Fishing Points APK 4.1.2 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android

Fishing Points APK 4.1.2 MOD [Premium Unlocked] for Android

App Name Fishing Points - Fishing App
Publisher Fishing Points d.o.o.
Genre Sports
Latest Version 4.1.2
Update on Dec 23, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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Fishing Points is a must-have app for anglers looking to step up their fishing game. With over 7 million users worldwide, it has become the go-to fishing forecast and companion app for both amateur and professional anglers.

Fishing Points MOD APK

Key Features of Fishing Points App

Fishing Points packs a wide range of useful features to help you catch more fish:

  • Fishing Forecasts – Get accurate fishing forecasts showing best fishing times based on factors like weather, tides, moon phases and solunar activity.
  • Fish Activity – See fish activity charts to know when fish are more likely to feed.
  • Fishing Maps – Explore and save fishing spots, trotlines, trolling paths on detailed maps.
  • Locations – Save and organize fishing locations with custom icons and names.
  • Catches – Log catches with photos, weights, lengths and weather data.
  • Measurements – Measure distances and use compass on interactive maps.
  • Community – Share catches, locations and tips with fellow anglers.

With so many features packed in one app, Fishing Points aims to be the only fishing app you’ll ever need.

Fishing Points MOD APK

Fishing Forecasts and Solunar Theory

One of the key attractions of Fishing Points is its fishing forecasts. The app provides short and long term forecasts on factors that influence fish feeding activity.

Factors Covered in Fishing Forecasts

  • Weather – Temperature, precipitation, wind, pressure
  • Moon Phases
  • Tides
  • Solunar Activity

Solunar theory is the basis of fishing forecasts in the app. It states that fish activity and feeding is influenced by solar and lunar cycles. When the sun, moon and earth align in certain ways, they exert greater gravitational forces on the oceans.

This results in stronger currents and tide movements which cues fish to feed more actively. Fishing is said to be best during solunar peak activity periods.

The app shows a fish activity chart highlighting peak activity periods for the next 7 days. Anglers can plan trips to coincide with peak activity periods for better catches.

Putting Theory into Practice

But does solunar theory translate into actual better catches? Many anglers vouch for its validity. There are certainly other environmental factors at play, but using solunar forecasts as a guide has helped improve catches.

For best results, use the fishing forecasts in combination with checking actual weather, tide and water conditions on the day. This helps pick the optimal fishing times within peak solunar periods.

Fishing Points MOD APK

Planning Trips with Fishing Maps

Fishing Points offers several map types to aid trip planning – satellite, terrain, nautical and offline maps.

Interactive Map Features:

  • Tap to drop pins and save fishing spots
  • Customize pins with names and icons
  • Measure distances
  • View compass directions
  • Record trolling paths
  • Access offline maps


  • Find new fishing spots
  • Easily return to proven fishing holes
  • No cell signal? No problem! Use offline maps
  • Plan routes and measure distances to fishing areas

Mapping features make it easy to discover new fishing hotspots near you and revisit the best ones again.

Logging Catches

Anglers know the pride in landing a big catch. Fishing Points lets you log the vital catch details so you can relive your best catches.

Catch Details Recorded

  • Date, time and location
  • Photo of catch
  • Species
  • Length and weight
  • Weather, tide and solunar activity

The app automatically pulls in weather, tide and solunar data for the date and area. This helps correlate catch success with various environmental factors.


  • Visual gallery of catches
  • Analyze patterns for factors influencing good catches
  • Share photos and tales of monster catches with the community

Logging catches helps build your personal database of successful trips to improve future outings.

Community Features

While a solo fishing trip can be relaxing, the app helps you connect with fellow anglers too.

Use community features for:

  • Chatting and direct messaging
  • Sharing hotspots, experiences and tips
  • Posting catch photos
  • Making fishing friends and potential partners

Connect with local and international anglers alike. Swap stories, get insider area tips and even find new fishing buddies.

Fishing Points MOD APK

Additional Features


Enable notifications to receive alerts on:

  • Peak fish activity times
  • Extreme weather warnings
  • Reminders for favorite locations

Species Reference

Lookup details, habitat and bait recommendations for different fish species in your area.


Customize app behavior through various settings like:

  • Unit preferences – metric or imperial
  • Map themes
  • Notification types

Fishing Points Pro APK

While the free version of the app already packs a punch, the Fishing Points Pro APK takes it to the next level.

Pro Version Benefits

  • Ad-free interface
  • Unlimited access to premium map layers like weather radar, contours and world tide charts
  • Unlimited catches and locations
  • Pro weather data and forecasts

The pro version unlocks advanced features for a complete fishing experience.


Fishing Points MOD APK

Why Anglers Love Fishing Points

Fishing Points has become the go-to app for anglers around the world. Here are some key reasons behind its popularity and appeal.

All-in-one Fishing App

It consolidates useful information like weather, tidal movements, maps, catches etc. into one single app. This makes planning and executing fishing trips incredibly convenient.

Enhances Knowledge

Logging catches correlates success with environmental conditions. Over time, anglers gain better insights into patterns influencing fish activity in their area.

Social Platform

Finding fishing partners or mentors can be challenging these days. The app makes connecting with fellow anglers effortless.

Accessible for All Skill Levels

Whether just starting out or a seasoned pro, the app caters to anglers across skill levels. Novices can discover local hotspots while experts can analyze historical catch trends.


From notifications to map themes, customize the app to best meet your needs and style.

Reliable and Accurate

Fishing Points uses weather data from reliable sources like NOAA and displays it clearly. Information is timely and accurate for users to trust.

User-friendly Interface

Clean, uncluttered screens with an intuitive design make it simple to find and use all features.

Continuous Improvements

Regular app updates introduce useful new features and fixes reported bugs. The development team actively responds to user feedback.

These well-rounded qualities explain why the app receives rave reviews and loyalty from its large user base. It has set the gold standard for digital fishing companions.

So if looking to catch more or bigger fish, Fishing Points is the go-to app for anglers today. Download it and see your fishing success take a turn for the better!

- Boat ramps available in the US - Fixed sharing KMZ or GPX on newer devices - You can now delete your account from the app - Sync data between all your devices and take advantage of a bigger screen with new Fishing Points web app - Nautical maps are now available for the whole world! Know your depths, travel safely, fish smarter and catch more. Thanks for using Fishing Points! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the Play Store regularly.

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