Hexapolis Mod Apk 1.07.06 (Unlimited Money, Battle Pass)

Hexapolis Mod Apk 1.07.06 (Unlimited Money, Battle Pass)

GAME INFO: Hexapolis Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Battle Pass
Category Games
Size 119 MB
Version 1.07.06
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Hexapolis Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Battle Pass) is an intense strategic game full of unique and unpredictable challenges. Players must build, develop, and maintain expansive kingdoms while defending against invading tribes. The player begins with a small village in their own kingdom where they are tasked to grow it into the most powerful empire in history. Strategic decisions like troops training, policymaking, resource gathering all come into play as the players build up their empires and attempt to out-strategize opponents on a hexagonal battlefield. With exciting real-time battles across five distinct eras of older civilizations from antiquity through more modern times where you can battle both computerized foes or multiplayer opponents online – Hexapolis Mod Apk Free Download will keep you engaged for hours with its varied difficulty levels as well!

Hexapolis Mod Apk

Unique Battle System

The combat system in Hexapolis 1.07.06 really stands out from other strategic games thanks to it’s unique hexagonal battlefield and various possible battle scenarios. With a wide variety of different strategies, every player will have the opportunity to discover strategies that cater specifically to their own playing style!


By building and upgrading structures like cities, farms, watchtowers or citadels players are able make their army stronger and faster while also growing their kingdom into an even more formidable force against enemy attacks. Buildings can be customized with defensive features such as walls or traps for added security when defending against invading forces.

Hexapolis Mod Apk

Research Opportunities

Players have the opportunity conduct research on new weapons technologies by spending gold pieces they accumulated through resource gathering during battles which can give them access better understanding of how best counter attack enemies using ranged weapons archers etc if certain resources are acquired this upgrades become available giving you an extra advantage during infantry warfare engagements.. Additionally researched science trees can unlock special bonuses such as increased movement speed or additional workers which could further help boost your armies efficiency in wars waged amongst other kingdoms!.

Trade and Diplomacy

Hexapolis on islamicmovi.co allows players the chance to make alliances with other kingdoms via diplomatic means so as to gain a better insight into what allies may be thinking, how they maneuvering on field or even just for strike deals in order benefit both parties involved. For example by negotiating a trade agreements you can gain access special resources that could aid your kingdom’s development, or create pacts of non aggression which lend further stability should tensions start arise amongst belligerent states. All these possibilities enable for extra depth within planner itself should one choose make most out opportunities exposed them when playing!

Hexapolis Mod Apk

Social Features

Communication hub between players can take many forms including live chatrooms while allows crucial coordinating strategies with alliance members during battles – all real-time communication systems that really contribute overall game experience! leaderboard system tracks each player’s progress on global scale giving more incentive strive even become King ruler over everyone else!.

Martial Law System

This game feature adds an unique element difficulty adversaries depending how situation unfolds battles unfold – from barracks brigsitic prison camps enemies under surveillance until surrender terms met showed mercy (or vice versa) potentially leading invasion occupation place where thrown jail given hefty fine etc.(generally penalties must paid before released ).

Mythical Creatures & Boss Battles

Players will get opportunity explore world mythical creatures deities larger than life boss creatures helping defeat varieties monsters lead troops victory spirit scarceresources. These awesome opponents often require creative problem solving combined efforts numerous troops tonnington forces possibly cooperate teammates towards eventual success remarkable sense satisfaction comes slaying these notorious beasts great location though comes risk rewards prove be best creature tamer conquerors ever seen Hexapolis apk truly offer amazing array unique gaming experiences full wonderful surprises!

Hexapolis Mod Apk

What is Hexapolis Mod APK?

Hexapolis Mod APK is a modified version of the original Hexapolis apk game created by developers wanting to create something a bit more flexible for people who don’t want to stick with the standard gaming experience. With this mod, you’ll find added features such as unlimited coin and currency accrual, unlocked levels and bonus items that can give you an edge over your opponents. If you purchase this mod, all in-app purchases have already been taken care of so there’s no need for any additional spending on coins or special item packs. The Hexapolis Apk Mod Free Download also provides frequent updates allowing players access to new content like maps and challenges, keeping them engaged while playing competitively against other players online or exploring single player mode adventures!

Features of Hexapolis Mod APK

Unlimited Money

Hexapolis Mod APK grants users unlimited money which basically allows players to gear up for an ambush or buy upgrades more faster than the regular game without spending real currency on in-app purchases.

Unlock Levels

Through this mod, you can easily unlock levels that were previously not available during your regular playtime of the original game without having to go through any tedious and lengthy quests before being able to access them.

Bonus Items & Rewards

By downloading Hexapolis Apk Mod, players can gain access bonus items like extra troops xp bonuses etc – allowing player increase chances victory even against most skilled adversaries out there!. Moreover daily rewards conveniently enabled ensure progress made whether they decide invest time or minimal effort into forge success!

