GUNS UP Mobile APK 1.19.4 MOD [Unlimited Money/gold]

GUNS UP Mobile APK 1.19.4 MOD [Unlimited Money/gold]


App Name GUNS UP! Mobile War Strategy
Publisher NHN Corp.
Genre Strategy
Update on Jan 2, 2024
Requirements 6.0
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GUNS UP! Mobile is an exciting online PvP strategy game for Android that offers a fresh take on classic tower defense battles. As a commander, you must build an army, strategize attacks, and lead your troops to victory against other players’ bases. With plenty of units, weapons, and vehicles to unlock, as well as competitive leagues and events, it provides hours of addictive gameplay.



The world is at war and countries are battling for domination. As a commander, you have answered the call to lead your troops against enemy bases to gain control of territories. By tactically attacking and defending, you can capture resource points to upgrade your base and army. The better your base, the stronger defense and troops you can have to defeat opponents. As you progress up the leagues, you will face tougher enemies that will test your offensive and defensive strategies. Can you conquer all territories and become the ultimate victor?


Key Features

1. Base Building and Defense

  • Build and upgrade various defensive buildings like turrets, traps, walls to protect your base
  • Place buildings strategically to create mazes and bottlenecks against enemy troops

2. Troop Training

  • Train rifleman, snipers, grenadiers and specialized forces like paratroopers
  • Manage your population cap wisely to have a balanced offensive force

3. Command Center

  • Have an overhead view of battles to tactically support your troops
  • Call in airstrikes and artillery bombardments when troops meet heavy resistance

4. PvP Battles

  • Launch attacks on enemies bases to steal their resources
  • Defend your base against raids to avoid losing trophies

5. Leagues and Events

  • Climb up leagues for better rewards and prestige
  • Participate in events like territory capture for bonus loots

6. Alliances

  • Team up with friends to track each other’s battles
  • Help alliance members by sending free reinforcements

7. Customization

  • Customize your commander profile and base layout
  • Unlock unique skins for troops, buildings, base environment

8. Offline Progression

  • Manage resource production and building upgrades offline
  • Chests and alliance help collected while offline


MOD Features

The modded/hacked version of GUNS UP! provides you with unlimited money, unlimited gold (premium currency), free shopping and max level. This means:

  • Unlimited money to train troops, build & upgrade without waiting
  • Unlimited gold to instantly finish tasks or buy from the shop
  • Free shopping allows getting all items without paying gold
  • Max level to unlock all buildings, units and technologies right away

Having unlimited resources and unlocked content lets you fully enjoy GUNS UP without excessive grinding or paying real money. You can focus on perfecting strategies against other players instead of waiting to progress.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of game is GUNS UP! Mobile?

It is an online PvP strategy game where you build and defend a base, train an army, and attack enemies – similar to Clash of Clans but focused on base vs base battles.

Is GUNS UP! playable offline?

No, an internet connection is required as all battles and activities take place on online servers against other players.

Can I play GUNS UP! on PC?

GUNS UP! was originally a PlayStation exclusive title before launching on mobile. Currently it is only available on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Does it require a lot of grinding?

In the normal version, resource-gathering and upgrades take some time. The modded version provides unlimited resources to bypass excessive grinding.

Is the game pay-to-win?

No, skill matters more than money spent. However, you can progress a bit faster by purchasing upgrades instead of waiting.

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So build your impenetrable base, amass an unstoppable army, craft devious strategies and battle for victory in GUNS UP!

It offers a polished and complete strategic gameplay experience right on your mobile that you can pick up and play anytime. If you enjoyed old-school RTS or tower defense games, this fresh take on the genre is not to be missed!

GUNS UP Mobile APK 1.19.4 MOD [Unlimited Money/gold]

- New Battle Pass - New Unit-specified Equipment - New Biome - New BattleBuff - Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

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