Gladiators Survival in Rome APK 1.29.3 MOD (Menu, Unlimited Gems, God Mode)

Gladiators Survival in Rome APK 1.29.3 MOD (Menu, Unlimited Gems, God Mode)


App Name Gladiators: Survival in Rome
Publisher Colossi Games - Casual Survival RPG set in History
Genre Role Playing
Size 265 MB
Latest Version 1.29.3
Update on Nov 18, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Menu, Unlimited Gems, God Mode
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Gladiators Survival in Rome is an exciting action RPG game with survival and city-building elements, developed by Colossi Games for iOS and Android devices. Set in ancient Rome, players take on the role of a fugitive from Caesar’s army who ventures into the wilderness to free slaves, uncover secrets, and build a city. With smooth hack-and-slash combat, crafting, resource gathering, vivid art style, and both single player and multiplayer options, Gladiators Survival in Rome provides an immersive historical gaming experience.

Gladiators Survival in Rome MOD APK


The core gameplay loop of Gladiators Survival in Rome involves completing quests, gathering resources, crafting items, building structures, and battling enemies.


  • The main story quests propel the narrative forward, unlock new areas and content, and provide context for the player’s actions. Side quests offer additional objectives to accomplish.
  • Quests are varied, such as rescuing captives, investigating disappearances, raiding enemy camps, defending settlements, and more. This diversity keeps the gameplay fresh.
  • Directions for quest objectives are clear, with map markers and on-screen guidance. However, the lack of a mini-map or zoomable map makes pinpointing locations somewhat difficult.
  • Rewards for completing quests include resources, blueprints, and access to new crafting recipes, satisfying progression.

Resource Gathering

  • Resources like wood, stone, ores, plants, and more are hand-collected through logging, mining, and foraging. This creates a steady gameplay loop.
  • Resources are used for crafting tools, weapons, potions, building materials, and other items for survival.
  • Respawning resources mean areas can be revisited, but gathering feels repetitive over time.


  • Extensive crafting system allows players to create hundreds of items for progression.
  • Crafting mechanics are easy to grasp, simply combining resources and ingredients.
  • Crafting tools like pickaxes and axes unlocks ability to gather more resources. Crafting weapons, armor, and potions improves combat ability.
  • Specialized crafting stations like the tannery and forge add depth to the system.


  • Construction options enable players to build and customize their own city with houses, decorations, production buildings, defenses, and more.
  • Building mechanics are straightforward, with buildings snapping into place on grids.
  • Building a thriving, unique city is rewarding but can feel like a chore due to the amount of materials required.


  • Hack-and-slash combat system is simple but satisfying, with players using timed clicks to string together combos.
  • Multiple weapon types like swords, spears, and bows provide variety in playstyle. Armor can be crafted to boost stats.
  • Enemies exhibit basic attack patterns but combat lacks complexity for seasoned players. Fighting feels repetitive over time.
  • Permadeath for players not only loses items but can set back city building progress, raising the stakes.


  • Huge open world set across forests, fields, mines, villages, and other areas of ancient Rome and its outskirts.
  • No loading screens between zones makes exploration feel immersive and rewarding.
  • Procedural generation provides a different map layout per player, increasing replayability.
  • Lack of climbing limits verticality in exploration somewhat. Unreachable areas are visible.


  • Asynchronous multiplayer allows visiting other players’ cities.
  • Direct PvP arena battles let players test skills against others. However, matchmaking takes time.
  • Cooperative play would have been a nice addition.


With varied questing, expansive crafting, and compelling world exploration, Gladiators Survival in Rome gets the core action RPG gameplay loop right. The simple hack-and-slash combat serves its purpose without being too complex. Where the game falters somewhat is repetitive resource gathering and building that may feel like chores to some players. The lack of climbing and a mini-map also hinder the experience. However, there is plenty to enjoy for those who appreciate survival city builders.

Gladiators Survival in Rome MOD APK


Gladiators Survival in Rome transports players back to ancient Rome with a storyline putting them in the shoes of a fugitive. Here’s an overview of the plot:

  • The game opens with the player character escaping from Caesar’s army as a fugitive.
  • Early quests involve investigating a deserter attack and rescuing captives, setting up the broader conflict.
  • The fugitive player joins up with rebels fighting against Caesar’s tyrannical rule over Rome.
  • Quests gradually reveal details about Caesar’s search for mystical artifacts and dark magic to secure power.
  • The rebels aim to free slaves, uncover secrets of the artifacts, and build an uprising.
  • The player must make key decisions determining loyalty to the rebellion or personal gain.
  • The story builds towards an eventual showdown with Caesar and the future of Rome at stake.


  • The narrative setup of being a fugitive rebel makes for an engaging underdog perspective different from most Roman stories.
  • Mystical artifacts and magic provide creative license to deviate from historical fact, for added intrigue.
  • Character interactions are well-written with distinct personalities emerging. However, there are no major character arcs.
  • Moral choices between selfishness and altruism allow players to roleplay, but lack serious consequences.
  • Pacing feels inconsistent, with the main plot sometimes taking a backseat to side activities for stretches.
  • The eventual confrontation with Caesar is foreshadowed adequately but falls a bit flat as an ending, lacking finality.


