Find My Kids APK 2.6.95google MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Find My Kids APK 2.6.95google MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name Find my kids: Location Tracker
Genre Parenting
Size 84 MB
Latest Version 2.6.95-google
Update on Dec 2, 2023
Requirements 7.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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The Find My Kids app is a popular parental control and child tracking app available for both Android and iOS devices. It allows parents to keep tabs on their kids’ location and ensure their safety.

Find My Kids MOD APK

Main Features

Some of the main features of Find My Kids app include:

  • Real-time location tracking – Track your kid’s location in real-time on a map. You can see where they are at any moment.
  • Location history – View your child’s location history to see where they have been throughout the day or week.
  • Geofencing – Create virtual boundaries on the map and get alerts when your child enters or leaves those areas.
  • Notifications – Get notified when your child reaches school, home or other important places.
  • Listen in feature – Listen to ambient sounds around your child’s phone to ensure their safety.
  • Panic button – Your child can send SOS alerts in case of emergency.
  • Battery status – Monitor your child’s phone battery level so you can remind them to charge it.
  • App usage – See how much time your kid spends on different apps and set time limits.
  • Family chat – Chat with your child right within the app.

How Find My Kids Works

The working of Find My Kids app is simple:

  1. Download and install the Find My Kids app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. On your child’s phone, install the companion app called Pingo.
  3. Link both apps by scanning a QR code or entering your kid’s phone number.
  4. Accept permissions required by the app.
  5. You can now track your child’s location and monitor their activities.

The app uses GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks to track your kid’s device. You have to install Pingo on your child’s phone, without which Find My Kids will not work.

“The installation process was very smooth. I just had to download two apps and link them. Within minutes, I was able to see my daughter’s location.” – James, Parent

Once linked, the app provides real-time tracking based on the phone’s GPS. You can check your kid’s current location, recent location history, get notifications when they reach school or home, and much more.

Find My Kids MOD APK

Pricing and Plans

Find My Kids app is free to download on Android and iOS. You can use the basic features for free indefinitely.

However, for full functionality, you need to subscribe to a paid plan. Here are the pricing plans:

Plan Price Features
Monthly $4.99/month Real-time Tracking, History, Notifications
Quarterly $11.99/3 months Real-time Tracking, History, Notifications
Annual $39.99/year Real-time Tracking, History, Notifications

The paid plans unlock additional features like listen in, geofencing, app usage monitoring, etc. There is a 3-day free trial available as well.

Pro Tip: If you only need basic tracking, you can use the app for free. But the premium plans provide more security and control.

Find My Kids MOD APK

Pros of Find My Kids

Here are some of the best things about Find My Kids app:

  • Easy to set up and use – Simple installation and intuitive interface. Easy for parents to operate.
  • Works on both Android and iOS – Track your kids whether they use an Android phone or iPhone.
  • Real-time tracking – See your kid’s location instantly without any lag or delay. Extremely helpful in emergencies.
  • SOS alert – Get notified if your child is in trouble and needs help. Can be a lifesaver.
  • Listen in feature – Lets you listen to ambient sounds around your child. Provides great peace of mind.
  • Affordable pricing – Very reasonably priced for the value it provides. The free version offers decent features too.
  • Highly rated app – Rated 4.8 on the App Store and Play Store. Reliable and trusted by parents.

Cons of Find My Kids

However, there are some downsides to the Find My Kids app as well:

  • Drains phone battery – Constant GPS tracking can drain your child’s phone battery quickly.
  • No web interface – You cannot access tracking data from a web browser, only the mobile app.
  • No social media monitoring – Does not track social media activity, chat apps, etc.
  • iOS listen in feature limited – The listen in function works only for 5 minutes on iOS due to Apple restrictions.
  • Can be intrusive – Your child may feel you are invading their privacy and limiting independence.

Find My Kids MOD APK

What Users Are Saying

“I was able to track my daughter’s school bus route each day. Her safety was my main concern, so this app provided peace of mind.” [Parent]

“The SOS alert feature gave me assurance that my child can reach out to me in an emergency. Luckily we never had to use it, but it’s good to have.” [Parent]

“When my son started walking home from school alone, I wanted to monitor his route. Find My Kids showed me his path home accurately.” [Parent]

“The listen in function is a bit intrusive in my opinion. I wish it was not enabled by default.” [Concerned Parent]

“Battery drain is a big issue. My phone would be dead halfway through school. I had to charge it twice a day.” [Teenager]

Overall, most parents seem happy with the tracking and security provided by Find My Kids. But some ethical concerns exist regarding the listen in feature and impact on battery life.

How It Compares with Other Tracking Apps

Find My Kids stands up well when compared to other child tracking apps on the market:

App Pros Cons
Find My Kids Affordable, accurate tracking, good features Battery drain, no web access, limited iOS listen in
Life360 Tracks whole family, good for groups No listen in feature, expensive
MMGuardian Call and text monitoring, web filter Clunky interface, iOS only
Kaspersky Safe Kids Powerful features, web and app blocking Expensive, battery drain

From this comparison, we can see that Find My Kids provides a balanced set of features at a reasonable price point compared to competitors. The battery drain is an issue, but the app offers unique capabilities like SOS alerts and ambient listening that parents appreciate.

Find My Kids MOD APK


Overall, Find My Kids is an excellent child tracking and parental monitoring app. It has a versatile set of features tailored to keep kids safe. Real-time location tracking gives parents peace of mind.

The app is easy to set up and use. It offers accurate tracking and useful security features like geofencing, notifications, SOS button, etc. At $39.99 annually, it provides good value for money given the utility it provides worried parents.

However, battery drain can be an issue if the app is used extensively. And the listen in function has limitations on iOS. Lack of web access is another shortcoming.

But for most parents who want a reliable child tracker app without breaking the bank, Find My Kids hits the sweet spot. It empowers parents to keep their kids safe without being overbearing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions about the Find My Kids app:

Q: Does Find My Kids work globally?

A: Yes, Find My Kids has global coverage in over 200 countries worldwide. As long as your child has an active internet or mobile data connection, location tracking will work.

Q: Can I track my child’s Facebook or other social media activity?

A: No, Find My Kids does not monitor social media usage or messages. It only tracks location and basic phone usage.

Q: Is Find My Kids completely invisible on my child’s phone?

A: No. The companion Pingo app has to be installed on the child’s device. But it runs discreetly in the background.

Q: Are there any one-time payment plans available?

A: Currently, only monthly, quarterly and annual recurring subscription plans are available. There are no one-time payment options.

Q: Does it work with smartwatches or other GPS devices?

A: Yes, you can use Find My Kids with compatible smartwatches and GPS trackers by installing the app and pairing them to your account.

Q: Can I track my child’s phone if the battery dies?

A: No, GPS tracking will stop working if your child’s phone shuts down due to battery drain. The device needs to be powered on for location access.

Find My Kids MOD APK


The Find My Kids app is a must-have for any parent who wants to keep their child safe without hovering over them 24/7. With features like real-time GPS tracking, geofencing, SOS button and listen in function, you can monitor your kids while giving them independence.

It offers accurate tracking and a great set of features considering the affordable pricing. While the iOS listen in function is limited and battery drain is a concern, Find My Kids delivers great utility for worried parents at just $39.99 annually.

Overall, Find My Kids provides a child tracking and parental control solution that balances security with practicality.

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