Guild of Heroes APK 1.161.7 MOD (Free Shopping/No Skill CD)

Guild of Heroes APK 1.161.7 MOD (Free Shopping/No Skill CD)

App Name Guild of Heroes: Adventure RPG
Publisher MY.GAMES B.V.
Genre Role Playing
Size 130MB
Latest Version 1.161.7
Update on Dec 29, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Mod info Free Shopping/No Skill CD
Get it on Google Play
Guild of Heroes APK MOD (Free Shopping/No Skill CD) is an exciting role-playing game (RPG) for Android devices that transports players to a magical world filled with knights, wizards, monsters, and more. With its old-school graphics and gameplay, Guild of Heroes offers a nostalgic RPG experience while providing modern mobile convenience.

Guild of Heroes MOD APK

Immersive Storyline and World

The game features an expansive open world with a variety of environments to explore, from medieval cities bustling with activity to dark mysterious dungeons filled with enemies and treasures. Players take on the role of a customized hero as they embark on an epic quest to battle evil forces threatening the land.

The story begins with your character losing their powers after a great war. You then set off on a journey across the fantasy realm to regain your strength, joining one of several warrior guilds along the way. As you complete quests and defeat monsters, the storyline progresses, revealing an overarching narrative about stopping a rising dark force.

Exciting Gameplay and Progression

At its core, Guild of Heroes 1.161.7 apk offers classic hack-and-slash RPG combat. You battle swarms of enemies in real-time using melee and ranged abilities. An intuitive control system lets you easily execute various attacks, combos, and skills.

Defeating enemies earns you experience points to level up your hero, allowing you to unlock new abilities and increase stats. A comprehensive skill tree offers depth by letting you customize your playstyle. The game also features gear progression systems where you can craft powerful equipment and upgrade items to make your hero stronger.

Boss battles represent major milestones that put your skills to the test. These epic confrontations require utilizing the right strategies and resource management to claim victory.

Guild of Heroes MOD APK

Social and Multiplayer Elements

While the main campaign is single player, Guild of Heroes mod apk encourages social gameplay. You can join active guilds where players band together to take on challenges and achieve collective goals. Guilds provide opportunities to socialize with others while also earning valuable rewards.

The game also incorporates some multiplayer features. You can team up directly with friends to explore dungeons together. Special PvP arenas additionally allow for competing against other players in intense bouts.

Varied Content and Activities

Aside from the main quests, Guild of Heroes on islamicmovi contains lots of supplemental content and activities to keep you engaged. Diverse side quests expand the lore and provide valuable incentives. Collectible card mini-games offer a change of pace from standard combat. Special limited-time events also regularly occur, bringing unique enemies, loot, and more.

Endgame content gives high-level players new challenges to test their abilities. Difficult dungeons and elite boss battles push your skills to the limit while giving chances for top-tier gear.

Customizable Heroes and Classes

Part of the appeal of RPGs is developing your own unique hero. Guild of Heroes apk mod facilitates this with extensive customization options that let you create your ideal adventurer.

When starting the game, you can customize your hero’s physical appearance, including hairstyle clothing, and more. As you progress, you can acquire fun cosmetic items to further personalize your hero’s look.

More importantly, Guild of Heroes apk provides flexibility with its class system. There are multiple basic classes like warrior and mage to choose from initially. You can then specialize into more advanced classes later on to refine your playstyle. The game also allows completely changing classes any time, facilitating experimentation.

Guild of Heroes MOD APK

Seven Key Features

1. Vast Open World to Explore

Guild of Heroes boasts sprawling environments encompassing picturesque countrysides, dense magical forests, foreboding dungeons, and more. The scale of the world brings an epic feeling to your journey. Places feel alive thanks to ambient sound effects and roaming wildlife. Hidden secrets encourage thorough exploration.

2. Hundreds of Quests and Missions

You’ll spend dozens of hours working through the main storyline quests alone. On top of that, tons of optional side quests provide valuable bonus objectives to accomplish. Daily missions refresh routinely as well, giving regular incentives to log in.

