Hero Rescue APK 1.2.6 MOD (Unlimited Coins, Hearts)

Hero Rescue APK 1.2.6 MOD (Unlimited Coins, Hearts)

App Name Hero Rescue
Publisher Azura Global
Genre Puzzle
Update on Jan 1, 2024
Requirements 5.0
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Hero Rescue is an exciting and challenging puzzle game for Android devices. With over 300 handcrafted levels across various gameplay modes, beautiful graphics, and simple one-touch controls, it offers hours of addictive fun.

In the main Adventure mode, you need to strategically pull out pins to clear a path and help the hero traverse obstacles and defeat enemies to ultimately rescue the princess. It’s a game that will put your logic and problem-solving skills to the test.

Hero Rescue MOD APK

Main Features of Hero Rescue

Intuitive One-Touch Controls

You simply tap on pins to pull them out and clear a path for your hero. No dragging or swiping needed, just thoughtful tapping. This makes the controls easy to grasp while still allowing complex and challenging levels.

300+ Handcrafted Levels

With over 300 levels across Adventure and special modes like Treasure Hunt and Demon Invasion, each level offers a new creative challenge to solve. There’s always a new level to beat when you think you’ve seen them all!

Multiple Game Modes

In addition to Adventure, there are four special game modes that each have 40 levels – Treasure Hunt, Demon Invasion, Spider Attack, and Lava Crossing. Each mode has its own unique obstacles and goals.

Beautiful Graphics

From lush forests to fiery dungeons, the environments and characters have beautiful and polished artwork. It’s a pleasure to play through the imaginative worlds conceived by the developers.

Minimalistic Design

Despite the graphical polish, the actual gameplay has a minimalistic aesthetic centered around pulling pins. This puts the focus on the puzzle logic rather than distracting elements.

Strategic Yet Action-Packed

The levels strike a balance between slower strategic thinking and intense action. As you plot a path in your head, you’ll need to pull pins quickly to ensure your hero avoids lethal hazards.

Smooth Difficulty Progression

The levels progressively get more difficult so that you are constantly challenged but not overwhelmed. You can stretch your logic skills bit-by-bit as you advance.

Works Offline

No internet connection required! Once downloaded, you can play anywhere any time without worrying about connectivity. Great for playing on the go.

Hero Rescue MOD APK

What is the Hero Rescue MOD APK?

The Hero Rescue MOD APK is a modified version of the game that unlocks all features and levels without any purchases required.

Here are the key highlights of the MOD APK:

  • All Levels Unlocked: Instant access to all 300+ levels across every game mode without needing to progress to unlock them.
  • Infinite Lives: Your hero has unlimited lives so you’ll never have to watch annoying ads to revive him.
  • No Ads: No disruptive ads between levels trying to get you to purchase more lives or double coin bonuses.
  • Unlimited Coins: You’ll have unlimited coins to keep trying levels without needing to grind by replaying old levels.
  • Free Powerups: All powerups like Pin Pull and Enemy Freeze will be unlocked for free!

These bonuses in the MOD APK allow you to fully enjoy Hero Rescue without interruption. You can focus on completing levels with all helpers enabled instead of dealing with artificial gates and timers.

Hero Rescue MOD APK

Benefits of Playing Hero Rescue

Here are some major benefits you’ll get from this game:

  • Improves Logic & Critical Thinking: You need to visualize solutions and plan moves in advance to win. Great brain training!
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Quick reflexes are needed in lining up shots and pulling pins at the right time.
  • Relieves Stress: The fun, cartoony art style and satisfying gameplay is perfect for relaxing.
  • Portable Fun: It can be played anywhere on your Android phone or tablet for gaming on the go.
  • Develops Patience & Perseverance: The most difficult levels may take many tries to beat, testing your persistence.
  • Enhances Creativity: There are often multiple solutions, so you can flex your creative problem-solving skills.

Whether you play occasionally as a casual time-waster or dive in to beat all the hardcore levels, Hero Rescue promises a good time!

Hero Rescue MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Hero Rescue:

Q: Does Hero Rescue have microtransactions or ads?

A: The free version has ads between levels that can be removed via in-app purchases. There are also options to buy lives and powerups. The MOD APK has all purchases unlocked for free.

Q: How much space does the game require?

A: It’s under 100MB, so it won’t take up much storage space on your device. The actual size may differ between devices.

Q: Can I play Hero Rescue offline?

A: Yes! It is an offline game so no internet connection is required.

Q: Is there a way to restore my progress if I switched devices?

A: Unfortunately, there is no cloud save option in Hero Rescue. You would have to start over if you switched to a new device.

Q: Are the physics realistic in Hero Rescue?

A: No, the physics are simplified intentionally to focus on the puzzle logic and action gameplay, not realism. Things like pin pulling may not behave entirely realistically.

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Hero Rescue MOD APK


With fun one-touch gameplay, challenging physics-based puzzles, charming graphics, and multiple game modes, Hero Rescue delivers an addictive time for all ages. It’s a simple concept explored through intricate and creative level designs that will put your brain to the test. Download Hero Rescue now for a polished Android puzzler you can play anywhere!

Hero Rescue APK 1.2.6 MOD (Unlimited Coins, Hearts)

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