Fitness RPG 5.3.1 (MOD, Free Character Upgrade, Easy Win)

Fitness RPG 5.3.1 (MOD, Free Character Upgrade, Easy Win)

Fitness RPG Mod Apk: A Unique Blend of Fitness and Gaming

App Name Fitness RPG: Walking Games
Publisher Shikudo - Walking and Focus Games
Genre Health & Fitness
Latest Version 5.5
Update on Nov 15, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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Fitness RPG Mod Apk is a unique application that combines the thrill of role-playing games (RPGs) with the benefits of physical fitness. This innovative app tracks your physical activities, such as running, lifting weights, and walking, and converts them into game metrics to help you level up your character.

The Storyline

In Fitness RPG, you are the savior of a village awaiting your return. Your mission is to train a team of heroes and lead them to victory against various monsters. The more physical activities you complete, the stronger your heroes become, preparing them for battle. The game’s storyline is engaging and motivates you to stay active to progress in the game.

Key Features

  1. Pedometer Integration: Fitness RPG integrates with your phone’s pedometer, Fitbit, and Google Fit to track your steps and convert them into energy for your heroes.
  2. Battlegrounds: Explore the Fitland map, fight monsters, and save the realm. The more you move, the more you can achieve in the game.
  3. Team of Heroes: Collect and train different heroes to form your ace team. Each hero has unique abilities and strengths, adding a strategic element to the game.
  4. Equipment and Upgrades: Equip your heroes with precious gear to enhance their abilities. You can also upgrade your heroes to make them stronger.
  5. Fitness Goals: Set and achieve your fitness goals while playing the game. The app motivates you to stay active and reach your daily step goals.
  6. Sync Steps: The app can sync steps from various fitness apps, making it a versatile tool for tracking your physical activity.
  7. Free Character Upgrade: The Mod version of the game offers free character upgrades, making it easier to progress in the game.
  8. Easy Win: The Mod version also provides an easy win feature, allowing you to enjoy the game without excessive challenges.

Mod Features

  1. Unlocked Features: The Mod version of Fitness RPG offers unlocked features, allowing you to enjoy all the game’s features without any restrictions.
  2. Free Character Upgrade: This feature allows you to upgrade your characters for free, making it easier to progress in the game and defeat your enemies.
  3. Easy Win: This feature makes the game easier to win, allowing you to progress faster and enjoy the game without excessive challenges.

In conclusion, Fitness RPG Mod Apk is a unique and innovative application that combines fitness and gaming in a fun and engaging way. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a fan of RPGs, this app offers a unique way to stay active and entertained.

* New feature - Hall of fame: check top players from each season and send likes

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