Guidus APK 1.2018 MOD (Unlimited Money, Menu. God Mode)

Guidus APK 1.2018 MOD (Unlimited Money, Menu. God Mode)

App Name Guidus : Pixel Roguelike RPG
Publisher izzle
Genre Role Playing
Latest Version 1.2018
Update on Jan 23, 2024
Requirements 7.0
Get it on Google Play
Guidus MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu. God Mode) is an exciting action role-playing Android game with roguelike elements and retro pixel graphics. Developed by izzle, this dungeon crawler offers challenging gameplay and endless replay value for RPG fans.

Guidus MOD APK


Guidus APK 1.2018 drops players into procedurally generated dungeons full of enemies to fight and loot to find. The goal is to battle through floors of increasing difficulty, with death returning you to the beginning to try again. With each run, you can unlock new classes, find better gear, and gain strength.

Key features include:

  • Retro pixel art style with fluid animations
  • Procedurally generated levels for endless replayability
  • Four playable character classes, each with unique skills
  • Hundreds of weapons, armor pieces, relics, and items to discover
  • Boss battles every few floors that test your skill
  • Permadeath mechanic returns you to floor 1 after dying
  • Persistent progression system to carry strength between runs

Addictive Gameplay Loop

The core gameplay loop makes Guidus Hacked APK hard to put down. Runs play out over multiple floors of a dungeon, each with random layouts and populates with enemies. Players have to battle through using skill and gear found along the way. Defeating foes earns gold to buy items and better equipment from merchants.

Every few floors pits you against deadly boss enemies that serve as milestones of progress. Dying sends you back to the beginning, but you keep meta progress earned through the persistent progression system. This loop creates satisfying “one more run” compulsion as you slowly power up characters.

Pixel Art Visuals

Guidus APK MOD features beautifully-drawn pixel art assets that mix retro and modern styles. The isometric perspective adds depth as you guide characters through dungeon floors. Animations are smooth and effects like screen shakes add visceral feeling to the combat. Vibrant spell effects, lighting, and atmospheric environmental details bring the dark, mysterious dungeons to life.

The pixel aesthetic pairs well with the gameplay to create an immersive atmosphere perfect for marathon gaming sessions. Visual and auditory feedback rewards player actions with great juicy effects to make progression feel impactful. Overall, the game is a stunning realization of retro-inspired visuals.

Four Playable Classes

Guidus MOD APK Unlimited Money offers four playable classes, each with vastly different playstyles. Classes include:

  • Warrior – Wields swords and axes for up-close melee combat. Has the highest HP and armor for tanking.
  • Rogue – Uses stealth and critical strikes with daggers and bows. Has high evasion and speed.
  • Mage – Casts devastating offensive spells like fireballs and lightning. Has high damage output but low defense.
  • Cleric – Support class that heals and enhances allies while damaging the undead.

Trying out all the classes and tailoring gear and skill builds is important for replay value. Multi-class parties are also viable for balanced and specialized playthroughs. Each run randomizes items, keeping class builds fresh.

Hundreds of Items to Discover

Hundreds of swords, axes, armor pieces, magical rings, staffs, bows, and items offer deep gear choices. Weapons and armor contribute to your overall battle power while rings, amulets, and relics provide powerful buffs and spell-like effects. Gold found in dungeons can be used to purchase new items from merchants between floors.

There are extremely rare legendary and set items to hunt for as well. Equipping these offer game-changing boosts to skills and stats to help you reach greater heights. Finding that perfect drop or completing a build around legendaries keeps the loot grind satisfying.

Guidus MOD APK

Deadly Boss Encounters

At the end of certain floors, you’ll stumble upon enhanced “elite” enemies and deadly boss encounters. These foes have new moves and abilities that provide intense, mechanically-demanding battles. Using skill, gear, and class abilities wisely is key to emerging victorious.

Defeating bosses rewards you with large amounts of gold and rare items. They also unlock the next series of floors deeper into the dungeon, bringing even more rewards and challenges. Boss designs are creative, with some even having multiple phases mixing up the fights.

Meta Progression System

While dying resets you back to floor 1, Guidus MOD APK Menu has meta progression systems that reward “powering up” between runs. These include:

  • Unlocking classes – Beat the game with one class to unlock the next.
  • Relics – Equip relics that buff characters across runs.
  • Enchantments – Use crystals to gain permanent stat boosts.
  • Merchant discounts – Boost the discount rate from merchants.

This meta progression keeps your overall power moving up even as you die repeatedly in runs. You’ll feel the power spike on a newly unlocked class, especially with high-level relics.

What is Guidus Mod APK?

The Guidus MOD APK 1.2018 on is a hacked version of the game with cheats enabled. This mod unlocks unlimited money, one-hit kills, god mode, free purchases, and other cheats. It allows bypassing much of the game’s challenge and grind to test out end-game content.


  • Unlimited gold
  • One hit kill enemies
  • God mode (immortality)
  • Max merchant discounts
  • High material drop rates
  • Free real money purchases
  • Menu mod with additional options

The mod is great for experimenting with gear and classes when you don’t want to grind. Enable god mode and money and acquire the best items with ease. This essentially removes the roguelike elements for testing or speedruns. It’s a nice way for new players to explore the game.

Guidus MOD APK

How To Download & Install

On Android

  1. Download the Guidus mod APK file from a trusted site like on
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” in Android settings to allow sideloading.
  3. Locate and install the downloaded APK file.
  4. Launch the game and enjoy cheats!


  1. Download an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox Player for PC. Install it.
  2. Download the Guidus mod APK file as above.
  3. On the emulator, install the APK file from its file browser.
  4. Start the game and enable cheats.

Guidus MOD APK


Overall, Guidus MOD APK delivers a polished roguelike RPG experience offering tons of replay value through procedurally generated content and multiple classes. The gameplay loop strikes an addictive balance of challenge and progression. Pixel art visuals and effects make slaying hordes of enemies a feast for the senses. Fans of dungeon crawlers owe it to themselves to give Guidus MOD APK God Mods a try and join the royal rescue squad’s adventures.

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Guidus MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Guidus free to play?

A: Yes, Guidus Modded APK is a free-to-play game with optional in-app purchases.

Q: What are the system requirements for Guidus?

A: It requires Android 5.1 and up. Reasonably powerful device recommended for smooth performance.

Q: Does it have controller support?

A: Yes, Guidus MOD APK has built-in support for Bluetooth controllers.

Q: Is there multiplayer or co-op gameplay?

A: Currently no. Guidus MOD APK is single player only with no multiplayer functionality.

Q: Will there be future updates and events?

A: The developers continually update with new content and fixes. More classes, dungeon themes, gear, and events are planned.

Guidus APK 1.2018 MOD (Unlimited Money, Menu. God Mode)

- Achievement bug fixed - Stability improvements

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