Idle Angels APK MOD (Unlimited Money, Gems, Menu)

Idle Angels APK MOD (Unlimited Money, Gems, Menu)


App Name Idle Angels: Anime Gacha RPG
Publisher Neorigin Games Global
Genre Role Playing
Size 718 MB
Latest Version
Update on Nov 17, 2023
Requirements 5.1
Mod info Unlimited Money/Gems/Menu
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Idle Angels is a popular idle RPG gacha game available on Android and iOS. The game features anime-style artwork and over 100 unique angels to collect. As an idle game, Idle Angels allows you to progress through the game even while not actively playing, making it easy to play casually. This in-depth review will cover the key aspects of Idle Angels including gameplay, graphics, characters, progression, monetization, and community.

Idle Angels MOD APK


Core Loop

The core gameplay loop of Idle Angels consists of:

  • Summoning new angels through the gacha system
  • Leveling up and enhancing your angels
  • Sending your angels into idle battle for rewards
  • Using stronger angels to defeat campaign levels and bosses
  • Improving your angels’ gear, skills, artifacts etc. to increase their power
  • Participating in PvP battles and guild activities

As an idle RPG, much of the game progresses automatically even while not playing. The idle battle system allows your lineup of angels to fight enemies and gain rewards over time.

Battle System

The battle system in Idle Angels is completely automatic. You form a team of up to 6 angels and they will automatically fight battles. Each angel has their own unique normal attack and active skills. Active skills have cooldowns and will be used automatically when available.

Angels are split into 3 classes: Warriors, Mages, and Archers. Each class has advantages against another, creating a rock-paper-scissors counter system. This adds some depth to team formation.

Overall the battle system is very simplistic as there are no player inputs. However, it fulfills its role as an idle game that plays itself.

Idle Angels MOD APK

Graphics and Art Style

The graphical presentation of Idle Angels is excellent. The 2D anime-style illustrations and character designs are beautiful and detailed. The angel characters in particular stand out with creative costumes and designs based on mythology.

The game features some basic animations for the angels such as idle motions and attack animations. The user interface is also polished, making it easy to navigate different menus and systems. Overall the graphics help enhance the experience and draw players into the angel theme.


The angels themselves are a major highlight of Idle Angels. Collecting and upgrading new angels is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game.

  • Detailed illustrations: Each angel has a beautifully drawn 2D illustration showing their full design. The details and styles differ greatly between angels, giving them unique visual flair.
  • Interesting backgrounds: The angels are loosely based on mythology and history, giving them intriguing backgrounds. Their bios help provide context for their origins.
  • Varied abilities: Angels have distinct active and passive abilities that set them apart beyond just visuals.
  • Appealing designs: The angel designs incorporate creative costumes and physical appeal to satisfy players collecting waifus/husbandos.

While the actual characterization and storytelling is light, the angel designs successfully carry the game through their quality and variety.

Idle Angels MOD APK

Progression Systems

Idle Angels features progression systems that are standard for the incremental/idle RPG genre. Players are guided through linear upgrade paths for their angels.

Some key progression systems:

  • Leveling angels to increase their stats
  • Evolving angels from lower to higher rarity tiers
  • Enhancing angels’ skills and abilities
  • Ascending angels to break level caps
  • Improving gear, artifacts, gems, and relics
  • Limit breaking angels with duplicates
  • Awakening angels to unlock more skills

A steady stream of upgrade materials can be obtained from campaign stages and idle rewards. Progression is incremental but constant, providing short and long term goals.


As is standard for gacha games, Idle Angels monetizes through gacha summoning and incentivizing spending to progress faster.

  • Gacha summoning is the primary monetization, providing new angels and upgrades
  • Daily/monthly packs provide materials, summons, etc.
  • Premium currency can be used to speed up upgrades
  • Skins are available for purchase for each angel

The game is fairly aggressive with its offers for spending. There are constant pop-ups advertising deals and benefits for spending. However, as an idle RPG it is possible to progress as a free player, just at a slower pace.

Spending provides more access to top rarity angels and acceleration, but skillful resource management allows free players to keep up over time. Overall the monetization is as expected for the genre.

Idle Angels MOD APK


Idle Angels has built an active player community on social media and especially Discord. The official Discord has over 15k members.

The community provides guides, tips, and discussion on topics like:

  • Sharing strategies and advice
  • Theorycrafting optimal teams and upgrades
  • Datamining upcoming content
  • Organizing guilds and co-op play
  • Fanart and memes

For new players, the Discord community is a great way to get started with advice from veterans. The game also has in-game chat and guild systems for socializing.

Review Summary


  • High quality anime-style art and angel designs
  • 100+ unique angels to collect
  • Deep progression system for enhancing angels
  • Automatic idle battle system
  • Active Discord community provides guidance


  • Story and characterization are minimal
  • Aggressive monetization through gacha and incentives to spend
  • Repetitive late game progression
  • PvP meta focused on spending for top angels


Idle Angels excels in providing a polished idle RPG experience centered around collecting and upgrading beautiful angels. The automatic battle system and incremental progression cater perfectly to the idle game format.

While the monetization is aggressive, it is possible to enjoy the game as a free player with some patience. The community provides ample guidance to help new players get started. Overall Idle Angels is a great game for fans of idle RPGs and anime-style art who want a casual gacha game they can play at their own pace.

Idle Angels MOD APK

In-Depth Feature Analysis

Now that we’ve covered the core aspects of the game, let’s take a deeper dive into some of Idle Angels’ key features and mechanics.

