Happy Glass MOD Apk 1.2.3 (Unlimited Money/VIP)

Happy Glass MOD Apk 1.2.3 (Unlimited Money/VIP)


App Name Happy Glass
Publisher Lion Studios
Genre Puzzle
Latest Version 1.2.3
Update on Nov 3, 2023
Requirements 7.0
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Happy Glass is a fun and addictive puzzle game developed by Lion Studios for Android and iOS devices. With over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone, it’s one of the most popular mobile games in recent years.

In Happy Glass, the objective is simple – draw lines to fill a sad empty glass with liquid and make it happy again. But with increasingly challenging levels, creative thinking is required to figure out the solution.

I’ve been playing Happy Glass on my Android phone for the past few weeks. In this extensive review, I’ll cover all aspects of the game – from graphics and audio to gameplay and monetization. Read on to see if Happy Glass is worth the hype!

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Graphics and Visuals

Happy Glass features cute, colorful, and minimalistic graphics. Each level has a sad-faced empty glass that you need to fill. Once filled, the glass comes to life with eyes, a smile, and sometimes even arms for a little dance of joy.

The liquid physics are nicely done, with realistic dripping and pouring. Your drawing lines also behave like solid pipes. When you mess up and spill liquid outside the glass, it drips down creatively.

There are no complex textures or details in the game’s visuals. But the simple and clean art style fits well with the casual gameplay. The graphics won’t wow you, but they do the job.

I especially like how the glass characters emote – from sad to happy once you solve the level. It’s a small touch but makes you more invested to fill up each glass.

Overall, the graphics and visuals are simple yet effective for this style of game. The cute smiling glasses and liquid physics add to the charm.

Audio and Music

The audio design in Happy Glass is quite minimal. There are basic sounds when you draw lines, spill liquid, and fill up the glass. The sounds match the actions on screen, but they are repetitive and can get annoying.

The music is catchy but also repetitive – a simple, short looping track that plays throughout. More variety in background music would have been better.

One issue is that the audio can’t be muted completely. You can only lower the volume, which is frustrating if you want to play silently.

While the sounds and music match the casual style of the game, more variety and ability to mute would enhance the experience.

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Gameplay and Controls

The gameplay in Happy Glass revolves around drawing lines to direct liquid into glass objects. It starts off easy, with simple shapes to fill. But the levels keep getting more complex, requiring creative solutions.

Some levels have you draw bridges and funnels. Others have moving obstacles, portals, and gravity switches. There are also special challenge levels with unique requirements.

The physics engine is well done. Your drawing lines act like solid pipes and are affected by gravity. The liquid physics are realistic, with dripping and pouring behaving as expected.

Drawing the lines is easy – simply tap and drag your finger. There’s a smoothness to the drawing, so you don’t have to be too precise. The game also auto-straightens slightly messy lines.

An energy meter limits how much you can draw per level. This adds a strategic element, as you can’t just draw everywhere recklessly. You have to plan your lines carefully.

Overall, the physics-based drawing gameplay is executed perfectly. The levels offer an enjoyable challenge that keeps getting harder.

Level Design

Happy Glass currently has over 800 levels, divided into themed worlds. There’s a good difficulty progression from beginner levels to extremely hard late stages.

Early levels start with simple shapes to fill. But soon you encounter puzzles with moving parts, portals, objects that evaporate liquid, and other creative challenges.

The level design is excellent. Most puzzles have an intuitive solution once you analyze them. But you still feel satisfied when you figure them out.

There is a 3-star rating for each level based on how efficiently you fill the glass. This gives an incentive to replay levels and find better solutions.

My only complaint is that the level themes (jungle, desert, etc) don’t affect the actual puzzles. They provide visual variety but the gameplay stays the same.

Overall, the huge number of levels and constant new challenges make Happy Glass incredibly addictive. The level design is masterful at keeping you engaged.

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Happy Glass is free to download and play, but contains ads and in-app purchases. Ads appear occasionally between levels and on the main menu. There are also video ads that reward coins – the in-game currency.

The coin packs range from $1.99 to $49.99. Coins can be used for hints, extra moves, custom skins, and removing ads. A monthly subscription at $9.99 removes ads without buying coins.

While the ads and paid elements feel a bit excessive, they are optional. You can progress through the game and solve every level without power-ups or customizations.

I do wish the ad-removal subscription was a one-time purchase rather than monthly. The game is very enjoyable without ads, so a permanent $4.99 purchase would be reasonable.

Overall, the monetization is aggressive but does not affect core gameplay. Paying feels optional rather than necessary, which is good for a free mobile game.

Long-Term Appeal

Happy Glass already has hundreds of levels, with more added in frequent updates. This provides tremendous replay value, as completing all levels can take weeks or months.

Besides the main levels, there are limited-time challenge levels that change weekly. These require solving puzzles in unique ways, so the game always feels fresh.

The 3-star rating system also adds replayability, as you go back to get 3 stars on all levels. Finding the most efficient solution takes analytical thinking.

With so much content already and more added regularly, Happy Glass has incredible long-term appeal. There is always a new challenge waiting when you return.

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Final Verdict

So, after playing many hours of Happy Glass, what’s my final verdict? I have to say it lives up to the hype and is incredibly addictive and fun!

The physics-based drawing gameplay provides endless puzzles to solve. The level design is brilliant and keeps ramping up difficulty perfectly. I never feel bored, as there are always new creative challenges to tackle.

The graphics are simple but charming, with cute smiling glasses and great liquid physics. The audio is minimal but fits the casual style.

My only complaints are the repetitive music, lack of mute option, and aggressive monetization. But these don’t affect the core gameplay, which is utterly engrossing and satisfying.

