APK 6.20.1 MOD (Premium Unlocked) APK 6.20.1 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Stock Market
Publisher INVESTING com
Genre Finance
Size 45 MB
Latest Version 6.20.1
Update on Nov 21, 2023
Requirements 7.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
Get it on Google Play’s android app provides users with a robust set of tools to track financial markets and make informed investment decisions on the go. With over 50 million downloads and a 4.6-star rating on Google Play, it is one of the most popular and highly rated finance apps available. MOD APK


The app includes a wide range of features that appeal to casual investors and day traders alike.

Real-Time Market Data

The app provides real-time streaming quotes for over 100,000 financial instruments across stocks, currencies, indices, bonds, futures, and more. Users can track major indices like the S&P 500 and NASDAQ as well as individual stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. Charts and interactive graphs allow analysis of price movements over custom timeframes.

Breaking News and Analysis

Up-to-the-minute news on markets and individual securities assists users in analyzing price movements and identifying trading opportunities. Expert financial analysis helps interpret the news and recommend trades.

Economic Calendar

A customizable economic calendar alerts users to important economic events and announcements from around the world that typically impact security prices. It is an invaluable tool for fundamental traders. MOD APK

Watchlists and Portfolios

Users can create multiple watchlists to track securities of interest. Quotes, charts, and news for watchlist items are readily accessible from a dedicated tab. The app also allows users to build a portfolio by inputting their positions.

Customizable Alerts

Alerts can be set for price movements, news events, and economic data releases. They help traders react swiftly to opportunities in fast-moving markets.

Technical Analysis

A full suite of technical indicators, drawings, and analytics assists traders in visually identifying trends and patterns in price charts. Expert analysis helps interpret the indicators. MOD APK

User Interface and Design

The app provides a clean, intuitive interface that is easy for most users to navigate.

A tabbed structure at the bottom segregates key functionalities like quotes, charts, portfolios, alerts, and news. It enables quick access without having to navigate through menus.

Within each tab, logical grouping and minimalist design focus user attention on crucial market data. Important information is prominently highlighted through the use of color, size, and placement.

Search functions with filters and preset categories across multiple tabs enable users to quickly zero in on their area of interest. Recently viewed items are cached for quick access.

While advanced features cater to sophisticated traders, the app does a good job of presenting an abundance of information in a structured manner that is not overwhelming for casual users. MOD APK


With markets updating prices as often as multiple times per second, real-time data and fast refresh rates are a prerequisite for trading apps. The app delivers on both counts through a robust and resilient software architecture.

During market hours across assets from multiple exchanges, the app displays prices, charts, and watchlists with negligible lag. Streaming quotes update at a rate multiple times per second depending on the instrument.

The app utilizes data compression and caching to minimize network calls and deliver a fluid user experience even on cellular data networks. Complex UI interactions like pinch-zooming on charts have minimal lag.

Despite tracking hundreds of thousands of instruments across global markets, the app has a small install size and is relatively frugal in its data and battery usage. It can provide an entire trading day’s usage on a single charge for most modern smartphones.

Rigorous software testing across devices results in a crash-free experience regardless of the phone or OS used. Software errors that impact functionality are extremely rare even when markets are most volatile. MOD APK


While keeping the interface simple, the app provides substantial functionality for both casual and serious traders.

For casual investors, real-time quotes, news, and charts provide up-to-the-minute data on securities of interest. Economic event alerts notify users of potential market-moving announcements.

For more committed traders, tools like screening, technical indicators, and drawing functionality assist in identifying trading opportunities. Expert analysis provides actionable recommendations that users can act upon.

The app allows traders to easily track and monitor positions across asset classes through watchlists and portfolios. Price alerts notify them when to enter or exit positions.

By supporting the essential features traders need while minimizing clutter, delivers a practical app catering to all categories of investors. MOD APK


With its vast coverage across asset classes and global markets, an abundance of analytical tools, a rich and intuitive feature set, robust performance, and an excellent user experience spanning casual and professional investors alike, the app provides immense value for investors looking to track and trade financial markets on the go.

Its popularity is evidenced by user ratings and download statistics that are unmatched by competitor apps. For investors who desire real-time trading functionality alongside economic news and events tracking in a single app, is a compelling choice.

  • Premium Unlocked

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