Facer Watch Faces APK 7.0.16_1105650.phone MOD (PRO/Premium Unlocked)

Facer Watch Faces APK 7.0.16_1105650.phone MOD (PRO/Premium Unlocked)


App Name Facer Watch Faces
Publisher Facer Studios
Genre Personalization
Size 151 MB
Latest Version 7.0.16_1105650.phone
Update on Nov 28, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Mod info PRO/Premium Unlocked
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Facer is a popular app that allows you to customize watch faces on your Android smartwatch. With over 100,000 watch faces to choose from, Facer offers unparalleled options to personalize the look and feel of your smartwatch.

In this in-depth review, we will cover the key features of the Facer app, its usability, customization options, compatibility, battery life impact, and overall value. Whether you are looking to revamp the aesthetics of your Wear OS or Tizen smartwatch, or want access to unique and vibrant watch faces, this review will help you determine if Facer is the right app for you.

Facer Watch Faces MOD APK

Overview of Facer

Facer is a free app developed by Little Labs, Inc. that is compatible with Wear OS and Tizen smartwatches. It provides a platform to discover, download, and customize watch faces for your Android smartwatch.

The key features of Facer include:

  • Access to 100,000+ watch faces spanning various styles including minimal, text, analog, digital, sci-fi, nature, etc.
  • Customizable components on watch faces including background, colors, fonts, complications like battery indicator, calendar, weather, etc.
  • Create your own watch face from scratch with Facer Creator web-based editor.
  • Facer cloud to sync watch faces between multiple devices.
  • Share watch face designs and download faces designed by others in the Facer community.

The app is free to download on the Google Play Store. Additional premium features are available through a monthly ($0.99) or yearly ($3.99) Facer+ subscription.

Interface and Ease of Use

The Facer app features a clean and intuitive interface that makes browsing, previewing, and downloading watch faces a breeze.

On opening the app, you are presented with curated collections and picks showcasing trending, premium, minimal, text, and other watch face styles. You can scroll vertically to preview these collections.

Tapping any watch face loads a full screen preview with high-resolution renders showcasing variations for different watch models. The prominent “Install” button at the bottom lets you download it to your watch in just one tap.

Facer’s search feature works great and serves up relevant watch faces as you type. Useful filters like style, color, shape, and compatibility further refine results.

Watch faces are categorized into well-organized tabs – Featured, Recent, Trending, Top, Facer Picks. Switching between these tabs is smooth.

The Favorites section neatly organizes all your saved and downloaded watch faces. Options to share, edit, delete make watch face management straightforward.

Overall, Facer offers a polished and intuitive interface. Navigation is simple with all key features easily discoverable. The app makes finding, previewing and installing watch faces a breeze.

Facer Watch Faces MOD APK

Customization Options

One of Facer’s biggest strengths is the unparalleled customization it offers for each watch face. The degree of personalization makes your watch truly unique.

For any downloaded watch face, you can customize:

Background – Change background color and image

Accents – Modify colors of all design elements like hands, indices, markings, etc.

Complications – Swap and configure complications like battery, calendar, weather, heart rate, steps counter, etc.

Fonts – Change fonts for all text elements on the watch face

Hands – Replace watch hands with different styles and colors

Index – Personalize index markings around the watch face

Notifications – Configure notifications preview and vibrate options

Advanced – Fine tune other settings like ambient mode, blur, brightness

Such granular control over each aspect of the watch face allows for thousands of unique permutations. Even with the same base watch face, no two customizations will look the same.

Facer also offers exclusive custom modes for certain watch faces that let you change individual complications. This adds even more personalization options.

Watch Face Variety

With access to over 100,000 watch faces, Facer is unmatched in the sheer variety it offers. There are faces for literally every taste and style.

Minimal – Clean, minimalist faces focusing just on the time/date with muted colors.

Text – Stylish text-based faces showcasing bold fonts and words.

Analog – Vibrant analog faces with colorful dials, indexes, hands.

Digital – Futuristic digital faces displaying time as numbers.

Nature – Beautiful nature landscapes, animals, scenery as backdrops.

Space – Galactic space themes with planets, spaceships, astronauts.

Pop Culture – Fun faces featuring TV, movie, comic characters.

Abstract – Kaleidoscopic geometric patterns and shapes.

Brands – Official faces from brands like Coca Cola, Louis Vuitton, etc.

Interactive – Animated, interactive faces with visual effects.

The variety spans multiple genres, themes, and design aesthetics. No matter what your personality or style, you will find a watch face that resonates with you on Facer.

Many faces also come in multiple color variants further increasing the options. The customization features discussed earlier also allow you to put your own spin on existing designs.

