Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk 1.0.67 (Unlimited Money & Coins)

Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk 1.0.67 (Unlimited Money & Coins)

APP INFO: Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money & Coins
Category Games
Size 339 MB
Version v1.0.67
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Welcome to Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk! In this exciting game, you’ll build and manage your very own hotel. As a manager of the bustling business, it will be up to you to ensure that all guests have an enjoyable stay in your establishment. You’ll keep rooms booked by providing great service and amenities so customers come back time after time. Along the way there are fun challenges waiting for you as well as rewards when goals are achieved – work hard enough and before long everyone will know about YOUR premier destination spot! Get ready for adventure – let’s get started building success with Hotel Frenzy now!

Gameplay Overview

In Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk, you will have the opportunity to build and manage your own hotel. You can customize it with different rooms of various sizes and amenities in order to attract customers; upgrade existing facilities such as restaurants or laundry services; hire staff members like cleaners and receptionists who will help keep everything running smoothly; complete objectives by completing orders from guests or providing special services that they request while staying at your establishment. As time passes, customer reviews on social media sites may even start mentioning YOUR name! With each success comes rewards – work hard enough throughout the game for a chance experience fame along with fortune!

Play With Fun this game?

Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk is a fun and challenging game that will test your skills as you build and manage your hotel. With each success, rewards await while more difficult objectives provide further challenges to keep things interesting. You’ll be able to customize the look of your establishment with different rooms, amenities, staff members – all in an effort to make it stand out from competitors! Work hard towards reaching goals for fame along with fortune – good luck on this journey through Hotel Frenzy now!

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk is not a multiplayer game. It’s a single-player experience where you build and manage your own hotel with customizations to make it unique from the competition. You’ll hire staff members, upgrade existing amenities, complete objectives for rewards – all while trying to keep customers happy! With each success comes fame and fortune as well; work hard enough throughout this journey in order for that dream of becoming an acclaimed business owner come true!

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Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk


Key Feature

Room Customization

You can customize your hotel with different types of rooms, ranging from single occupancy to large suites with multiple beds and amenities like TVs and mini-fridges.

Staff Hiring

In order for the business to run smoothly, you’ll need staff members such as cleaners or receptionists who will help keep things running efficiently throughout operations!

Facility Upgrades

Upgrade existing facilities such as restaurants or laundry services in order attract more customers while also providing a greater level of comfort during their stay at YOUR establishment!

Objectives Completion

Complete objectives by completing orders from guests which often include special requests that they may have (such ascatering requests) when staying over night here at your hotel; rewards await those who are successful in meeting these goals set forth before them within this game world environment !

Social Media Reviews & Fame:

As time passes on social media sites including Facebook or Twitter , reviews mentioning YOURSELF(and thusly the hotels name ) shall begin showing up soon after customer’s stays ; use this newfound fame too drive additional interests towards it now !!

Challenges Present :

Each success comes along side new challenges prepped whilst waiting ahead around every corner — prepare yourself mentally so has never be caught off guard upon reaching each one !

Rewards Earned:

With each goal achieved rewards wait just beyond reach awaiting ones arrival ; gain access through working hard enough all across its entire duration until ultimate victory arrives eventually!!

Hotel Frenzy Community :

Join an ever growing community filled only comprised solely outta passionate players looking forward onto learning tips + tricks regarding how best manage thy own personal ventures into becoming even better then what once was thought possible before hand !

What is Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk?

Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk is a modified version of the original Hotel Frenzy game. It has been modded to give players unlimited money, coins and other resources that can be used in-game for upgrades or other items. The gameplay remains the same as it does with regular versions but now you have access to all these extra features! With thisMod you will never face any difficulty while trying out different strategies in order to succeed at running your hotel business like an expert – enjoy more success than ever before within this new upgraded mode today !!

What is Hotel Frenzy Hack Apk?

Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk
Mod Key Feature

Unlimited Money & Coins

With the Mod Apk, you will be able to access unlimited amounts of money and coins that can then be used to upgrade existing facilities or purchase new items for your hotel!

Special Items Unlocked

You’ll also have access to exclusive special items such as decorations for your lobby area; these are not available in regular versions but with this mod they’re yours at no cost!

No Ads:

There are no ads when playing Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk so it’s easier than ever beforefor you focus on working hard towards achieving success without any interruptions from pop-ups or banners. Enjoy your uninterrupted gaming experience today!

Hotel Frenzy mod apk installation guide

1. Download the Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk from a trusted source such as

2. Once it has finished downloading, locate and open up the file to begin installation process – you may be asked for permission before being able access this depending on how secure settings are set-up !

