Head Ball 2 APK 1.578 MOD [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu] for Android

Head Ball 2 APK 1.578 MOD [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu] for Android

App Name Head Ball 2 - Online Soccer
Publisher Masomo Gaming
Genre Sports
Update on Jan 2, 2024
Requirements 5.1
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Head Ball 2 is a popular android game that puts a unique spin on soccer. In this game, players control cartoon characters and score goals by hitting the ball with their heads. With over 100 million downloads worldwide, Head Ball 2 offers fast-paced arcade-style gameplay that soccer fans of all ages can enjoy.

Head Ball 2 Mod Apk

What is Head Ball 2?

Head Ball 2 is the sequel to the original Head Ball game released in 2017 by Masomo Gaming. It builds upon the simple yet addictive gameplay of using players’ heads to pass, shoot, and score goals. Just like the original, Head Ball 2 is free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases.

The game features both single player and multiplayer game modes. In single player, you take on AI opponents of increasing difficulty. In multiplayer, you get matched against real opponents from around the world. Matches are short, lasting just 2 minutes each. This makes Head Ball 2 easy to pick up and play in short bursts.

Main Features of Head Ball 2

What sets Head Ball 2 apart is its wacky take on soccer combined with simple controls. Here are some of the main features that make this game fun and addictive:

Fun Characters and Powerups

Instead of realistic soccer players, Head Ball 2 features cute characters with big heads perfect for bumping the ball. Players can unlock and collect over 100 quirky characters, including aliens, robots, and more.

The game also has crazy powerups like Big Head mode, where your player’s head inflates to take up half the screen! Powerups add to the chaotic fun and give you an edge over opponents.

Leagues and Events

Head Ball 2 has competitive Leagues and special limited-time Events. Join a League to play against others and climb the ranks for rewards. Events offer new gameplay rules, characters, and customization items as prizes.

These features give you goals to work towards besides just scoring goals match after match. As you progress, you can unlock cooler characters, stadiums, and balls.

Multiplayer and Clubs

In multiplayer matches, Head Ball 2 smoothly connects you with opponents worldwide. You also can create or join Clubs with friends or other players. Clubs allow you to chat, share tips, and play matches together.

Playing against real people adds an extra layer of fun and challenge compared to just facing AI opponents. Matches get intense as you pull off tricky header shots or block your opponent’s kicks.


Another highlight is customizing your team in Head Ball 2. Change your club’s name, logo, and uniform design. You can also mix and match characters to build your dream soccer squad.

Before matches, you can select a Home stadium that gives your team small boosts. Customize balls, trails, sound effects, and more to show off your style while demolishing opponents!

Head Ball 2 Mod Apk

What is the Head Ball 2 Mod APK?

The Head Ball 2 Mod APK is a modified version of the game with unlocked premium content and unlimited money. This mod allows you to access all characters, stadiums, balls, and more for free. Usually these require in-app purchases or lots of grinding matches to earn currency.

Additionally, the infinite money lets you buy powerups, upgrades, customization items without worrying about costs. The mod makes getting rare characters and items much faster.

Overall, the Head Ball 2 Mod APK offers a more convenient and fun experience. You can focus on perfecting gameplay and taking on tough opponents instead of grinding just to unlock content.

Features of the Mod APK

Here are the main benefits of using the Head Ball 2 Mod APK:

  • All characters unlocked
  • Infinite gems and coins
  • All stadiums/arenas open
  • Unlimited energy
  • No ads or popups
  • Latest game version with updates
  • Safe and virus-free

With everything unlocked from the start, you can fully customize teams to your liking. Having infinite currency also lets you experiment with any combo of powerups and upgrades without constraints.

Head Ball 2 Mod Apk

Key Questions about Head Ball 2

Here are answers to some common questions about this wacky soccer game:

1. Is Head Ball 2 completely free to play?

Yes, Head Ball 2 is free to download and play. There are in-app purchases for premium characters, items, etc. But these are optional.

2. Can I play Head Ball 2 offline?

You require an internet connection as it is primarily an online multiplayer game.

3. Does Head Ball 2 work on low-end android devices?

It works smoothly even on 1-2 GB RAM devices thanks to small app size and simple 2D graphics.

4. Is the Head Ball 2 Mod APK safe to download?

Yes, the mod APK is generally safe as long as you download it from trusted sites. Just be sure to scan for viruses before installing.

5. Can I play Head Ball 2 on my iPhone or iPad?

Unfortunately Head Ball 2 is available only on Android devices currently. But the developers may release an iOS version in the future.

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Head Ball 2 MOD APK


With wacky soccer action, unlockable characters, and competitive multiplayer, Head Ball 2 lives up to being an addictive arcade sports game. The simple one-touch controls make it easy for anyone to pick up and have fun scoring outrageous header goals.

Unlocking quirky players or forming a club with friends adds plenty of replay value. The Head Ball 2 Mod APK makes the experience even better by providing all premium content for free. So if you want a casual yet intense soccer game that you can play on the go, don’t hesitate to download Head Ball 2!

Head Ball 2 APK 1.578 MOD [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu] for Android

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