Hypic APK 2.4.2 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Hypic APK 2.4.2 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Hypic - Photo Editor & AI Art
Publisher Bytedance Pte Ltd
Genre Photography
Size 116 MB
Latest Version 2.4.2
Update on Dec 5, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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Hypic is a versatile and user-friendly photo editing app for Android. With its wide range of powerful tools and AI-enabled features, Hypic helps users enhance their photos and unleash their creativity.



Hypic is developed by Bytedance Pte. Ltd and available for free on the Google Play Store. As of December 2023, the app has over 5 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating out of over 19K reviews.

The app offers advanced photo editing capabilities ranging from minor touch-ups to complete transformations. Its standout features include:

  • AI-powered tools like Glowing Skin, Natural Shape, and Sculpt Face
  • 100+ aesthetic filters
  • Batch editing
  • Poster making
  • Drawing & text tools
  • No ads or trials

Hypic is compatible with Android 5.0 and up. It has an APK download size of 142.69MB.


Key Features

User Interface

Hypic has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The well-organized menus and easily accessible tools allow you to edit photos swiftly.

Here are some notable UI elements in Hypic:

  • Bottom toolbar – Provides quick access to key features
  • Side drawer menu – Lets you access batch editing, templates, and settings
  • User profile – Shows coins and VIP status
  • Top bar shortcuts – Options to undo, redo, save, draw, add text etc.

The interface utilizes a clean design with muted colors, avoiding visual clutter. Key tools and options are marked with icons and labels for easy identification.

Overall, Hypic’s UI allows users to navigate the app smoothly and access the desired tools swiftly when editing.

Photo Editing Capabilities

Hypic comes packed with a wide range of advanced photo editing tools. These allow you to make fine tweaks or transformative changes as per your creative vision.

AI-Powered Editing

Hypic utilizes AI to power many of its intelligent editing features for quick enhancement:

  • Glowing Skin – Instantly removes blemishes and evens out skin
  • Natural Shape – Subtly reshapes facial features
  • Sculpt Face – Reshapes face to desired proportions
  • Sky Replacement – Changes sky in photos to custom skies
  • Style Transfer – Applies the style from one image onto another

These features use AI to identify facial attributes, backgrounds, etc. and make context-aware improvements.

Manual Editing

In addition to AI tools, Hypic provides granular control with manual editing features:

  • Tune Image – Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation etc.
  • Healing – Remove unwanted objects/blemishes precisely
  • Crop & Transform – Crop, rotate, flip photos
  • Whiten Teeth – Brighten teeth with natural looking results

You can use these tools to fine-tune the enhancements made by the AI features or customize the edits as needed.

Filters & Effects

Hypic offers over 100 aesthetic filters ranging from bright and pop art styles to subtle and faded film looks. You can browse filters and preview them live to find the perfect match for your photos’ mood and tone.

Some other effects in Hypic include:

  • Blur Background – Defocus the background cleanly
  • Double Exposure – Overlay two photos with transparency
  • Glitch Effect – Add retro digital distortion

These effects help lend unique styles, textures, and dimensions to your photos.

Drawing & Text Tools

Add handwritten notes and doodles using Hypic’s freehand drawing tool. Choose from 5 different pen sizes, over 10 colors, and erase parts seamlessly.

You can also add text captions over your photos in a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors. Add multiple text boxes as needed.

These tools help personalize your edited photos and make them pop.


Despite having powerful editing capabilities, Hypic maintains swift performance. Here are some optimizations that enhance the app’s speed:

  • Rendering – Applies edits quickly with almost real-time preview
  • Exporting – Saves edited photos in high resolution swiftly
  • Launch time – App starts up instantly within 1-2 seconds
  • UI navigation – Moving across menus and tools is snappy

Even on mid-range Android devices, Hypic performs smoothly thanks to performance tuning. Complex edits with multiple adjustments and filters get rendered under 5 seconds typically.

The fast performance allows you to edit photos quickly and saves you time.

Batch Editing

Hypic lets you batch edit up to 20 photos together with the same set of edits. This is useful when you want to apply the same adjustments or filter to multiple photos at once.

To use batch editing:

  1. Go to the Batch Edit menu
  2. Select up to 20 photos to edit
  3. Apply edits and filters as needed
  4. Export all edited photos in one go

The batch editing feature streamlines your workflow allowing you to edit multiples photos efficiently.

Poster Making

Hypic provides professional templates and design tools to create stunning posters and flyers.

You can browse from categories like Events, Advertising, Celebrations, Fashion etc. and select a template. Each template provides editable text boxes and image placeholders. Customize these by:

  • Adding your own photos
  • Typing in custom text
  • Changing fonts, colors etc.

Once done, export your posters in high resolution to share online or take printouts.



The Hypic app is free to download and use. It contains ads and offers in-app purchases for additional coins and subscription plans.

Here is a breakdown of the in-app purchases:

Package Price
300 Coins $0.99
1200 Coins $4.99
VIP Monthly $4.99/month
VIP Quarterly $9.99/3 months
VIP Annual $19.99/year
  • VIP status provides ad-free experience, unlimited usage of paid tools, exclusive filters and templates.
  • More coins allow you to unlock paid filters and tools.

The optional purchases are not essential but can enhance the editing experience. The free version itself is packed with features for basic and advanced editing needs.


User Reviews

Hypic app has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users. It currently has a 4.5 star average rating based on over 19K reviews on the Play Store.

Here is a summary of the praise and feedback from users:


  • Easy to use interface
  • Powerful AI editing tools
  • 100+ aesthetic filters
  • Batch editing capability
  • Poster making features
  • Swift performance
  • Free with no trials or limits


  • Some tools need coins to unlock
  • Contains ads (removable via purchases)
  • More drawing tools would be beneficial


Most users rate Hypic very highly and praise its excellent interface, AI editing powers, filter quality and smooth performance. Many mention Hypic has replaced multiple other editing apps for them.

While some users felt the need for more free tools and no ads, the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive for Hypic.



Hypic establishes itself as a robust, all-in-one photo editing solution for Android users. With its perfect blend of automated AI features and granular manual controls, Hypic enables users of all skill levels to enhance their photos efficiently.

The app nails the basics with an intuitive interface, swift performance and a clutter-free UX. Power users would appreciate capabilities like batch editing and poster making alongside the mighty AI tools.

Considering the high quality editing, 100+ free filters and zero trials or limits, Hypic offers immense value at no cost. The availability of paid coins and subscriptions provides additional flexibility and features if needed.

On the whole, Hypic is a must-try app for anyone interested in mobile photo editing. With versatile tools, multi-faceted editing powers and a polished interface, Hypic promises to be the only photo editor you need on your Android smartphone.

  • Latest Version Download

Fixed some bugs and optimized the experience for a smoother operation!

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