GTA 3 APK 3.0.3 MOD [Unlocked Full Game, Unlimited Money]

GTA 3 APK 3.0.3 MOD [Unlocked Full Game, Unlimited Money]

App Name Grand Theft Auto III
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Action
Size 130MB
Latest Version 3.0.3
Update on Jun 29, 2022
Requirements 7.0
Mod info Unlocked Full Game, Unlimited Money
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Grand Theft Auto III MOD APK [Unlocked Full Game, Unlimited Money] (GTA 3 MOD APK) revolutionized the gaming landscape when it launched in 2001, setting new standards for open world games. This action-adventure title lets players explore the seedy criminal underworld of the sprawling Liberty City metropolis from a third-person perspective.


Overview of Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III APK 3.0.3 depicts the gritty life in Liberty City with players taking on the role of Claude, a silent protagonist hellbent on revenge after being betrayed and left for dead. The game masterfully weaves Claude’s personal vendetta with the city’s expansive criminal network filled with mob bosses, gangs, and corruption.

Players can freely roam Liberty City that’s divided into three islands, each with distinct characteristics. As players complete missions for various crime lords and kingpins, they unravel engaging storylines filled with scandalous cutscenes, double-crosses, and violence.

With its unprecedented freedom, cinematic presentation and painstaking attention to detail, GTA 3 APK pushed boundaries and cemented its iconic status as the definitive open world experience.


Key Features of GTA 3

Here are 7 standout features that make GTA 3 a monumental entry in the action-adventure genre:

Sprawling Open World City

The exceptionally detailed open world spanning three massive islands was unprecedented at the time. Players can explore areas like the wealthy business district, gang-infested ghettos, a red light area, and more.

Varied Gameplay

Players can complete story missions at their pace, modify vehicles at garages, indulge in side activities like vigilante missions and paramedic levels, and cause pure chaos.

Epic Story Campaign

The gritty narrative with voiced cutscenes and eccentric characters has plenty of satire, violence, and dark humor. Claude rises up the ranks of the criminal underworld seeking revenge.

Customizable Protagonist

Players can customize Claude by changing his clothes and hairstyle. He can also learn new skills like driving and weapon abilities.

Cinematic Presentation

The game uses varied camera angles and slick editing during cutscenes. The city feels alive with ambient events like changing weather and traffic.

Radio Stations

Players can listen to genres like pop, hip hop, rock and chat shows on different radio stations while driving vehicles. This level of audio immersion was unprecedented.

Intuitive Controls

The game uses an intuitive control scheme allowing for responsive movements like free aim, analog steering, ragdoll physics and more. There are also options for auto aim and other assists.


What is Grand Theft Auto III MOD APK 3.0.3?

The Grand Theft Auto III Mod APK on provides players with modified gameplay and other benefits like unlimited money. With mods, players can enhance the original game in different ways.

Some key highlights of the GTA 3 Mod include:

  • Unlimited money to spend on assets like vehicles, weapons, and more
  • New player skins and models for a customized experience
  • Options to tweak gameplay aspects like increased damage and stamina
  • Additional cheat options for spawning vehicles and altering gravity
  • Support for using gamepads if playing on Android devices

Mods allow players to tailor the gameplay based on their preferences. The unlimited money and assets make it convenient to access content without grind. Players can enable or disable mods as required.


How to Download and Install GTA 3 Mod APK

Here are step-by-step instructions to download and install the mod APK on Android devices:

  1. Use the download link to get the APK and OBB files from trusted sites like
  2. Enable “Install from unknown source” option on your Android device.
  3. Install the downloaded APK file and allow permissions when prompted.
  4. Copy the OBB file to Android/OBB folder manually or automatically using the file manager.
  5. Launch GTA 3 mod app and enjoy added benefits!

For PC, download and install an Android emulator like Bluestacks. Then simply install the mod APK by dragging and dropping the file into the emulator. Customize controls for best gameplay experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GTA 3 mod APK safe to download?

Yes, downloading from reputable sites ensures mod files are free from malware and safe to use. Just enable installation from unknown sources on Android beforehand.

Does the mod work on iOS devices?

Unfortunately mods only work on the Android version of GTA 3. iOS has restrictions on such customizations.

Will using mods impact gameplay progress?

Mods only alter the gameplay experience and player benefits. They do not interfere with saving or loading the original game progress.

Can I play GTA 3 mod offline?

Yes, the mod APK works completely offline after installation. There is no dependency on being online.

Are there any risks of getting banned for using mods?

No, single player mods are meant for enhanced personal gameplay only. They do not affect online aspects or carry ban risks.

So bring Los Santos to life with exciting mods and unlimited money! Explore GTA 3 with customizations that cater to your playstyle for endless action.

GTA 3 APK 3.0.3 MOD [Unlocked Full Game, Unlimited Money]

Unlocked Full Game, Unlimited Money

• Improved compatibility on recent versions of Android OS and Pixel devices • Added 64-bit Support

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