iGun Pro 2 Mod Apk 2.145 (Unlocked All Weapon)

iGun Pro 2 Mod Apk 2.145 (Unlocked All Weapon)

GAME INFO: iGun Pro 2 Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlocked All Weapon
Category Games
Size 74 MB
Version 2.145
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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iGun Pro 2 Mod Apk Free Download is the sequel to iGun Pro, a popular iOS first-person shooter game released for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Developed by Russian developer Crush Code LLC, iGun Pro 2 allows players to become part of an elite task force and engage in fierce combat against terrorists around the world. Players can choose from over 30 real-world weapons ranging from pistols to assault rifles as they fight their way through 12 immersive levels across three chapters set within unique urban environments. It also includes three game modes – Death Match (free-for-all), Team Death Match (6 vs. 6), and Capture The Flag – enabling gamers all over the world to compete with each other via Bluetooth or WIFI connection for ultimate domination!

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Varied Environments

iGun Pro 2 offers a diverse range of winding urban streets, subways and skyscrapers to test your combat skills within three chapters set throughout the world. Each level is filled with dynamic elements such as destructible objects, moving vehicles or even helicopters!

iGun Pro 2 Mod APK

Vast Arsenal of Weapons and Items

Players can choose from 30 real-world weapons, which can be customized through various attachments for optimal performance in quickly developing tactical scenarios – from handguns to assault rifles, plus extra items like grenades for additional firepower. There are also armor sets available that players can equip to boost defense against enemy bullets and explosives alike!

Strategic Combat System

The game features an advanced strategic combat system that allows gamers to make fast decisions under pressure whilst dealing out massive destruction upon enemies using different attacks depending on your environment – whether it’s a technique with automatic gunfire or taking down opponents behind barriers while performing cover moves! Armor upgrades provide further protection against incoming danger, so you don’t get taken down easily either way.

Immersive Experience 

A combination of realistic 3D graphics and HD intelligence-fueled AI behavior patterns recreating live close-quarter battles along with intense music scores coming off finely tuned sound effects format together make up this explosive virtual fight for survival that won’t leave fans disappointed!

iGun Pro 2 Mod APK

Team Game Modes

Team up with five other friends via WIFI or Bluetooth and put your team combat skills to the test as you compete in 6 vs. six battles on two game types – Death Match and Capture The Flag – where its ultimate domination for whichever squad that emerges victorious!

Online Leader Boards

Every battle counts! As gamers rise toward the top of global leaderboards, they’ll earn experience points which can be used to unlock new guns, items or even perks for future confrontations – all while competing against others from around the world!

Universal Support

Compatible with Apple devices including iPhones, iPods & iPads plus includes Game Center support tracking your stats (Kills/Deaths) along suit unlocking weapons and customizing abilities within levels through single-player mode modes making iGun Pro 2 an explosive shooter that’s truly impossible not to like!.

What is iGun Pro 2 Mod APK?

For Android users, the iGun Pro 2 Mod APK is an unofficial version of the iOS game itself. It has been modified to include additional features such as unlimited money and all weapons, which makes it easier for players to complete missions without having to spend real-world currency. Despite its modifications, there is no risk of getting banned as long as you use a modded Modloy.com on your device and stay away from private servers that can lead to server errors or bans. Be sure, though – with power comes responsibility!

iGun Pro 2 Mod APK

Features of iGun Pro 2 Mod APK

Unlimited Money

Unlike the iOS version of iGun Pro 2 Mod Apk, this modded APK offers an unlimited amount of in-game currency to help players build up their arsenal. Purchasing new weapons, upgrades and armaments has never been easier than it is within this hacked version – so go ahead and engage enemies with maximum power from the start!

Unlock All Weapons Instantly 

With the help from a dedicated modding team behind its development process, all 30+ real-world firearms plus additional items such as grenades are readily available for users right away – no need to grind through several level-ups or pay real-world money to access them!

Rule The Battlefields

No more waiting around for sponsorships or missions – compete at any rank immediately just by logging in while already wielding a powerful onslaught at your fingertips, ready for use immediately, even against large teams!

Combat System Tweaks 

Not only do you get boosted stats when taking part in combat scenarios within multiplayer duels, but s custom tweaks have also been added to the game’s strategic system upon handling weaponry & performing cover rolls designed specifically where precision aiming takes front & center stage every time.

