Hunter Assassin 2 Mod APK 1.123 (Unlimited money, gems)

Hunter Assassin 2 Mod APK 1.123 (Unlimited money, gems)


App Name Hunter Assassin 2
Publisher Ruby Game Studio
Genre Action
Size 144.09 Mb
Latest Version 1.123
Update on Nov 24, 2023
Requirements 4.4
Mod info Unlimited money, gems
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Hunter Assassin 2 is an exciting action-stealth game developed by Ruby Game Studio for Android devices. As a sequel to the popular Hunter Assassin, this game builds upon the original with improved graphics, more gameplay options, and greater depth.

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Graphics and Visuals

The graphics and visuals are one of the standout features of Hunter Assassin 2. While retaining the 2D side-scrolling perspective, the environments and character models have received major upgrades.

Crisp and Atmospheric Environments

The backdrops and levels consist of dimly lit city streets, warehouses, corporate offices, and other urban locales. Despite the 2D view, the environments feel atmospheric and immersive thanks to excellent use of lighting and shadows.

The color palette is suitably dark and gritty, with lots of grays, blacks, and muted tones. It perfectly complements the seedy criminal underworld that serves as the setting. The textures and small environmental details like papers strewn on desks or garbage in alleys add a nice sense of realism.

Smooth Animations and Effects

The characters and interactive objects feature impressively smooth animations. The assassin protagonist moves fluidly, especially when performing actions like rolling, taking cover, or melee attacks. Muzzle flashes, smoke trails, and other graphical effects add flair during intense combat sequences.

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Detailed Character Models

The assassin and enemy models contain finer details compared to the first game. You can see the folds and stitching on clothing, realistic shadows, and more life-like proportions. The designs match the dark, serious tone, with characters outfitted appropriately for stealth and combat.

Stylized Art Style

While the graphics aim for realism, the visuals still retain a stylized and hyper-detailed art style. The characters have slightly exaggerated proportions for dramatic effect. Environments often feature high-contrast lighting and bold outlines. This creates a visually striking comic book or graphic novel aesthetic.

Gameplay and Mechanics

With expanded gameplay systems, Hunter Assassin 2 introduces more variety, depth, and challenge compared to its predecessor. Let’s examine the key mechanics and loops that define the experience.

Core Stealth Assassination Gameplay

The core gameplay remains centered on stealth assassination. As a trained assassin, you must infiltrate secure compounds and eliminate target enemies.

You view levels from a side-view perspective. The assassin can move left or right, climb ladders, take cover behind objects, roll to dodge attacks, and use weapons. The goal is to utilize stealth to get close to targets and take them out quickly and quietly.

However, you must also avoid detection by patrolling enemies. If spotted, alarms will sound and you will be swarmed by guards. Lighting plays a major role, as remaining in the shadows keeps you hidden from foes.

This creates tense and methodical gameplay where you carefully observe patterns, sneak up on oblivious guards, and time your attacks. It captures the thrill and satisfaction of stealth action.

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Multiple Heroes to Choose From

A major addition is the ability to unlock and choose from multiple assassin heroes, each with unique skills and abilities. For example:

  • The Sentry specializes in long-ranged sniper rifles to take out enemies from a distance.
  • The Saboteur utilizes explosives and gadgets to set traps and cause diversions.
  • The Ninja focuses on quick, silent melee attacks using swords and daggers.

This allows you to vary your playstyle and approach levels in different ways depending on your chosen assassin. It adds more variety and replay value.

RPG-Style Progression

Defeating enemies and completing missions earns you experience points. Gaining enough XP will level up your assassins, granting stat increases like more health or damage.

You can also find and equip gear like firearms, armor, gadgets, and trinkets. These offer bonuses like increased critical hit chance or shorter ability cooldowns.

This light RPG-style progression gives a greater sense of growth and power as you upgrade your assassins. It incentivizes replaying levels to keep improving your characters.

Challenging Boss Battles

At key points in the game, you will face off against unique boss enemies. These are often larger, more powerful foes with distinct attack patterns and abilities to learn.

Boss battles test your skill and endurance. You may need to combine stealth, positioning, and utilization of your assassin’s abilities to chip away at their health and ultimately take them down. Defeating bosses grants big rewards.

Mission and Bounty Variety

There is good variety in the missions and bounties available. One mission may task you with infiltrating a gang hideout and stealing valuable data. Another may simply be eliminating all targets as quickly as possible.

Some bounties offer special rewards for achieving objectives like only using melee kills or completing the mission undetected. This adds replay value as you experience the levels in different ways.

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Daily Challenges and Events

Special daily challenges and limited-time events offer unique rules and modifiers. For example, a daily challenge may restrict you to only sniper rifles while an event may populate a level with explosives that must be triggered to kill enemies.

These rotating activities provide a steady stream of new content to keep gameplay feeling fresh. They also offer prizes like premium currency and gear.


The touchscreen controls are simple and intuitive, allowing you to focus on the action and strategy.

Responsive Touch Controls

The assassin moves where you tap – tap the left side of the screen to go left, right to go right. Tap interactive objects like ladders to climb them.

Tap the attack button to strike enemies with your equipped weapon or perform melee attacks. Tap the roll button to dodge. Controls are responsive and accurate.


When you get close enough to an enemy, your assassin will automatically aim and fire equipped ranged weapons at the target. This allows you to focus less on aiming and more on positioning and strategy.