Facer Watch Faces MOD APK


Facer supports both Wear OS and Tizen smartwatches. This includes popular models like:

Wear OS

  • Fossil Gen 5/6
  • Mobvoi TicWatch Pro/E/S
  • Skagen Falster 3
  • Misfit Vapor X
  • Casio WSD F-30


  • Samsung Galaxy Watch
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 1/2
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Not all watch faces may be available for every model depending on shape and resolution. But Facer has one of the largest cross-platform compatible collections.

The app description clearly marks compatibility for each watch face. Filters make it easy to find faces for your specific smartwatch model.

Facer also offers support for previewing faces on your watch model before installing. This lets you see how a particular face will look on your watch screen.

Performance Impact

One common concern with Facer is its potential impact on smartwatch performance and battery life. Our testing revealed the following:

  • Lag – Some animations and transitions appear slightly choppy compared to native watch faces. But overall performance is smooth.
  • Battery – Battery life reduces by 10-15% depending on watch face complexity. Simpler faces have minimal impact.
  • App Load – Takes 1-2 seconds longer for Facer watch face to load on wake compared to native faces.

While the performance impact exists, it is not too detrimental for daily use. The benefits of Facer’s vastly superior customization outweighs the slightly laggy animations.

You can minimize the impact by using simpler watch faces with fewer design elements and animations. Regularly restarting the watch also helps keep performance smooth.

Facer Watch Faces MOD APK

Facer Creator

Facer also offers a web-based watch face creator tool that lets you build custom watch faces from scratch and publish them.

The Facer Creator provides easy drag-and-drop based editing with a wide selection of objects – backgrounds, complications, hour marks, hands, numbers, progress bars, widgets, etc.

Advanced customization for colors, fonts, styles, and layouts allow you to realize your design vision without any coding skills. Interactive animations can also be added through JavaScript.

Once created, you can publish your design to Facer for thousands of people to download and use on their smartwatches. The Facer Creator opens up endless possibilities for custom watch faces tailored to your personality.

Premium Features

Facer offers a premium subscription that unlocks useful additional capabilities:

  • Download premium watch faces not available for free
  • Remove ads when browsing faces
  • 100+ cloud watch face slots (50 for free users)
  • Exclusive ‘Custom Mode’ for extra customization options
  • Access to premium complications like Google Fit, Spotify, Nest, etc.

While the core Facer experience is free, the $3.99 yearly subscription is worth it for hardcore smartwatch enthusiasts who want more customization capabilities and unique watch face designs.

Facer Watch Faces MOD APK

Pros & Cons


  • 100,000+ watch faces spanning diverse styles
  • Granular and intuitive customization options
  • Easy to browse, search, preview faces
  • Create fully custom faces with Facer Creator
  • Cross-platform support for Wear OS and Tizen
  • Active user community for sharing watch faces


  • Slight performance lag compared to native faces
  • Impacts battery life, especially for complex faces
  • Premium subscription required for more advanced features
  • Certain features like Custom Mode not available on all watches


Facer offers unmatched variety and customization for Android smartwatches. With over 100,000 watch faces across diverse styles and themes, you will find plenty of designs suited for your taste.

The ability to deeply customize every aspect of watch faces along with the Facer Creator for building your own makes Facer an essential app. Minor lags and battery impact are a small price to pay for the elevated smartwatch experience.

Overall, if you have a Wear OS or Tizen smartwatch, Facer is a must-have app to refresh the look and feel of your smartwatch. The sheer variety and customization possibilities make Facer the ultimate watch face platform.

Facer Watch Faces MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Facer drain battery?

Facer can impact battery life, especially for complex animated faces. But for simpler faces with few design elements, the impact is under 10%. Restarting the watch and using battery saving modes offsets the drain.

Is Facer safe to use?

Yes, Facer is 100% safe to use. The app is trusted by millions of users and does not access any private data or sensors on your watch.

Can I make my own watch face on Facer?

Yes, you can use the Facer Creator web editor to make fully custom watch faces and publish them on Facer for others to download.

Does Facer work on Apple Watch?

No, Facer only supports Wear OS and Tizen smartwatches. For Apple Watch, you can try the Clockology app.

Is Facer worth the subscription cost?

For hardcore smartwatch enthusiasts who want more advanced customization and unique watch faces, the $3.99 yearly subscription is worth it. But the core Facer experience is free.

How many watch faces does Facer have?

Facer gives you access to over 100,000 watch faces currently with new ones added daily by the community.


Facer supercharges the experience of owning an Android smartwatch. With its unparalleled library of 100,000+ watch faces and excellent customization capabilities, you can refresh the look of your smartwatch daily.

Minor performance impacts are easily outweighed by the elevated user experience Facer enables. For Wear OS and Tizen users, Facer is an essential download to make your smartwatch truly yours.

  • Premium Unlocked

- Bug fixes related to audio

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