IMO Premium APK v2023.11.2071 MOD [VIP Unlocked] for Android

IMO Premium APK v2023.11.2071 MOD [VIP Unlocked] for Android


App Name imo-International Calls & Chat
Genre Communication
Latest Version 2023.11.2051
Update on Nov 29, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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The IMO android app is a popular video and voice calling and instant messaging application. With over 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store, IMO enjoys great popularity especially among international users who want to stay connected with friends and family back home.

In this detailed review, we will explore the key features, user interface, performance, and security aspects of the IMO android application.



IMO comes packed with a wide range of features that enable seamless communication:

Free High-Quality Video and Voice Calls

The standout feature of IMO is its high-definition video and voice calling capability. Users can make free domestic and international calls with crystal clear audio/video quality.

The app utilizes advanced compression algorithms to optimize data usage without compromising on quality. This results in a smooth calling experience even on slower internet connections.

Group Video Calling

Another useful feature is the ability to make group video calls with up to 20 participants simultaneously. This makes IMO suitable for virtual hangouts with friends or online family gatherings.


Instant Messaging

Along with video/voice calling, IMO also offers free domestic and international messaging. Users can send text messages, emojis, stickers, images, videos, voice messages, documents etc.

The app also shows real-time typing indicators when the recipient is crafting a reply.

Media Sharing

It’s easy to share media files like images, videos, and documents up to 100MB over IMO instant chat. The app also allows saving files and media to local storage or cloud drive.

Desktop Support

IMO offers desktop apps for Windows and MacOS to sync messaging/calling across devices. Users can seamlessly switch ongoing calls between mobile and desktop.


User Interface

IMO features a clean and intuitive user interface that makes the app easy to navigate even for first-time users.

Simple Dashboard

The dashboard features two main tabs – Chats and Contacts. Users can easily switch between ongoing chats or browse their contacts list to start a new call or chat.

Chat Interface

The one-on-one and group chat interfaces are minimalistic with the conversation thread, text box, call buttons, and attachment options neatly arranged.


The Settings menu allows customizing notification alerts, privacy options, data usage, and other preferences. The options are categorized into logical sections that are easy to access.

Light/Dark Theme

Users can choose between light or dark theme based on their preference. The dark mode is easier on the eyes in low light conditions.



In terms of app performance, IMO offers excellent video/voice call quality and reliable messaging without lags or glitches.

Call Quality

IMO utilizes efficient compression algorithms to deliver HD video and crisp audio quality consistently even when cellular data speeds are slower.

Connection Type Video Quality Audio Quality
WiFi Excellent Excellent
3G/4G Good Excellent
2G Average Good

The table above summarizes the app’s performance across various network connections.

Messaging Reliability

IMO’s messaging platform is highly reliable with minimal latency. Messages are delivered instantly without fail regardless of text, media, or files.

App Stability

The app offers excellent stability without any crashes. Performance is smooth across devices running Android 5.0+ operating systems.

IMO also keeps improving stability and fixing bugs with frequent updates.



IMO utilizes bank-grade encryption for secure communications along with other privacy-focused measures.

End-to-End Encryption

All instant messaging, voice and video calls are encrypted end-to-end by default. This prevents any third-party including IMO itself from accessing communication data.

Data Privacy

IMO’s privacy policy clearly states that user data is never sold or shared with external parties without explicit consent. IMO only accesses user data to the extent necessary for delivering services.

Account Security

For added account protection, users can enable two-factor authentication by linking email or phone number. Authentication codes prevent unauthorized access attempts.


IMO maintains dedicated moderation teams and AI filters to detect and disable accounts engaging in shady activities like spamming, frauds etc. This enhances safety and trust for genuine users.



To conclude, the IMO Android app manages to differentiate itself in the crowded communication space with useful capabilities like free HD video calling, multi-device sync, and enhanced security.

The app nails the basics with an intuitive interface, excellent call quality, reliable messaging, and versatile features. While it does contain ads, the overall experience is great especially for international use cases.

For seamless voice/video calls and chatting with global contacts, IMO is definitely an app worth having on your Android smartphone.

[Privacy Chat] Your privacy and security matter to imo. Elevate your chat privacy with various new features (e.g. Screenshot Block, Time Machine, Disappearing Message). [Invisible Friend] Hide your imo invisible friends effortlessly with a simple shake of your phone. [Optimal Light] Struggling with nighttime video calls? Turn on Optimal Light for better lighting. - Other Enhancements - Bug fixes

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