F Class Adventurer APK 1.35.04 MOD [Menu/Unlimited Money/God Mode]

F Class Adventurer APK 1.35.04 MOD [Menu/Unlimited Money/God Mode]

App Name F Class Adventurer
Publisher EKGAMES
Genre Simulation
Update on Jan 2, 2024
Requirements 5.1
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F Class Adventurer is a popular RPG game for Android that lets players fight their way up from the lowest F class up to the mighty S class. With simple, intuitive gameplay, colorful retro graphics, and RPG elements like skills, gear, pets, and more to unlock, it offers hours of enjoyment.

F Class Adventurer MOD APK

The Story

You start out as a lowly F class adventurer, looked down upon by those of higher ranks. But you aim to prove yourself, taking on quests and fighting monsters to gain XP and loot so you can improve your abilities. As you gain levels, you can promote yourself to higher classes, with more challenges awaiting at each step. It’s a constant upward progression as you strive to reach the top S class.

F Class Adventurer MOD APK

Main Features

Easy and Fast Progression

One of F Class Adventurer’s most satisfying elements is its amazing speed of growth. Leveling up and promoting your class is simple, straight-forward, and happens quickly. Especially in the early stages, you rapidly power up with new skills, better gear, and increased stats. This makes advancement feel rewarding and keeps you eager to play more.

Powerful AOE Skills

As you level up, you gain access to powerful abilities to decimate foes, including AOE (area of effect) skills. These skills damage all enemies on screen in a visually impressive display of power. Wiping out groups of monsters with a single blow feels incredibly badass.

Offline Progression

Like any good mobile RPG, F Class Adventurer offers continued growth even when not playing. Your character earns XP and loot over time while offline or even when your app is closed. This means you can come back to tangible rewards after breaks between play sessions.

Robust RPG Elements

From talents to gear to pet collection, F Class Adventurer has all the trappings of RPGs you know and love. As you play, you amass an arsenal of equipment to boost your stats. You can also gather monster eggs that hatch into battle pets with their own bonuses. Combine these elements with skill trees, crafting, enchanting, and more for a deep roleplaying experience.

Retro Pixel Art Style

F Class Adventurer features a vibrant retro pixel art style reminiscent of classic 2D RPGs. The colorful landscapes and detailed character designs have a nostalgic charm while avoiding seeming outdated. Thumping chiptune battle music enhances the old-school vibe.

No Complicated Controls

Despite having lots of mechanics under the hood, F Class Adventurer avoids complicated controls schemes. Attacking, using skills, and navigating menus is intuitive. This picks-up-and-play accessibility lets you focus on adventuring rather than wrestling with convoluted systems.

Works Offline

You can enjoy F Class Adventurer anywhere, even without an internet connection. The game works completely offline once downloaded, so you can level up whether you have WiFi or not. Play during commutes, flights, or wherever is convenient.

F Class Adventurer MOD APK

What is the F Class Adventurer Mod APK

The F Class Adventurer mod APK is a hacked version of the game with cheats enabled. While the base game is already easy and fast to progress in, the mod APK speeds things up even more by letting you activate options like:

God Mode

God mode makes your character invincible so you don’t take any damage. This means you can defeat enemies without any risk.

Increased Damage

Amp up your attack power to demolish foes even quicker. One-shotting everything on screen feels incredibly overpowered.

Max Stats

Immediately maxes out your stats like attack, defense, HP, etc. to their highest possible values. You’ll instantly transform from puny to powerful.

Unlimited Money

Have unlimited funds to buy the best gear right from the start. Become rich and outfitted beyond what is normally possible.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are used for special purchases in the game. The mod APK provides an endless supply of them to redeem freely.

These cheats make the game easier but also let you shatter the normal progression system and boundaries. If you want a wildly overpowered god character from the getgo, the mod APK delivers.

F Class Adventurer MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is F Class Adventurer free to play?

Yes, F Class Adventurer is completely free to download and play, but it does include optional in-app purchases.

What devices can run the game?

It requires Android 5.1 and up and works on most modern phones and tablets.

Does it require internet access?

No internet connection is needed once you download the game. After that, you can play anywhere offline.

Is there a story/campaign?

Yes, you take on quest chains that involve battling monsters and completing objectives to rank up.

How much storage space does it need?

Around 100MB but may need more for cache data.

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F Class Adventurer MOD APK


If you enjoy idle RPGs and want one you can pick up and play anywhere, F Class Adventurer is a great choice. Its quick yet rewarding progression loop keeps you coming back, and it executes the basic mobile RPG formula very well. Try out this addictive pixel art adventure game and see if you have what it takes to reach S class.

F Class Adventurer APK 1.35.04 MOD [Menu/Unlimited Money/God Mode]

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