Ginger Keyboard MOD APK 9.7.9 (Premium Unlocked)


Ginger  Keyboard  is  a  smart  keyboard  app  for Android  and  iOS  that  provides  advanced  auto correction  and  grammar  checking capabilities  to help you write better.  It goes beyond basic spell check and word prediction by analyzing whole sentences and paragraphs.

With support for over 50 languages, swipe typing, emoji prediction, theme customization, and more, Ginger Keyboard aims to be the most intelligent keyboard that makes writing fun and efficient.

This guide will explore the key features of Ginger Keyboard, pros and cons, graphics and sound quality, frequently asked questions, and provide a final verdict on whether it’s worth downloading.

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK

Key Features

Grammar Checker and Spell Check

The standout feature of  Ginger  Keyboard  is its contextual  grammar  checker  and  spell  checker.  It looks  at whole sentences  and  paragraphs  to  correct  all types  of  grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization mistakes.

This is more advanced than regular keyboards like Gboard and SwiftKey that only provide spell check and autocorrect for the current word you’re typing.

Word Prediction

Ginger Keyboard has  next-word prediction capabilities  based on your  writing style.  As you type, it will show suggestions so you can quickly choose the right word and keep your typing flow going.


Personalize your keyboard with over 100  free  themes or create your own  custom theme.  Choose from different colors, backgrounds, key borders and more.

Emoji Prediction

Instead of hunting for that perfect emoji, Ginger  Keyboard   predicts and suggests  the best emojis based on the words and phrases you commonly use.

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK

Search and insert emojis and GIFs directly from the keyboard without having to switch apps.

Swipe Typing

Use swipe gestures to type by  sliding your finger from letter to letter without lifting. This allows faster typing with one hand.

Smart Bar

The Smart Bar lets you quickly   access your favorite apps and tools like note taking, email,  calendar, chat etc. Optimize your workflow without switching between apps.

Keyboard Games

Take a quick break and play   classic mobile games like Snake, Pong, Copter, 2048, and Sliding Puzzle.

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK


Translate your typing between 58+   languages as   you write. Great for multilingual communication.

Advanced Sentence Rephrasing

Rewrite and rephrase sentences with alternative words and structures to spice up your writing.

Ginger Page

Tap into advanced editing tools like grammar/spell check, personal dictionary, synonyms, translations and more through integration with Ginger Page.

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK

Pros and Cons


  • Advanced  grammar  checker  and  spell  checker
  • Next word prediction
  • 100+ customizable themes
  • Emoji prediction
  • Swipe typing -Smart productivity features
  • Built-in games
  • Sentence rephrasing tools
  • Supports 58+ languages


  • Requires an upgrade for unlimited use of corrections
  • Privacy  concerns  around  data  collection
  • Can be slow on older/budget smartphones
  • Grammar corrections not always accurate
  • Overcorrection can lead to incorrect changes

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK

Graphics and Sound

Ginger  Keyboard  has  colorful graphics with material design, smooth animations andpubkey 64 Bit Encryption for Secured Texting high-quality images.

It offers a library of emojis,  stickers, GIFs  and emoji art.  The visuals are fun and expressive.

In terms of sound, it provides auditory feedback with crisp tap  sounds,  swipe sounds,  and notification tones. The audio effects are nicely implemented.

Overall, the graphics and sound enhance the keyboard experience. They are optimized  for smartphone  displays  and  touch  interactions.

Table of Questions and Answer

Question Answer
1. Is Ginger Keyboard really free? Yes, but advanced corrections require paid upgrade
2. Does it work offline? Most features work offline
3. Is it safe and private? No personal data collection, but usage analytics
4. How is it different from other keyboards? Advanced AI-powered autocorrect for whole sentences
5. Does it support multiple languages? Yes,  50+  languages  supported
6. Will it slow down my phone? Works well on modern phones, some lag on older devices
7. Can I customize the keyboard layout? Yes, fully customizable themes and layouts

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK

Key Feature

  • Ginger Keyboard goes beyond    basic typing   features   with an   intelligent grammar   checker,   spell   checker and autocorrect that analyzes complete sentences and paragraphs.
  • It provides a fun and customizable typing experience with swipe input, emoji prediction, 100+ themes, built-in games and more.
  • The app offers seamless integration of productivity features like note taking, calendar, email, chat and translation tools through its Smart Bar.
  • While the core keyboard is free, the advanced   grammar and spell   checking capabilities are limited to   8 corrections per day before requiring a paid upgrade.
  • It works smoothly on most modern smartphones, with some lag noticeable on older or budget devices. The graphics and sound quality enhance the overall keyboard experience.
  • Ginger Keyboard does not collect personal user data, however it may gather usage analytics for product improvement. Users concerned about privacy may want to take note of this.


Ginger Keyboard is one of the most intelligent keyboard   apps   available today.  Its context-aware  autocorrect  and  grammar  checker can help you write better by fixing whole sentences instead of just individual words.

The app strikes a nice balance between productivity and fun, with  useful features  like swipe typing, emoji prediction,  built-in games, and seamless access to other apps through the Smart Bar.

While the free grammar and spell checking is limited to 8 corrections  daily,  the unlimited  paid upgrade is affordable and worthwhile for regular users. Some lag on older phones can be overlooked given the app’s advanced capabilities.

Overall, Ginger Keyboard offers an excellent typing experience and is highly  recommended  for anyone  looking to improve their writing and make maximum use of their keyboard. It’s a worthwhile download that can boost your productivity, communication and entertainment.

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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