Advantages over Official Version

It’s true that some mods can take away from certain experiences due to lags etc., but with iGun Pro 2 Mod APK, your online gaming will experience hardly any hiccups considering how minor those remaining elements are – plus a couple based further convenience enhancements not included or found on the original App Store feature set makes playing gun filled games like this way easier than ever before!.

iGun Pro 2 Mod APK

How to Download And Install iGun Pro 2 Mod Apk

• Download the iGun Pro 2 Mod APK from a trusted site Modloy.com.

• Enable “Install from unknown sources” if it isn’t enabled already. 

Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle on this option if it wasn’t enabled before else. Your device won’t accept installing the APK file downloaded earlier. 

• Select install and wait while the installation process is completed!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Verify that you are using the correct download link; make sure it states ‘Mod APK’ as the original version can’t run mods.

• If your device doesn’t accept downloading and/or installing files, try restarting it and repeating the same steps again, or resort to using a file manager app like ES File Explorer instead. 

• Make sure the game cache is cleared afterward within Android settings via Storage & press “clear data” before launching iGun Pro 2 Mod APK for the first time. Else gameplay won’t be as successful!

iGun Pro 2 Mod APK

Visual and sound quality


iGun Pro 2 Mod APK steps up to the plate offering impressive graphics in a plethora of environments that range from urban streets, subways or even city rooftops proving you don’t need the latest models to enjoy life-like skirmishes as everything seen on screen interacts with players directly – whether it be driving away cars while bullets fly over your head or simply shooting down destructible elements when least expected.


Every instance within gameplay comes off with highly detailed sound effects put together, presenting dynamic audio for every event coming your way along with many composed scores played out during battles making each mission exciting and highly immersive plus really jumps right out at you. First-time gamers will have no problem adapting once they enter their own intense thrill ride of unstoppable & unforgiving combat where warrior skills prove most crucial!


iGun Pro 2 Mod APK is definitely a worthy follow-up sequel of the original iOS first-person shooter from Crush Code LLC through raising benchmarks in audio/visual quality well beyond what mobile gamers were used to and adding dynamic features, content plus unlimited advantages that make getting online with friends a guaranteed success every single time. With over 30 weapons at your disposal along three game modes enjoy this relentless battle for ultimate domination as your team fights terrorists around the world – so why wait? Get on board & enter the warzone today!

iGun Pro 2 Mod APK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which mobile devices can I play iGun Pro 2 Hack APK on?

A: The iGun Pro 2 Hack APK is only available for Android OS devices. It is not compatible with iOS or other operating systems.

Q2 How do I get unlimited money in the game?

A: With the iGun Pro 2 Mod APK, players will have access to an unlimited amount of in-game currency, which they can use to purchase weapons, upgrades and armaments from the store without having to spend real-world currency.

Q3 Is this mod version safe to use?

A: Yes, as long as you use a modded Modloy.com on your device and stay away from private servers that could potentially lead you to be banned, then there should be no risk associated with using this modified version of iGun Pro 2 Mod Apk! So go ahead – enjoy domination whilst staying safe online at the same time!

Q4 What are the features of this mod version?

A: iGun Pro 2 Mod APK Free Download offers an unlimited amount of in-game currency, access to all weapons plus armor sets so players can equip for extra defense, custom tweaks within the strategic combat system and many more advantages, making it easier to complete missions without having to spend real-world currency.

Q5 Does this require any special settings during installation?

A: Yes, you need to enable “Install from unknown sources” from your device’s security section before being able to install the downloaded modded version; otherwise, it won’t work – also, make sure your game cache is cleared afterward within Android settings via Storage & press “clear data” before launching iGun Pro 2 Modded APK for first time else gameplay won’t be as successful!.


• Engage in fierce combat with over 30 real-world weapons. 

• 12 immersive levels across three chapters set within unique urban environments. 

• Strategic Combat System offering dynamic fireside exchanges even behind cover moves! 

• Team up with friends online (WIFI/Bluetooth) for ultimate domination of competitors from all around the world! 

• Rise to the top of global leader boards by earning experience points – unlock new guns plus items to create a powerful array of arsenal suited towards your own personal needs! 

• Unlock All Weapons Instantly And Conquer The Battlefields via iGun Pro 2 Modded APK – available for Android users and best experienced when playing online!

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