GoPro Quik APK 12.5.2 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android

GoPro Quik APK 12.5.2 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android


App Name GoPro Quik: Video Editor
Publisher GoPro
Genre Video Players & Editors
Update on Dec 7, 2023
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The GoPro Quik app is a mobile video editing app developed by GoPro for Android and iOS devices. With Quik, users can easily edit videos and photos shot on their GoPro cameras as well as those captured on their phones.

GoPro Quik MOD APK

Key Features

Some of the standout features of Quik include:

  • Automatic Editing: Quik can automatically create edited videos by selecting the best shots from your footage and syncing them to music. This saves a lot of manual editing time.
  • Highlight Videos: Quik can automatically generate short shareable highlight videos from your footage.
  • Unlimited Backup: With a Quik subscription, users get unlimited backup of their imported media at full quality.
  • Intuitive Interface: The app has a simple and intuitive interface optimized for mobile devices. Key features are easily accessible.
  • Social Sharing: Edited videos can be directly shared to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.
  • GoPro Camera Control: Quik allows controlling GoPro cameras remotely to preview shots, adjust settings etc. It can also wirelessly transfer media from GoPro cameras to your phone.

GoPro Quik MOD APK

User Interface

The Quik app user interface is designed specifically for mobile devices.


The interface is simple and minimalist making the app easy to navigate. There are 5 main tabs:

  • Home: The home tab shows your recent projects and quick access to key features.
  • Mural: All your imported media is accessible here. You can also create albums.
  • Edits: All your created projects are available here for editing.
  • Discover: Browse photos and videos shot on GoPro cameras by the Quik community.
  • Account: Manage app settings and subscriptions here.

Media Import

Importing media into the app is also straightforward. You can:

  • Import from the phone’s gallery
  • Share media to Quik from other apps
  • Automatically back up GoPro media

Various media types are supported including photos, videos, timelapse and burst mode photos.

Editing Interface

The editing interface makes adding edits intuitive:

  • Tap on a clip to bring up the editing options.
  • Select the desired editing tool – trimming, filters etc.
  • Adjust parameters with sliders and previews.
  • Rearrange clips easily.

Advanced users also get granular control with options like keyframing.

GoPro Quik MOD APK


Performance is critical for a mobile video editing app. Here is how Quik fares:


  • Importing and backing up media to Quik cloud is fairly fast.
  • Basic editing tasks like trimming clips, adding filters etc. have minimal lag.
  • More advanced edits take longer to render and apply. The app has to process a lot more data for features like keyframing.
Task Time
Import 30 photos < 5 seconds
Add filter to clip < 1 second
Trim 15 second clip < 3 seconds
Keyframe 5 minute clip ~15 seconds

Table 1. Approximate task speeds on OnePlus 8T device


  • App crashes and freezes are quite rare during normal usage.
  • Working with high resolution or high framerate video can sometimes cause stability issues. This requires more processing power.

Overall, Quik offers excellent performance for casual mobile editing. For advanced editing, desktop software is still better suited.

GoPro Quik MOD APK

Comparison With Other Apps

How does Quik compare with other popular mobile video editing apps?

Adobe Premiere Rush

Key Differences:

  • Rush offers more advanced and granular editing tools compared to Quik. But the interface is also more complex.
  • Quik’s automatic editing features are more refined than Rush.
  • Rush is not tightly integrated with GoPro cameras. Transferring and backing up footage requires more steps.

Verdict: Rush has a steeper learning curve but offers professional grade editing capabilities for power users. Quik is easier to use but less capable for complex projects.

GoPro Quik MOD APK


Key Differences:

  • KineMaster provides more visual effects, transitions and audio editing options compared to Quik.
  • Quik’s interface is more intuitive and beginner friendly. KineMaster has a more traditional timeline based interface.
  • KineMaster does not have automatic editing features.

Verdict: KineMaster is the better option for users comfortable with advanced editing techniques. Quik is better for quickly creating videos with minimal effort.


Key Differences:

  • FilmoraGo offers themes, titles and audio effects that are lacking in the Quik app.
  • Quik has faster rendering speeds for applying edits compared to FilmoraGo.
  • The Quik app is better integrated with the GoPro ecosystem.

Verdict: FilmoraGo provides better customization options for personalizing videos. But Quik is faster and the best match for GoPro users.

GoPro Quik MOD APK


The Quik app excels at quick automated editing aided by an easy to use interface. This makes it easy for anyone to stylize their footage with minimal effort.

While advanced editing capabilities are better on desktop software, Quik meets the needs of casual users very well. The tight integration with GoPro cameras provides additional value for action camera owners.

Compared to other mobile editors, Quik strikes a great balance between simplicity and core editing features. This explains its popularity among consumers looking to quickly spruce up and share their videos on the go.

Always getting better. More bug fixes and performance enhancements are here, so you can get out and get creating.

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