Adjustable Control Schemes

You can customize the control scheme to your liking in the settings menu. For example, you can position the attack and roll buttons in more comfortable locations. You can also adjust sensitivity for even finer control.

Optional Controller Support

The game also supports Bluetooth controllers. This provides an even more console-like and comfortable control experience for those who prefer physical controls.

The seamless controls enable you to strategically maneuver through levels and engage in combat without hassle. Adjustability allows you to fine tune controls to your style.

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Storyline and Setting

While simple, the storyline and gritty urban setting help establish an atmosphere and motivation for your assassin’s actions.

Criminal Underworld Setting

The levels take place in a sprawling, unnamed city overrun by crime, vice, and corruption. Sinister organizations and kingpins rule from the shadows.

Your assassin operates in this dark underbelly, taking contracts to eliminate targets like crime bosses, chem dealers, pimps, and other unsavory figures that even the police won’t touch.

Shadowy Employers

The details are vague, but during mission briefings it is indicated you are being hired by equally mysterious and powerful criminal elements. These shadowy employers give contracts to take out those who have wronged or betrayed them.

Your motivations are left ambiguous – are you an anti-hero punishing even worse criminals? Or simply a mercenary killing for the highest bidder?

Minimalist Storytelling

Cutscenes are brief and dialogue is minimal. The focus is on quickly conveying mission objectives before jumping into the action. This spartan approach to storytelling works fine for this genre.

Room for Speculation

While minimal, the dark urban setting and mysterious employers leave room for speculation. As you play, you can imagine your assassin’s backstory, motivations, and connections to the criminal underworld. This engages the imagination.

The subtle worldbuilding and storytelling creates an intriguing backdrop to the action without being overbearing.

In-App Purchases and Rewards

Hunter Assassin 2 offers various in-app purchases and rewards systems to enhance gameplay and progression.

Remove Ads

A $2 one-time IAP removes all banner and video ads from the game. This provides uninterrupted gameplay.

Premium Currency

You earn small amounts of premium Gems currency by playing. But you can purchase additional Gems in bundles priced from $1 to $10.

Gems can be used to instantly unlock new heroes, weapons, and gear rather than grinding for them. This allows you to quickly build your perfect assassin.

Daily Deals

Special discounted daily deals provide one-time bundles with Gems, experience boosts, rare gear pieces, and more. This rotating selection refreshes every 24 hours.

Battle Pass

The optional $5 monthly Battle Pass offers 100 tiers of exclusive cosmetic rewards, new heroes, weapons, Gems, and other loot. This provides ongoing content and incentives for dedicated players.

Achievement Rewards

Completing gameplay achievements earns you Gems and special vanity items like new outfits and skins for your heroes. This gives extra motivation to master the game’s challenges.

The IAPs provide optional shortcuts for impatient players with disposable income. Otherwise, rewards come through skillful gameplay, providing a satisfying sense of progression and accomplishment.

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Graphics and Visuals – In Summary:

  • Crisp and atmospheric environments brought to life through excellent lighting and details
  • Smooth character animations and flashy combat effects
  • Detailed and stylized character models with comic book flair
  • Dark, gritty aesthetic perfectly suits the criminal underworld setting

Gameplay and Mechanics – In Summary:

  • Tense stealth assassination gameplay focused on observations and quick takedowns
  • Multiple assassin heroes with unique skills cater to different playstyles
  • RPG-style progression with gear, levels, and upgrades
  • Challenging boss battles test your abilities
  • Good mission variety adds replay value
  • Special events and daily challenges keep gameplay fresh

Controls – In Summary:

  • Intuitive touchscreen controls for movement, attacks, and dodging
  • Auto-aiming simplifies ranged weapon use
  • Fully customizable control schemes
  • Optional controller support for console-like experience
  • Allows focus on strategy rather than control mastery

Storyline and Setting – In Summary:

  • Gritty urban criminal underworld setting
  • Shadowy employers and organizations
  • Minimalist storytelling puts focus on action
  • Leaves room for imagination and speculation
  • Creates an intriguing backdrop for gameplay

In-App Purchases and Rewards – In Summary

  • $2 purchase to remove ads
  • Premium currency for instant unlocks and upgrades
  • Daily deals offer discounted special bundles
  • Battle Pass provides ongoing content and cosmetics
  • Achievements earn currency and vanity rewards
  • IAPs provide shortcuts and incentives for dedicated players


The Good

  • Satisfying and tense stealth action gameplay
  • Great variety of assassin heroes and abilities
  • Slick visual style and detailed graphics
  • Good progression and customization
  • Special events and activities provide fresh experiences

The Bad

  • Storytelling is barebones
  • Can feel repetitive after extended play sessions
  • IAPs may be tempting for impatient gamers

The Bottom Line

With expanded depth and polish, Hunter Assassin 2 improves upon its predecessor to offer a compelling stealth action experience. The gratifying gameplay, varied assassins, and RPG elements provide hours of tense and methodical fun. Fans of the original and newcomers to the series will find much to enjoy in this gritty, hyper-detailed world of assassins operating in the shadows.


I give Hunter Assassin 2 a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The stealth action gameplay is challenging and addictive, the graphics and style are excellent, and the progression systems offer good depth. While the story is minimal and it can get repetitive, the sheer variety of gameplay, modes, events, and assassins keeps things interesting. This is a must-play for fans of tactical stealth games.

  • Unlimited money

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