Happy Glass has become my go-to mobile game for killing time or whenever I need a brain teaser. I highly recommend downloading it if you enjoy physics puzzles and creative problem solving. Just be prepared to lose hours filling glasses with goofy faces!

Game Modes

Happy Glass has several game modes that provide different styles of puzzles to solve:

Classic Mode

This is the standard mode where you draw lines to fill up glasses with liquid. The classic mode has over 800 levels from beginner to extremely hard. Solving these levels makes up the bulk of the Happy Glass experience.

Don’t Spill Mode

Don’t Spill levels involve getting the glass to the bottom of the screen without losing liquid. You must remove blocks carefully and create funnels to guide the glass down. This mode requires precision drawing and understanding of physics.

Flip the Glass

In Flip levels, you draw lines to flip the glass and catch liquid in mid-air. The timing and direction of the flip matters. This mode has a fun dexterity challenge.

Challenge Levels

There are weekly challenge levels with special requirements. Some challenges involve specific drawings, number of lines, or filling multiple glasses. These challenges keep the game fresh.

Rescue Mode

This mode has you rescue glasses trapped in bubbles by popping the bubbles with drawings. You must be careful not to spill the liquid. Rescue mode provides a nice change of pace from standard levels.

Zen Mode

Zen levels remove the 3-star rating system, time limits, and other pressures. You can relax and just focus on solving the puzzle. This is great for playing before bedtime.

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Power-Ups and Boosters

As you play Happy Glass and complete levels, you earn coins – the in-game currency. These coins can be used to purchase different power-ups and boosters:


If you’re stuck on a tricky level, you can use coins to get a hint with the basic solution. Hints can give you that nudge in the right direction.

Extra Lines

Running out of drawing lines can ruin your solution. Coins let you purchase 5 additional lines per level to give you more margin for error.

No Fail

The No Fail booster prevents you from losing a level when you run out of lines. You keep restarting until the glass is filled. This removes the line limit pressure.

Mega Hint

For really difficult levels, the Mega Hint just shows the exact drawing needed to solve the puzzle. This essentially gives you the complete solution if you’re ready to give up.

You can use coins to block all ads for a certain number of levels. This is handy if ads are interrupting your game.

Extra Time

Some levels have time limits that force you to think and draw quickly. The Extra Time booster adds 30 additional seconds to relax those pressures.

Liquid Magnet

The Liquid Magnet pulls any spilled liquid back into the glass so nothing is wasted. This helps prevent failed solutions from small drips.

Overall, the optional power-ups provide nice quality of life improvements. They can make difficult levels a bit easier, but are not necessary by any means.


Besides power-ups, you can spend coins on fun customizations and personalization options:

Glass Skins

Change how your glasses look by unlocking different skins. These include cool designs like unicorns, tuxedos, pirates, astronauts, and more wacky styles.

Background Skins

Apply backgrounds like outer space, beaches, forests, and abstract patterns to levels. This changes up the visual theme.


Customize your liquid faucets with options like chocolate, lava, rainbows, and beer. This affects the color and properties of the liquid physics.


Unlock trails that draw behind your pipe lines, like rainbows, lightning, hearts, and more. Trails make your drawing more fun and colorful.

Glass Types

Change the style of your glasses with choices like beer mugs, wine glasses, flasks, and graduated cylinders. Each glass type has its own shape and capacity.

While completely optional, these customizations add personality. You can really make the game your own with fun skins, faucets, and trails equipped.

Tips and Strategies

Here are some helpful tips and strategies I’ve learned for tackling tricky levels in Happy Glass:

  • Analyze everything – Look at the shape, moving parts, liquids, and other elements. There are always clues to the solution.
  • Draw slowly and methodically – Don’t rush your drawing. Think through each line and make them precise.
  • Use gravity and momentum – Let liquid drip and pour naturally to your advantage.
  • Watch the liquid properties – Pay attention to viscosity, evaporation, magnetism, freezing, and other behaviors.
  • Draw supports and funnels – Guiding liquid often requires makeshift structures.
  • Prevent drips – Plug up holes so liquid doesn’t drip out of your pipes and funnels.
  • Use portals – Portals can teleport liquid across the level and skip obstacles.
  • Divide the flow – Sometimes you need to split the liquid into multiple paths.
  • Draw ahead – Have the endpoint of your line already positioned before you start drawing.
  • Recheck for leaks – Zoom in close and look for any drips you may have missed.
  • Be creative – The most efficient solution isn’t always obvious. Think outside the box.

With these tips, you’ll have an easier time tackling the advanced puzzles in Happy Glass. But even if you fail a few times, the “aha” moment when you finally figure out the solution is so satisfying!

Criticisms and Room for Improvement

While Happy Glass is incredibly fun and addictive overall, there are some criticisms of the game and areas for potential improvement:

  • The music gets repetitive very quickly. More tracks and variety are needed.
  • There should be an option to mute the audio completely for times you want to play silently.
  • The monetization feels excessive at times, with ads and paid boosters constantly pushed.
  • Ad-removal should be a one-time purchase rather than a monthly subscription.
  • The level themes don’t affect the actual puzzles and feel visually inconsistent.
  • Some form of narrative or progression system could enhance the experience beyond just solving random levels.
  • The gameplay stays very similar throughout and could use more dramatic new mechanics.
  • More game modes with completely unique challenges would add variety.
  • Letting players share and play user-created levels would be a great feature.
  • The game could have a daily challenge mode with leaderboards for competition.

While minor, addressing issues like these could take Happy Glass from a great game to an absolute classic. But as is, it’s still one of the most fun and engaging mobile puzzle games out there.

Comparison to Similar Games

Happy Glass follows the drawing-based physics puzzle genre established by popular mobile games

- Bug Fixes

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