Film Maker Pro APK 3.4.0 MOD [Premium/VIP Unlocked/Without Watermark]

Film Maker Pro APK 3.4.0 MOD [Premium/VIP Unlocked/Without Watermark]

Introducing Film Maker Pro

App Name Film Maker Pro - Movie Maker
Publisher cerdillac
Genre Photography
Latest Version
Update on Dec 25, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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Film Maker Pro is a powerful mobile video editing app that gives aspiring filmmakers professional-grade tools to create stunning videos right on their phones. With an intuitive interface, robust feature set, and flexible export options, Film Maker Pro makes mobile video production accessible to all.

Film Maker Pro MOD APK

This modular app allows you to easily:

  • Shoot videos with advanced controls like manual focus, exposure, resolution, and frame rates
  • Layer videos and images to composite scenes
  • Insert audio, voiceovers, sound effects, and music
  • Apply color correction and grading for stunning visuals
  • Add animated text, titles, transitions, filters, and effects
  • Trim, split, duplicate, and arrange clips on the timeline
  • Export finished videos up to 4K resolution

Whether you’re an amateur looking to step up your home videos or an indie filmmaker working on a shoe-string budget, Film Maker Pro has all the features you need. Keep reading to learn more about this powerful mobile video editing suite.

Film Maker Pro MOD APK

Key Features of Film Maker Pro

Film Maker Pro comes packed with features to enhance every step of the mobile video creation process:

Shooting Assists

  • Manual camera controls – Manually adjust focus, exposure, white balance, resolution and frame rates. Take full control like a pro camcorder.
  • Grid overlays – Frame shots perfectly every time with rule of thirds, golden ratio, and custom grids.

Editing Timelines

  • Multi-track timeline – Layer videos, images, audio, titles and effects on up to 6 timeline tracks.
  • Precision editing – Trim, split, duplicate and arrange clips frame-by-frame for total creative flexibility.

Transitions & Effects

  • Video transitions – Choose from dissolve, wipe, slide, zoom and flash transitions to blend scenes.
  • Animated titles – Add customizable text with movement and effects.
  • Photo and video filters – Enhance footage with stylized looks like black & white, vintage, neon and more.

Audio Editing

  • Audio waveform – Visualize and edit audio waveforms to align voiceovers and sound effects.
  • Ducking – Automatically lower background music under voice clips.
  • Noise removal – Clean up unwanted background sounds in clips.

Color Correction

  • Color wheels – Adjust hue, saturation, brightness and contrast of clips.
  • LUTs – Instantly transform footage with color lookup tables.

Export & Sharing

  • Up to 4K resolution – Export stunning ultra high definition videos.
  • MP4 and MOV – Save videos in standard formats for easy sharing and playback.
  • Direct sharing – Instantly upload videos to leading social platforms.

With this unparalleled feature set, mobile filmmakers can let their creativity run wild and produce professional-looking videos with Film Maker Pro.

Film Maker Pro MOD APK

The Benefits of Film Maker Pro

Beyond the robust editing toolset, Film Maker Pro offers additional benefits that make mobile video production more accessible, efficient and affordable:


Since Film Maker Pro runs on both iOS and Android phones, you can shoot and edit high quality videos on the device already in your pocket. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes jumping into advanced editing simple. Total beginners can get started right away.


As a modular editing suite, you only pay for the tools you need. Start with the core app, then add advanced features like color grading and audio editing later. Build your perfect custom workflow.


Professional video editing software costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. Film Maker Pro delivers similar capabilities at a fraction of the price, with no need for expensive computers or hardware. Plus there are no subscriptions or hidden fees.

Cloud Collaboration

Thanks to built-in cloud storage integration, you can access footage and projects from any device. Share works-in-progress to get feedback and review edits remotely with team members.

Constant Innovation

The developers consistently release new features, effects and performance upgrades through app updates. It’s a continuously evolving platform.

For aspiring filmmakers, Film Maker Pro removes the barriers standing between creativity and production. Whatever your skill level, story or budget, this app places professional filmmaking tools within reach.

Film Maker Pro MOD APK

Introducing the Film Maker Pro Mod

For users wanting even more control and customization options, there is a Film Maker Pro Mod available. This is an unlocked variant of the app with additional benefits:

No Watermark

The mod removes the small watermark logo from exported videos, for completely clean results.

No Ads

Enjoy an ad-free editing experience that won’t disrupt your creative flow.

Advanced Features

Unlock extra professional filters, transitions effects and titles options beyond the core app. Take videos to the next level.

Premium Assets

Access additional sound effect libraries, licensed music tracks, overlays, animated elements and more to enhance your projects.

Extra Export Options

Export finished videos in additional formats like animated GIFs and image sequences.

While the core Film Maker Pro app already packs a ton of value, the unlocked mod expands the toolset even further. For a one-time fee, dedicated users can amp up their production capabilities.


Film Maker Pro MOD APK


For today’s generation of mobile filmmakers and content creators, Film Maker Pro delivers sophisticated editing tools once exclusive to expensive desktop software. Now anyone can shoot and produce stunning 4K videos entirely on their phones.

An intuitive interface, modular purchase options, and constant innovation from the developers make this app accessible to amateurs and pros alike. Whether you’re looking to step up your Instagram content, create an indie film, or just have fun experimenting, Film Maker Pro has everything you need to bring your creative vision to life.

So grab your phones and let your inner Scorsese run wild! A cinematic masterpiece awaits.

-Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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