Firefox Browser APK 120.0.1 MOD (No Ads/Optimized)

Firefox Browser APK 120.0.1 MOD (No Ads/Optimized)


App Name Firefox Fast & Private Browser
Publisher Mozilla
Genre Communication
Size 75 MB
Latest Version 120.0.1
Update on Nov 28, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info No Ads/Optimized
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The Firefox Browser is a free and open source web browser developed by Mozilla. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. Firefox focuses on user privacy and gives users control over their data and web experience.

Some key features of Firefox Browser for Android include:

  • Fast page loading
  • Private browsing mode
  • Tracking protection
  • Add-ons support
  • Synced bookmarks, history, passwords etc across devices
  • Dark mode
  • Bottom toolbar

In this detailed review, we will take a look at the performance, user interface, privacy features, customization options and other aspects of Firefox Browser on Android.

Firefox Browser MOD APK


Performance is a key aspect of any web browser. Thankfully, Firefox on Android is quite fast and responsive.

  • Pages load quickly without much lag or delay.
  • Switching between tabs is snappy.
  • Scrolling is smooth.
  • The browser handles media playback and animations well without stuttering or freezing.

This solid performance can be attributed to Mozilla’s efforts in improving Firefox’s core engine over the last few years. Features like multi-process architecture and retained layers caching have made the browser much faster.

Compared to Chrome, Firefox feels just as fast if not faster in day-to-day browsing. Only in some benchmark tests does Chrome have a slight edge in page load times. But the difference is not noticeable in actual usage.

Overall, the performance of Firefox for Android is excellent and it should handle most people’s browsing needs without any issues. The browser remains responsive even with multiple tabs open.

Firefox Browser MOD APK

User Interface

Firefox has a clean, minimal interface on Android that is easy to use.

The major UI elements include:

  • Address bar – At the top to enter URLs
  • Toolbar – At the bottom with back, forward, tabs, menu buttons
  • Menu – Provides various options and settings

The toolbar can be conveniently moved to the top for one-handed use on tall phones.

Some handy UI features:

  • Tab tray – Thumbnail previews of open tabs
  • Collections – Lets you organize and group tabs
  • Dark mode – Dark theme for comfortable night browsing
  • Reader mode – Clutter-free reading view

The interface uses a simple color scheme of black, white and Firefox orange. The fonts and icons are clear and easy to recognize.

Overall, Firefox has a clean, no-frills UI that gets out of the way and lets you focus on browsing. Frequently used functions are easily accessible in the toolbar. Advanced features are tucked away in the menu.

Firefox Browser MOD APK

Privacy and Security

Firefox puts a strong emphasis on user privacy and gives you granular control over permissions and data sharing.

Some of the key privacy features are:

  • Tracking protection – Blocks ad trackers, analytics trackers, social trackers, fingerprinters etc.
  • HTTPS only mode – Forces sites to use secure HTTPS connections
  • Cookie controls – Fine-grained cookie permissions for sites
  • Clear data on quit – Option to automatically delete browsing data on closing
  • No telemetry data collection – Firefox does not collect usage data without permission

Firefox also has robust pop-up blocking, anti-phishing and malware protection to keep you secure online.

You can customize tracking protection and other privacy settings to your liking for enhanced privacy.

Overall, Firefox provides excellent privacy protection out of the box. And the ability to tweak settings gives power users more control.

Firefox Browser MOD APK


One of Firefox’s strengths is customizability via add-ons and about:config tweaks.

Some customization options include:

  • Add-ons – Extend browser functionality
    • uBlock Origin – Ad blocker
    • Dark Reader – Dark mode for sites
    • Video Background Play Fix – Play videos in background
  • Search engine – Change default search engine
  • Home screen – Customize with top sites, bookmarks etc.
  • New tab page – Change background image & content
  • about:config – Tweak advanced settings

Add-ons allow you to tailor Firefox to your specific needs for an enhanced browsing experience.

While not as extensive as the desktop browser, there are still enough customization options to make Firefox feel personal.


One of Firefox’s best features is syncing data across devices. When you sign in with a Firefox account, it syncs:

  • Open tabs
  • Bookmarks
  • Browsing history
  • Saved passwords
  • Add-ons
  • Settings

This allows you to seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile and continue browsing where you left off.

Sync works quickly and reliably in the background. It is encrypted end-to-end for security.

This sync functionality gives Firefox a leg up over other browsers.

Firefox Browser MOD APK

Battery and Data Usage

In the past Firefox had a reputation for being a battery and data hog on mobile. But Mozilla has worked hard to improve efficiency in recent versions.

  • Enabled DNS over HTTPS to reduce data usage
  • Added Suspend Tab to freeze background tabs
  • Implemented Total Cookie Protection to limit tracking requests

Reviews show Firefox is now comparable to other browsers in battery and data usage. The improvements have made it frugal on mobile data and phone battery.

As always, usage depends on browsing habits. But in general, Firefox is now efficient enough for daily use.

Firefox Browser MOD APK

Bottom Line

Firefox for Android offers an excellent overall browsing experience:

  • Fast page loading
  • Intuitive interface
  • Strong privacy protection
  • Highly customizable
  • Reliable sync

It competes well with other major browsers while offering more privacy control and customizability. The recent improvements in performance and efficiency make it suitable for everyday mobile use.

If you value privacy, customization and open source software, Firefox is a great choice on Android. It gives you full control over your browsing experience instead of locking you into one company’s vision.

Overall, Firefox is highly recommended for Android users who want a fast, flexible and private browsing experience.

  • Optimized
  • AD Free

-In anticipation of opening up the Firefox for Android extension ecosystem later this year, dozens of new mobile extensions will surface during the 120 release cycle as we continue guardrail testing. - Fixed tabs tray bug where selecting tabs could accidentally close them

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