3 .Installation should take place within moments of granting said permissions; once completed all that is left now towards playing with these new modded features lies only in pressing an icon found either upon phone or PC home screens !! Enjoy success today!

Game Control

Keyboard & Mouse

The keyboard and mouse are the most common way to play Hotel Frenzy, allowing players to easily navigate menus or move their characters around within the game world by using arrow keys .


For those playing on smartphones/tablets, touch screen controls provide a convenient alternative method of interacting with objects in-game; simply tap where you want your character to go or what action they should take (i.e tapping an empty table for customers) !

Controller Support:

Certain controllers can also be used when playing this title such as Xbox One , Playstation 4 , etc — configure these settings beforehand so has never have any issues during gameplay !!

Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk
Game Tips:

Manage Resources Wisely

Make sure to keep an eye on your finances and resources when running the hotel so that you don’t overspend or run out of supplies needed for service!

Hire Quality Staff

Good staff members will help ensure a smooth overall experience in-game, from receptionists who can check guests in quickly , cleaners who make sure rooms are kept clean at all times; take time researching before hiring anyone !

Upgrade Amenities :

Don’t forget about other facilities like restaurants & laundry services which may need upgrading periodically too — this shall draw more customers towards it whilst giving them better quality products/services during their stays here !!

Customer Satisfaction:

Ensure customer satisfaction by providing great amenities such as TVs with extra channels or mini fridges stocked with drinks / snacks etc.; these small details can really go along way if done correctly each + everytime now !!

Social Media Reviews:

Monitor social media reviews closely since they’re key indicators regarding how others around thee world view thy establishment ; use positive comments onto advertise furthers henceforth gaining even MORE fame within its own industry next!!

Game Pros and Cons


1. Fun & Challenging – Hotel Frenzy is a fun and challenging game that will test your skills as you build and manage your hotel in order to make it stand out from the competition!

2 Variety of Rewards : With each success achieved rewards await thee — work hard enough throughout its duration towards gaining access unto fame + fortune within this unique virtual world today !!

3 Customization Options: You can customize the look of YOUR establishment with different rooms, amenities, staff members – all in an effort to attract more customers while also providing them comfort during their stay here !


1. Time Intensive- Building up thy own personal business venture shall take time , dedication plus massive amounts too energy so be prepared before diving head first into anything arounds these areas now!!

2 Potential Confusion: For players new onto managing hotels there may exist moments whereof confusion sneaks upon inside ; don’t worry though for help exists both online/offline regarding whatever questions one might have concerning this title !!

3 Limitations Upon Upgrading Facilities : Certain facilities such as restaurants or laundry services require specific upgrades (i .e purchasing certain appliances ) which cost money ; if funds run dry then progress could become hindered down unless additional resources are found elsewhere quickly !!

Excellent Graphics And Sound


Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk features beautiful 3D graphics that bring the world to life with detailed environments and characters giving players an immersive experience as they play. The colors are vibrant, making everything look realistic from the lobby of your hotel to each individual room!

Sound Effects & Music :

In addition , sound effects such as doors opening/closing or ringing phones add realism while music plays softly in background providing a calming atmosphere; these two elements combined create something truly special within this game now !!


Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk


Hotel Frenzy Mod Apk is a Famous game that will challenge you to build and manage your own hotel. From customizing rooms with different amenities, hiring staff members or upgrading existing facilities – there are tons of options available for players in order to make their establishment stand out from the competition! With rewards waiting when goals are achieved as well as fun challenges along the way – Hotel Frenzy provides a unique experience filled with adventure , excitement plus loads more !!


Q1. How do I win in Hotel Frenzy?

A: You can win by achieving goals and completing objectives, such as keeping customers happy or providing special requests during their stay at your hotel. Completing these tasks successfully will reward you with coins, money and other resources that can be used to upgrade existing facilities or purchase new items for the establishment!

Q2 Is there a time limit when playing this game?

A: No – there is no set time limit on how long it takes players to complete any particular task within Hotel Frenzy; take all thee needed moments before ever deciding onto making thy next move !!

Q3 Are customer reviews important ?

A : Yes – Customer reviews are key indicators regarding one’s overall success rate , since positive comments left about an establishments name shall soon enough draw more attention towards its direction afterwards !

Q4 What rewards await those who succeed here ?

A : Rewards come various forms ranging from additional funds too exclusive decorations only accessible through succeeding each challenge now!!

Q5 Can I play against others while inside of this title ??

A :No — whilst Multiplayer options aren’t available yet , joining up together online/offline allows two +more friends join forces so has never face difficulty alone again anytime soon !!

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