Heroes Awaken APK 1.5.0 MOD [Menu, Unlimited Money, Damage]

Heroes Awaken APK 1.5.0 MOD [Menu, Unlimited Money, Damage]

App Name Heroes Awaken: Idle RPG
Publisher Imba
Genre Role Playing
Latest Version 1.5.0
Update on Dec 26, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Get it on Google Play
Heroes Awaken is a free-to-play idle RPG game for Android and iOS that combines AFK Arena-style idle gameplay with the strategic team battles of auto chess. Assemble a squad of legendary heroes and battle evil in this immersive fantasy world.

Heroes Awaken MOD APK

The Story

The realm was once peaceful until the Dark Lord gathered an army and waged war, plunging the lands into chaos. As a summoner, you have answered the call to fight back the spreading darkness. By summoning heroes from across time and space to your side, you must lead the resistance. Build an unstoppable force to defeat the Dark Lord once and for all in this epic tale!

Heroes Awaken MOD APK

Key Features

Heroes Awaken shines with these standout features:

Idle Gameplay

  • Manage resources and progress even when not playing
  • Send heroes on missions to gather loot
  • Upgrade buildings, heroes, and more while offline

Strategic Team Battles

  • Assemble the ultimate hero squad
  • Position heroes tactically on the battlefield
  • Counter the enemy team’s composition

Stunning Graphics

  • Fully animated 3D models and effects
  • Immersive and fantastical world
  • Customize heroes with cool skins

Guilds & PvP

  • Join guilds and raid with friends
  • Test your squad in ranked PvP duels
  • Climb the competitive ladders

Frequent Events

  • Special events every week
  • Clear stages to earn event currencies
  • Exchange currencies for heroes and items

Hero Collection

  • Recruit from 80+ heroes, with more added regularly
  • Heroes have unique skills and roles
  • Evolve and rank up heroes to increase power

Auto Battle

  • Set battle tactics and watch your heroes fight
  • Gain AFK rewards while offline
  • Come back to victory spoils

Castle Building

  • Construct, upgrade, and decorate buildings
  • Manage resources and production structures
  • Make your castle both beautiful and efficient

Heroes Awaken MOD APK

What is Heroes Awaken Mod Apk?

The Heroes Awaken mod apk is a hacked version of Heroes Awaken that offers players premium benefits for free. It provides unlimited gems, gold, stamina, and more resources. You also gain max VIP level status along with unlocked heroes and skins. This mod enables you to speed up progress dramatically compared to the normal game. With practically infinite resources from the start, you can fully enjoy Heroes Awaken without lengthy grinding or paying real money.

Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited gems and gold
  • Max player and VIP level
  • Unlimited stamina
  • All heroes unlocked
  • All skins unlocked
  • God mode – extremely high attack and HP

Heroes Awaken MOD APK

Key Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Heroes Awaken:

What are the top heroes I should focus on acquiring and upgrading?

The most powerful heroes currently are Desmond, Iris, Athena, Zeus, and Cassandra. Prioritize summoning and leveling these top-tier damage dealers and supports.

What is the most efficient way to spend my gems as a new player?

Use your starting gems on the New Player Special Summon to guarantee strong SSR heroes right away. Spend additional gems on stamina if needed to progress faster.

When should I start doing PvP battles?

Wait until you have at least a full team of 5-star heroes before attempting PvP. Having some upgraded gear, a healer, and a tank will also help you compete.

How can I speed up AFK reward collection and resource generation?

Construct and upgrade essential buildings like the Tavern, Market, Mine, and Farms first. The higher the building level, the more and faster it produces while AFK.

What is the best way to get more hero promotion stones?

Check events and daily quests for promotion stones. Join an active guild also to gain stones from Guild Shop purchases and as raid rewards. Stockpile these valuable stones to rank up heroes faster.

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Heroes Awaken MOD APK

With its novel mix of idle and strategic gameplay plus lovely graphics, Heroes Awaken engages on multiple fronts. Assemble your ultimate squad of champions and experience this standout RPG today!

- General Changes • Add maps 10, 11, and 12 to the Challenge of the Deity mode. - Heroes Changes • Adjust Wukong's power. - Fix Bug • Fix the localization of the pet event. • Fix the UI (the level 60 achievement doesn't display in red stars). • Fix the issue where some accounts cannot access the game. • Fix the issue where the Christmas event package cannot be purchased.

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