3. Epic Boss Battles

Boss battles represent major accomplishments in Guild of Heroes. These dramatic confrontations have you facing off against massive dragons, demonic entities, and other formidable foes. Smart strategies and quick reflexes are required to topple these juggernauts.

4. Comprehensive Progression Systems

Becoming a legendary hero requires dedication and hard work. Fortunately, Guild of Heroes apk offers many interconnected progression systems to push your character forward. Leveling, gear upgrades, crafting, socketing, and more work together to make your hero mightier.

5. Special Limited-Time Events

The world of Guild of Heroes apk changes regularly thanks to frequent limited-time events. These events introduce unique enemies, quests lines, loot drops, and other content for a set period. Events keep the experience fresh while providing exclusive rewards.

6. Guild Housing and Pets

Joining a guild lets you access valuable membership perks and features. One neat benefit is access to guild housing zones. You can visit guild houses to mingle with other members in a private space. These houses can be customized and show off achievements. Another perk is collecting pets that provide special bonuses and abilities.

7. Frequent Updates and Improvements

Guild of Heroes apk receives updates every few weeks that fix bugs, introduce quality-of-life upgrades, and deliver new content. The developers actively maintain and support the game. Updates keep things feeling fresh while also addressing player feedback.

Guild of Heroes Mod APK Overview

The Guild of Heroes mod APK provides cheats and advantages to make the game easier or quicker. However, mod use risks your account being banned. I cannot recommend or assist with mods here. But legitimate players may still benefit from understanding what mods offer to gain insight into the game’s inner workings. Information on mods is readily available online for those who seek it out. Please play safely and legally!

Guild of Heroes MOD APK

How to Download and Install

Guild of Heroes is available for free on Google Play Store for Android devices.

To install:

  1. Open the Play Store app on your Android device
  2. Search for “Guild of Heroes
  3. Tap on the Guild of Heroes app by publisher BIT.GAMES
  4. Tap “Install” to download and install the game

Once installed, tap the Guild of Heroes icon on your home screen to launch the game. You may need to download additional game data the first time opening the app.

You can also play Guild of Heroes on PC using an Android emulator program. Popular options include BlueStacks, MEmu, and NoxPlayer. These emulators allow installing Android apps on Windows and MacOS computers. Downloading the emulator and installing Guild of Heroes works similarly to mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Guild of Heroes really free to play?

Yes! The core Guild of Heroes experience, including the full storyline, is completely free. There are optional in-app purchases for items to help speed up progression, but these are not at all necessary to enjoy the game.

What are the device requirements for Guild of Heroes?

Guild of Heroes requires at least Android 5.1 and 2GB of RAM. For optimal performance, Android 8.0+ and 3GB RAM or more is recommended. The game is fairly resource intensive due to its 3D graphics.

What forms of customer support are available?

In-game customer support tools include FAQs, beginner guides, and account management assistance. Out-of-game, players can contact the development team via the official Guild of Heroes Discord server or Facebook page. Support is generally responsive and helpful.

Is there a guild system for joining player groups?

Yes, one of the game’s key features is the ability join guilds. These guilds allow chatting, finding groups for multiplayer content, and collective progression. Being in an active guild enhances the experience.

How does player-vs-player combat work?

Separate PvP zones allow players to battle others in special arena game modes. These feature 1v1 duels and 3v3 team battles in objective-based competitions. PvP utilizes normalized stats to emphasize skill over gear. There are rankings and rewards for top performers.

Can I play Guild of Heroes on iPhone or iPad?

Unfortunately Guild of Heroes is only available on Android devices currently. The game has no announced plans for an iOS version. But if demand is sufficient, the developers may consider porting it over to Apple devices eventually.

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Guild of Heroes MOD APK


With its expansive fantasy world, nostalgic RPG appeal, and deep progression systems, Guild of Heroes delivers an engrossing adventure perfect for Android gamers. Whether you have just a few minutes to spare or hours to immerse yourself, Guild of Heroes provides exciting battles and rewarding progression. Download now from Google Play Store to begin your quest!

Guild of Heroes APK 1.161.7 MOD (Free Shopping/No Skill CD)

Free Shopping/No Skill CD

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