Unlocked Battle Passes

Gaining a battle pass normally requires purchasing it via store, but with limited choices available, choosing the right one in a given season is difficult unless the free version is unlocked–mod gives the hunter a chance to select a multitude of options, sort to customize avatar weaponry till preference is exhausted, giving the user in-depth possibilities to create Kremlin unstoppable fantasy kingdom rise top charts all enemies bow prime minister same time!

Ads Free gaming Experience

No need worry about annoying commercial ads popping during gameplay as are altogether been taken care account meaning uninterrupted power packed sessions playing edition bound offer unhindered entertainment at fingertips!

Hexapolis Mod Apk

How to Download And Install Hexapolis Mod Apk

• Go on to a trusted website Modloy.com and search for Hexapolis Mod APK Free Download.

• Click on the download button and wait for the file to finish downloading.

• Once it is downloaded, look into your device’s security settings and make sure you are allowing installations from unknown sources such as third-party sites like Modloy.com.

• After this is done, locate where you had saved the APK file of Hexapolis Modded APK Free Download in your device storage or download folder and click “install” upon opening it.

• Installation may take some time but once successful launch game enjoy features.

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• If Google Play or your device does not recognize the file you have tried to download, try downloading it with a different browser. It is easier to run the file from browsers such as Chrome rather than using your device’s default one.

• If you are in Hotspot Mode when trying to download, there is potential that some data may get lost. Resolve this by switching off Hotspot and trying again.

• Make sure that you updated Android version of your phone should be greater than 5+. Without proper updates certain aspects during installation like granting permission access from third-party won’t work properly facing problems while playing game!.

• Always remember check settings unknown sources allow installations before commencing procedure hand else blunder might occur leading blue screen errors re-installations good luck!

Hexapolis Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


Hexapolis Mod Apk provides very detailed yet simple visuals that offer speedy game navigation and manageable UI designs- from the hexagonal battlefield to the different zones each with its own unique look and feel such as bustling city, lush woodlands or mountain fortress it will keep you captivated what lies ahead! With customized leader avatars having distinctive armor sets, strategic decisions made during planning phases are further accentuated by visual effects, further adding workshop possibilities for exploration!


The sound design of Hexapolis Mod Apk is truly one of a kind – Battlefield sounds where weapons clash alongside vigorous chants issued by troops help enhance feeling suspense excitement when any fight ensues due music composed specifically provide antiques subtly blend nicely modern instruments creating wonderful melodic soundtrack sure fill your heart hardships battles conquered scale epic proportions!.


Hexapolis Mod Apk is a highly addictive and deep game that will provide hours of entertainment no matter who you’re playing against: computer opponents, other online players or even against friends. Its unique combat system is challenging yet rewarding and the various features such as building/upgrading your kingdom, researching new weapons technology and striking deals with allies all combine to make hexagonal warfare fun but strategic at the same time. With enhanced graphics engine allowing for better visuals coupled with a moving soundtrack composed just so what awaits every player poised storm battlegrounds a short wait only thing left between them strategically crafted New World rule!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Hexapolis Hack APK?

A1. Hexapolis Hack APK Free Download is a hackified version of the original Hexapolis game created by developers with additional features like unlimited coins, unlocked levels and bonus items that provide players an advantage in the game world without having to spend real currency.

Q2. Can I play Hexapolis Hack APK with friends?

A2. Yes, you can play online against real players or join a multiplayer lobby to take on other challengers in cooperative team battles.

Q3. Is Hexapolis Apk Mod available on Mac?

A3. Unfortunately, no it’s only for Android devices at this time and not fully compatible with MacOS yet.

Q4 What advantages do I get when using Hexapolis Modded APK?

A4 You get access to unlimited coins, unlocked levels and bonus items that can give an edge over other opponents online or in the single-player mode without having to purchase anything extra in the game store!

Q5 Can cheat codes be used in Hexapolis Mod APK?

A5 No, cheat codes are not allowed as they will interfere with fairness among players allowing one side have an unfair advantage which could negatively affect overall experience playing game!.


• Hexapolis Modded Apk is an intense and strategic game full of unique challenges; 

• Players must build, develop and maintain expansive empires while defending it from invading tribes; 

• Exciting battles taking place during 5 distinct eras from antiquity through modern times with computerized or online multiplayer opponents to battle against ; 

• Unique battle system where you can make use of various strategies in hexagons-shaped battlefields, building/upgrading structures such as citadels for added defense; 

• Research opportunities available unlocking special bonuses and advantages, engage diplomacy signing trade agreements gain access exclusive resources. 

• Social features like real time chat rooms help coordinate strategies between allies in wars battling other kingdoms leaderboard keeps track progress reach apex rule! 

• moreover players get fight off mythical creatures deities even boss monsters granting them amazing rewards risk taken completion onerous task!. mod downloaded play original version offers unlimited coins unlocked levels bonus items give edge without spending extra currency offer ad-free experience everyone’s delight!

Unlimited Money, Battle Pass

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