Gacha Summoning

The gacha summoning system is the primary method of obtaining new angels. There are a few key points:

  • Rarity tiers: Angels come in common, rare, super rare, transcendent, and legend tiers. Higher tiers have better base stats and abilities.
  • Pity timer: Guaranteed SSR summon after 30 tries, guaranteed legend after 100. Provides mercy.
  • Dupe benefits: Getting duplicate angels provides upgrades like skill level ups.
  • Daily free summon: Players get 1 free summon per day, providing a steady stream of new angels.
  • Rate up banners: Special event banners double rates for certain angels.
  • Premium currency: Diamonds used for summoning can be purchased, but can also be farmed in-game.

The gacha rates in Idle Angels are relatively friendly, especially with the pity timers. Saving premium currency as a free player allows reaching the higher rarity angels over time.

Angel Upgrade Overview

Here are some of the key ways angels can be upgraded:

  • Leveling uses EXP material farmed from stages to increase angel stats
  • Ascension breaks level caps by sacrificing dupe angels
  • Skills can be upgraded by consuming other angel dupes
  • Awakening unlocks additional skill slots using Awakening Crystals
  • Limit Break increases ultimate skill damage using Limit Break Stones
  • Gear (weapon, armor, accessory) provide large stat boosts
  • Artifacts give set bonuses that enhance angels globally
  • Gems slot into gear to add substantial stat bonuses
  • Relics are equipped to an angel to provide buffs
  • Attire gives cosmetic appearance changes and minor stats

This creates a deep system where players choose how best to allocate their upgrade resources to each angel. There is no single correct way to upgrade, which allows for creativity.

Gear, Gems and Relics

Let’s go into more detail on gear, gems, and relics specifically since they have unique mechanics.


Each angel equips 3 pieces of gear:

  • Weapons: Increase attack
  • Armor: Increase defense
  • Accessories: Various bonuses

Gear provides significant stat boosts to angels. Gear can be upgraded with gold and gear materials to increase the values.


Gems are slotted into each piece of gear to add large bonuses:

  • Offense gems boost ATK/MATK
  • Defense gems boost HP/DEF
  • Support gems boost various utilities

Higher rarity gems provide greater bonuses. The gear and gem system allows for large customization of angel stats.


Relics provide unique buffs and bonuses:

  • Exclusive relics are only equippable by a specific angel
  • Shared relics can be equipped by any angel

Relics range from increasing damage, boosting HP, granting lifesteal, and more. Relics add a strategic layer to forming your lineup.

PvP Overview

Idle Angels features both PvP arenas and guild wars. The PvP gameplay is simple:

  • Players draft teams and AI controls the battles
  • Team composition and upgrades determine victory
  • Seasonal rankings and rewards

As expected in a PvP gacha game, spending for top rarity angels and upgrades provides an advantage. However, thoughtful team building allows competitive free gameplay.

Events and Content Updates

Idle Angels receives frequent content updates:

  • New angels added regularly
  • Events provide special rewards for completing tasks
  • Seasonal activities such as holidays, summer, etc
  • Feature updates add new systems and progression

This gives players short and long term goals to work towards. The events help keep the game feeling fresh and rewarding.

Idle Angels MOD APK

Beginner’s Guide

For new players looking to get started, here are some tips and guidelines:


When first starting, rerolling your account can help gain top rarity angels faster:

  • Reroll until you get 1-2 SSR/legend angels from selective summon
  • Legend tier angels are best but hard to get
  • Prioritize versatile angels that can carry you through early game
  • Icarus, Zeus, Ra, Athena recommended targets

Rerolling gives you a head start. But know that all angels can be viable with investment.

Progression Tips

  • Make sure to use free daily summons for new angels
  • Prioritize advancing in campaign for levels and upgrade materials
  • Join an active guild for bonuses and social play
  • Only enhance a core team of 6 angels at first
  • Be patient – idle progression is marathon, not sprint

Avoid spreading your upgrades too thin. Focus on a core team that can 3 star campaign levels.

Things to Avoid

Some new player traps to avoid:

  • Don’t excessively upgrade common/rare angels
  • Don’t spend premium currency on anything but summons at first
  • Don’t let stamina cap out before spending it
  • Don’t neglect daily/weekly activities for free rewards
  • Don’t randomly upgrade every angel’s gear/skills early on

Following basic priorities will set you up to progress smoothly as a new player.


Idle Angels offers a polished and in-depth idle RPG experience. With so many angels to collect and upgrade, the game provides countless hours of incremental progression. While the monetization is aggressive, the core loop remains enjoyable for free players. The automatic battling and team building hits the sweet spot for casual play on mobile. Players who enjoy forming their perfect angel army will find tons to love in Idle Angels.

TL;DR Key Takeaways

  • Anime-style idle RPG gacha game with 100+ angels
  • Beautiful 2D illustrations and designs
  • Progression focused on collecting and upgrading angels
  • Automatic idle battle system plays the game for you
  • Generous rates and pity timers for gacha summoning
  • Active Discord community provides guidance
  • Aggressive monetization through gacha and incentives to spend
  • Strong appeal for fans of idle games and anime artwork
  • Mod Menu
  • God Mode
  • One Hit Kill
  • Unlimited Skills

1.Added Divinity Ascend system 2.New MR Angel: Hera 3.Added UR, UR+, and MR quality in Angels Temple 4. Adjusted the Beginner's Choice and Angel Growth Package. After the version update, Pandora and Pandora Shard in the Gift Pack will be changed to Gaia and Gaia Shard 5. Added UR, UR+, and MR quality in Angels Temple

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