serves as a microgravity and space environment research laboratory. Circling the globe at a speed of roughly 17,500 mph, the ISS can be seen from Earth with the naked eye and is the third brightest object in the night sky after the Moon and Venus.

ISS Detector Pro is a mobile app developed by RunaR that allows users to track and observe the ISS. Available for Android, it provides real-time visibility predictions, notifications, and observation tools to spot and photograph the ISS during its rapid overhead passes. The app also includes several paid extensions that enable tracking of satellites, comets, planets, and more.

ISS Detector Pro MOD APK

Key Features

ISS Detector Pro packs an impressive array of tools and information to enhance the ISS viewing experience:

ISS Tracking and Alerts

The core functionality of the app is predicting and alerting users to upcoming ISS passes based on device location. It calculates when the ISS will be visible and sends notifications minutes before it enters the sky.

During passes, a radar screen displays a real-time path indicating the current position to easily spot the ISS. The visibility duration, maximum height, and approach trajectory is provided in the details view.

Weather Conditions

To ensure ideal ISS viewing conditions, the app incorporates weather data including cloud cover percentage, precipitation, and visibility distance. This allows assessing if the sky will be clear enough or if observation is unlikely.

Notifications and Sharing

The app sends adjustable notifications before passes so users can prepare and be in position. Observed passes and cool photos can also be directly shared on social media or messaging apps.

Automatic Location and Timezone Detection

ISS visibility is automatically personalized based on device location settings and timezone. This removes the need to manually enter sites or calculate offsets.

Ad-Free Experience

The pro version removes all ads across the app for uninterrupted ISS tracking. The additional paid extensions also disable ads.

Tablet Optimization

Dedicated tablet layouts provide more real estate for tracking data and radar views optimized for larger screens.

ISS Detector Pro MOD APK

Ease of Use

With beginner skywatchers in mind, ISS Detector Pro focuses on an intuitive user interface:

Clean and Simple Design

The app features a streamlined, uncluttered interface. Options and parameters are kept to a minimum to avoid information overload. Easy to interpret icons and colors guide the stargazing experience.

Detailed Help Content

Plain language help documentation and tooltips explain core concepts for novice users. Interactive tutorials get beginners up and running viewing the ISS rapidly.

Night Mode

A dedicated dark mode with red accents allows using the app at night while preserving natural night vision critical for stargazing.

Accuracy of Predictions

To generate reliable and precise ISS visibility predictions, the app draws data from authoritative astronomy sources:

Leverages NASA ISS Data

Orbital parameters and positioning data for the ISS is sourced directly from NASA, ensuring accuracy. Outdated ISS location data is a common pitfall for inferior apps.

Validated Against External Tools

App testimonials and reviews confirm the high reliability of ISS pass predictions compared to other popular tools like CalSky, Heavens Above etc.

Actively Maintained and Updated

The orbital dynamics and visibility algorithms are kept bug-free and up to date through active development and user feedback.

ISS Detector Pro MOD APK

Photo and Observation Features

For capturing ISS transits during nighttime passes, the app provides helpful photography and observation capabilities:

Mobile Camera Integration

With built-in support for mobile camera and flash, the radar screen assists with pointing phone cameras to snap images and video during passes.

GPS Support

Embedding GPS coordinates in ISS photos allows mapping the exact location, elevation, and azimuth later for analysis.

Radar Screen for Telescope Pointing

The radar visually guides manual telescope pointing to keep the ISS centered during tracking.

ISS Detector Pro MOD APK

Additional Capabilities

While ISS passes are the main attraction, the app provides extensive satellite tracking capabilities through in-app purchases:

100+ Satellite Catalog

An inexpensive one-time upgrade unlocks tracking for 100+ satellites like the Hubble Space Telescope, Starlink constellation, and bright ham radio satellites.

Sun, Moon and Planet Tracking

Positions and visibility information for solar system objects like the Sun, Moon, planets and their moons aids observation planning.

Comet and Asteroid Tracking

Orbits for prominent comets and asteroids can be visualized relative to planet positions, indicating prime visibility windows.

Radio Satellite Tools

Ham radio operators can enable Doppler shift calculations and identify transmitter frequencies for radio satellites.

ISS Detector Pro MOD APK


While ISS Detector Pro excels at ISS tracking, there are some limitations worth noting:

Android Only

The app is currently available only on Android devices. The iOS version was discontinued citing excessive Apple fees.

Satellite Filtering Issues

Reviewers report bugs in the satellite filtering options when enabled alongside ISS tracking. Complex filtering crashes the app for some users.

Manual Refreshing

Pass predictions don’t auto refresh and require manually pulling latest data. This delays showing new ISS passes or schedule changes.

ISS Detector Pro MOD APK


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

ISS Detector Pro is an excellent app for tracking and viewing the International Space Station. The clean interface, notifications, and observation tools make casual sighting straightforward. Advanced stargazers benefit from the abundant satellite catalog and astronomy data.

Minor bugs and lack of iOS support detracts slightly, but alternative satellite tracking apps simply cannot match the polished ISS viewing experience. ISS Detector Pro delivers superb capabilities for a very reasonable price.

  • Full/Optimized
  • Patched

Fix magnitude threshold for the Chinese Space Station Bug fixes

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