Home Workout No Equipment (MOD, Premium) 1.2.14 APK

Home Workout No Equipment (MOD, Premium) 1.2.14 APK

Home Workout – Your Personal Home Gym


App Name Home Workout - No Equipment
Publisher Leap Fitness Group
Genre Health & Fitness
Latest Version 1.2.12
Update on Dec 8, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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Home Workout is an Android app developed by Leap Fitness Group that provides customized home workout plans and guidance without requiring gym equipment. With over 50 million downloads and a 4.8-star rating on Google Play, Home Workout aims to be the ultimate personal home gym companion.

5 Key Features

Here are 5 standout features that make Home Workout a top home workout app:

1. Customized Home Workout Plans

Home Workout creates personalized workout plans tailored to your fitness goals, focus areas, body type and skill level. Select your preference from a variety of plans for upper body, core, lower body, etc.

Home Workout Custom Plans

2. Detailed Video and Image Guidance

Every exercise features video and image guidance to demonstrate proper form. Ensuring correct technique prevents injury and helps you get the most out of each workout.

3. Progress Tracking

The app automatically tracks your workout progress including weight trends, BMI changes and more. Data charts provide actionable insights over time.

4. Customizable Reminders and Notifications

Stay on track by customizing reminder notifications for your daily workouts. The app sends you alerts so you never miss a session.

5. Social Sharing and Community

Share your progress pics and fitness achievements with friends or the Home Workout community for motivation and accountability.

Suggested Mod Features

While Home Workout has many excellent features already, here are 3 suggested premium mod features that could improve the app:

1. Unlimited Access to All Workout Plans

Offer unlimited access to all workout plans without needing a paid subscription. This includes advanced, intermediate and expert-level plans.

2. Completely Ad-Free Experience

Remove all banner, pop-up and video ads for uninterrupted workouts. No one wants distracting ads while exercising!

3. Unlimited Video Downloads

Allow users to download workout videos for offline access when no internet connection is available. Videos are viewable anytime without buffering issues.

Story Review

I’ve used the Home Workout app for the past 3 months to get in shape right from my living room. As a busy mom without much free time for the gym, having an effective home workout app has been a gamechanger. Here’s my experience using Home Workout over 12 weeks:

Getting Started

Downloading Home Workout was quick and easy from the Google Play Store. After installing, I opened the app and selected my goal to “lose weight”. I entered my current weight, height and fitness level to generate a customized 4 week workout plan.

My Plan:
  - Duration: 4 weeks
  - Level: Beginner 
  - Focus: Full body
  - Goal: Lose weight

Learning the Exercises

I started my workout plan on Monday morning. The first workout involved 10 minutes of warm-up stretches, then squats, push-ups, crunches and more bodyweight exercises. I was impressed by the detailed GIF images and videos demonstrating each movement. The voice guidance talks you through each rep while queued images show what to do.

Home Workout Exercise Demo

“The visual guidance made learning the new exercises easy. I felt confident I had the right form before even starting.”

Tracking My Progress

My favorite part of Home Workout is tracking my daily workout progress. The app logs the exercises I complete, my reps, weight changes and calories burned. Seeing tangible results each week is hugely motivating!

I also love recording my milestone fitness achievements like running a 5K for the first time! Sharing the progress pics and encouragement from friends pushes me to keep improving.

Week 1 Progress:
  - Workouts Completed: 5/7 
  - Avg. Calories Burned: 285
  - Weight Change: -2 lbs

Results After 12 Weeks

I just finished my 12 week Home Workout program and I’m thrilled with the results! By committing to just 4-5 30 minute workouts per week, I lost 12 pounds and feel stronger than I have in years.

The app was perfect for me – the guided workouts were efficient, the tracking insightful, and having it all in my pocket extremely convenient. I never thought getting in great shape was possible from my living room.


In summary, Home Workout is one of the top home workout apps available with over 50 million downloads for good reason. The customized workout plans, detailed guidance, progress tracking and social features offer immense value. Suggested premium features like removing ads and offering unlimited access would make an already excellent app even better.

After using Home Workout for 12 weeks myself, I can confidently recommend it to anyone seeking an effective home fitness solution. The app empowered me to lose 12 pounds and achieve real results on my own schedule. Give Home Workout a try and make your living room your new personal home gym!

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