Filmic Pro APK 7.6.3 MOD (Pro Unlocked)

Filmic Pro APK 7.6.3 MOD (Pro Unlocked)

App Name Filmic Pro: Mobile Cine Camera
Publisher Bending Spoons
Genre Photography
Size 104 MB
Latest Version 7.6.3
Update on Nov 29, 2023
Requirements 9
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Filmic Pro is a professional video camera app for Android that gives users manual control over their device’s camera settings and capabilities. With its extensive features and customizability, Filmic Pro transforms a standard smartphone into a powerful filmmaking tool.

Filmic Pro MOD APK

Video Quality

The core benefit of Filmic Pro is its ability to produce professional-quality video using just a smartphone. Here are some of the key video capabilities:

  • Resolution and Frame Rates: Filmic Pro supports resolutions up to 4K UHD (3840×2160) and high frame rates up to 240fps depending on your device. This allows capturing smooth slow motion footage.
  • Bitrates: You can adjust the video bitrate from 1 Mbps up to 100 Mbps for the best quality possible on a smartphone. Higher bitrates reduce compression artifacts.
  • Log profiles: Filmic Pro includes log gamma profiles like Filmic Log V2 that give up to 2.5 extra stops of dynamic range for more flexibility in post-production color grading. This results in professional-looking footage.
  • Focus and exposure tools: Filmic Pro provides manual control over focus, exposure, white balance, and more. You get focus peaking, zebras, waveforms, and other pro tools to nail the shot.
  • Audio: Filmic Pro records up to 24-bit uncompressed audio for clean sound. You can also adjust gain and monitor levels. Support for external mics is included.
  • Stabilization: Hardware and software stabilization options are available to reduce shakiness for handheld shots. This produces smoother looking video.

Overall, Filmic Pro certainly lives up to its promise of radically enhancing the video quality possible with an Android smartphone. The advanced camera controls and encoding options surpass the stock camera app. Professional productions like Unsane and Tangerine have used Filmic Pro to shoot high-quality footage on mobile devices.

Filmic Pro MOD APK

User Interface

Filmic Pro’s user interface is designed to provide efficient access to the app’s plethora of manual controls and functions. Here’s an overview of the UI:

Main Camera Screen

The main camera view shows key adjustable settings along the top like ISO, shutter speed, white balance, codec, and picture profile. Tapping any of these labels opens the corresponding settings menu. A custom function button can also be set to quickly access your most used feature.

On the bottom is a menu bar with buttons to control:

  • Aspect ratio
  • Resolution
  • Frame rate
  • Bitrate
  • Focus and exposure tools
  • Audio
  • Color and gamma curves
  • Camera swap

Two manual slider controls on the sides adjust focus and exposure compensation. Overall, the main view is clean and simple while putting core controls within easy reach.

Quick Action Modals

Tapping the chevron icon ⇱ in the top center opens Filmic Pro’s Quick Action Modals. These provide fast access to advanced functionality like:

  • Detailed focus and exposure configuration
  • Manual shutter speed / ISO adjustment
  • White balance presets and color tuning
  • Audio channel and monitoring settings
  • Video codec selection and encoding parameters
  • Camera swap and orientation lock

The Quick Action Modals offer extensive control over capture settings without cluttering the live viewfinder. They are organized logically for intuitive navigation.

Other Menus

Additional menus are available to toggle stabilization, overlays, gridlines, guides, and more. The Settings menu contains many customization options for dialing in Filmic Pro to your specific needs and preferences.

Overall, Filmic Pro’s interface strikes a great balance between accessibility and depth. Common adjustments are quickly accessible, while advanced controls and parameters are just a tap or two away in logical menus. It’s easy to learn but rewards mastery for unlocking the app’s full potential.

Filmic Pro MOD APK


Filmic Pro uses a subscription-based pricing model as of version 7. Here are the costs:

  • Filmic Pro: $2.99 per week or $149.99 per year. This includes the core Filmic Pro app.
  • Cinematographer Kit: Adds LogV2, LogV3, LUTs, and other pro video features. $5.99 per week or $299.99 per year.
  • DoubleTake: Multicam recording using front and back cameras. $3.99 per week or $199.99 per year.
  • Infrared: Unlocks infrared and night vision modes. $1.99 per week or $99.99 per year.

Existing Filmic Pro users can still download the “Legacy” non-subscription version 6 for free. But they will miss out on the updates and new capabilities being added to the subscription version 7.

This pricing structure has proven controversial, with many users complaining about the high cost. For comparison, one-time purchases of competitive apps like Moment Pro Camera and Cinema FV-5 cost $5 or less.

However, Filmic argues their subscription plan allows supporting ongoing development and expanding the app’s feature set. They also offer discounted annual plans to lower the weekly cost for frequent users.

Ultimately, whether Filmic Pro’s subscription pricing is worthwhile depends on your video needs:


  • Unlocks Filmic Pro’s full professional toolset
  • Funds continued app improvements and new features
  • Annual plans provide some cost savings


  • Very expensive for casual users
  • Existing free version 6 still available
  • Alternative apps are much cheaper

For professional videographers or serious hobbyists, Filmic Pro’s capabilities may justify the price. But casual users will likely find the subscription cost hard to swallow.

Filmic Pro MOD APK


In summary, Filmic Pro is an extremely powerful cinematography app for Android that produces professional-level video from a smartphone. The extensive manual controls, encoding options, and tools available surpass any other mobile video camera. Filmic Pro’s interface strikes a great balance between accessibility and customizability. However, its new subscription pricing of $2.99 per week may only appeal to professionals and the most dedicated videographers. Casual users will probably prefer cheaper one-time purchase options. But for those seeking to maximize their Android device’s video capabilities, Filmic Pro remains an excellent choice despite the controversial new payment model.


  • Professional quality video with high bitrates, log profiles, and pro tools
  • Extensive manual controls for focus, exposure, audio, and more
  • Logical interface provides quick access to common and advanced adjustments
  • Regular app updates and new features


  • Very expensive subscription pricing
  • Alternative apps available for much cheaper
  • Advanced capabilities may be overkill for casual users
Feature Description
Resolution Up to 4K UHD
Frame Rates Up to 240fps
Bitrates Up to 100Mbps
Log Profiles Filmic Log V2/V3
Focus Tools Peaking, zoom
Exposure Tools Zebras, waveforms
Audio 24-bit uncompressed
Stabilization Hardware and software modes

“Filmic Pro is packed with features designed to turn your smartphone into a professional filmmaking camera. The results are impressively close to an actual cinema camera.” – PC Mag

Here is a sample video shot with Filmic Pro on an Android phone:

Overall, Filmic Pro is a very powerful cinematography tool that comes at a high recurring cost. For professional videographers, the price may be justified by Filmic Pro’s unmatched capabilities and ongoing improvements. But casual users should consider cheaper alternatives that still offer robust manual controls and quality. In the end, Filmic Pro remains the gold standard for mobile filmmaking, albeit now with a controversial subscription payment model.

  • PRO Features Unlocked
  • Full Unlocked

* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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