Gladiators Survival in Rome successfully crafts an original storyline utilizing the fascinating backdrop of ancient Rome. The rebel fugitive perspective provides a fresh take compared to most media. While certain characters and plot points shine, the narrative lacks poignant moments and the ending feels rushed. But the story remains compelling enough to drive progression through the game.

Gladiators Survival in Rome MOD APK


The graphics of Gladiators Survival in Rome adopt a stylized, cartoon art style. Let’s analyze the visual presentation:

Art Style

  • Clean lines, solid colors, and hand-drawn style assets create a cohesive aesthetic.
  • Characters, architecture, foliage, and other elements appear simplified but distinctive.
  • Art direction aims for readability rather than realism, suiting the top-down gameplay viewpoint.


  • Roman architecture like villas, aqueducts, temples, and baths bring historical settings to life.
  • Outdoor areas showcase forests, farmlands, quarries, rivers, and more with environmental details.
  • Caves and mines offer dark, atmospheric dungeon-crawling locations.
  • The open world feels expansive thanks to diverse landscapes and intricate assets.


  • Day-night cycles dynamically alter lighting and ambiance from sunny days to nighttime with fire effects.
  • Shadows are soft and subtle rather than harsh and distracting.
  • Indoor spaces rely on torch flames and ambient light sources. Lighting isn’t overly complex.

Character Models

  • The player character and human NPCs appear somewhat simplistic in their design.
  • Animations for actions like mining and chopping wood are smooth and natural.
  • Armor upgrades and weapon changes display well on the player model.


  • The game maintains a steady 60fps framerate during gameplay on high-end devices.
  • Load times last 10-15 seconds on initial launch but in-game transitions are seamless.


The stylized art direction of Gladiators Survival in Rome creates a cohesive visual style that complements the gameplay. Environments showcase an immersive ancient world. However, character and lighting models appear basic at times, lacking finer details. Overall, the graphics are polished and optimized well for mobile gameplay.

Gladiators Survival in Rome MOD APK


Gladiators Survival in Rome utilizes intuitive touch controls:

General Controls

  • Character movement is handled via a virtual joystick on the left side, allowing fluid walking in all directions.
  • The right side has action buttons for primary attacks, dodging, and interacting with objects/NPCs.
  • An auto-walk feature directs the character to highlighted objectives when toggled.
  • Main menu buttons are large enough without being obtrusive.


  • Crafting menus feature clear categories and item previews for easy navigation.
  • Visual indicators on resources show how many the player is holding.
  • Quest tracking is straightforward with a quest log keeping things organized.
  • The lack of a mini-map results in occasional tapping around to find objectives.


  • Attacks are executed through timed taps and hold gestures to build combos. This feels satisfying.
  • Switching weapons mid-battle is easy with shortcuts to the inventory.
  • The simple controls mean combat lacks nuance, but serve their purpose.


  • Dragging building elements from a bottom toolbar and dropping them into the world is intuitive.
  • Build mode snaps structures into place on grids automatically.
  • Switching between building rotation and free placement works well.


  • Button layouts and sizes can be adjusted to player preference in settings.
  • Controller support for even smoother play would be a nice addition.


Gladiators Survival in Rome offers seamless touch controls for movement, gameplay actions, menus, and UI. The simple interfaces facilitate picking up and playing the game quickly. Combat and building controls are straightforward and responsive. Additional customization options would be welcome, but overall the controls deliver a great mobile experience.

Gladiators Survival in Rome MOD APK

In-App Purchases

As a free-to-play mobile game, Gladiators Survival in Rome includes optional in-app purchases (IAPs) providing bonuses and perks. Here is an overview of the IAPs:


  • IAP pricing ranges from $1.99 for limited bundles to $19.99 for the largest gem pack, targeting different budgets.
  • Compared to similar mobile games, prices appear reasonable and not overly inflated.
  • Sales and special offers help increase the value proposition of purchases.


  • Gems are the premium currency which can be bought with real money and are used to purchase most IAPs.
  • Gold coins are the standard currency earned through gameplay, used for general expenses.

Gladiators Survival in Rome MOD APK


  • Exclusive starter packs provide useful resources that save grinding time for early progression.
  • Gem packs simply offer different volumes of premium currency, lacking uniqueness.
  • Permanent upgrades like crafting recipe unlocks and ad removal.
  • Mod Menu
  • Attack Speed Multiplier
  • Move Speed Multiplier
  • God Mod

Update 1.29 is now live! - The Lemuria event is coming to the game on the 23-rd of November. - Battle Pass Season 4 is kicking off, introducing unique reward - Velite set. - New ability - Protect the Innocent. Enables a rampage, increasing combat potential. - New Warrior path Talents. - The Tomb and the Cursed Grotto no longer require an entrance fee.

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