Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod Apk 7.0.64 (Extra levels)

Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod Apk 7.0.64 (Extra levels)

APP INFO: Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod Apk
MOD Features Extra levels
Category Games
Size 126 MB
Version v7.0.64
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Welcome to Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod Apk, a horror game like no other. You are about to embark on an adventure that will take you through the dark and twisted world of terror and suspense. As you journey deeper into this unknown realm, your only goal is simple: survive!

The rules of the game are quite straightforward – use whatever means necessary in order to stay alive at all costs while avoiding becoming another victim of these unusual creatures lurking within its depths. Every decision can mean life or death as each creature has their own agenda; it’s up to you decide which direction leads towards survival…or surrendering yourself over completely with dire consequences for doing so!

Good luck brave one…you’ll need it if hope be true victory….

Gameplay Overview

In Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod Apk, you’ll be navigating through a randomly-generated world filled with various creatures and challenges. You will have to make tough decisions as well as use strategy in order to stay alive while searching for the ultimate goal – escape!

Your journey may take you across multiple levels of horror that each present different adversaries such as zombies, ghosts or even monsters from other dimensions. Each one presents their own set of unique objectives so choose wisely before taking your next step into danger…

Play With Fun this game?

Scary thrillers Mod Apk can be an exciting way to play with friends. There are a variety of horror-themed video games that offer terrifying scenarios and intense gameplay, like Resident Evil or Silent Hill. You could also arrange for group activities such as haunted house visits, scary movie nights or playing hide and seek in the dark!

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Scary Thriller Mod Apk is a single-player horror experience in which you must survive and uncover the secrets of an eerie abandoned mansion. You will explore the dark and twisted hallways, solve puzzles to unlock new areas, battle monsters lurking in shadows with a variety of weapons. Use your wits and skill to survive dangerous traps designed specifically for you. Be brave as not only do deadly creatures haunt these halls but also ghosts from its past that are still looking for revenge!

♥ Love This Game ♥

Project : Offroad Mod Apk

Eyes Scary Thriller Mod Apk

Key Feature

 Randomly generated world:

Every time you play, the experience will be different as each level is randomly created to keep things fresh and exciting!

Multiple levels of horror:

Each new challenge presents a unique set of adversaries with their own objectives that must be completed in order for progression through the game.

Mini-games & puzzles:

Put your wits to use by solving mini-games or brainteasers throughout your journey in order stay one step ahead of danger!

Exploration mode :

Locate hidden objects scattered around the map while exploring its depths at leisure – but beware; some secrets are best left undiscovered…

Cooperative elements :

Share achievements with other players on Steam leaderboards and work together towards unlocking rewards only available when playing cooperatively!

Intuitive controls :

Navigate easily between menus using an optimized control system designed specifically for this type of adventure game .

Varied difficulty settings :

Choose from three distinct difficulties ranging from easy (for casual gamers) up until extreme (recommended only for hardcore thrill seekers!).

Unique soundtrack & visuals

Enjoy engaging music composed especially alongside haunting art styles tailored perfectly to create an immersive atmosphere perfect fit any horror fan’s desires !

What is Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod Apk?

Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod Apk is a horror game for Android devices. It features elements of slasher films and point-and-click adventure games to tell an intense, suspenseful story. Players explore creepy environments while avoiding the eyes that are watching them from mysterious locations throughout the game world. The mod version provides access to premium content such as additional levels, characters, items and more without having to pay real money or complete in-app purchases.

What is Eyes: Scary Thriller Hack Apk?

Eyes Scary Thriller Mod Apk
Mod Key Feature

Enhanced graphics:

Enjoy improved visuals and more immersive gameplay with an updated design that takes full advantage of modern hardware capabilities!

Extra levels & enemies :

Take on new challenges as you progress through the game, encountering unique adversaries never seen before in your quest for survival !

Total customization :

Tweak every aspect to suit your needs by adjusting difficulty settings or choosing from a wide selection of alternate costumes .

Eyes: Scary Thriller mod apk installation guide

1. Download the Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod Apk file from a trusted source such as Modloy.com.

2. Open your device’s settings and enable “Unknown Sources” to allow installation of apps not found in Modloy.com.

3. Go back to where you saved the apk file and tap on it for installation process to begin!

4 Follow any additional instructions that may appear before completing setup – once done, enjoy enhanced gameplay with all-new features at your fingertips !

Game Control

Keyboard & Mouse :

Use your keyboard to move around and interact with various elements in the game, while using a mouse for precision aiming when engaging enemies or solving puzzles!

Touchscreen Controls:

Navigate intuitively through menus by tapping on-screen buttons as well direct character movement directly from touch input !

Console Controller Support:

Connect an Xbox controller (or similar) to get that classic console gaming feel – perfect for those wanting extra comfort while enjoying intense horror sessions at home!

Eyes Scary Thriller Mod Apk
Game Tips:

Make use of all available resources:

Look around and interact with the environment to uncover hidden items or clues that can help progress through levels faster!

Gather collectables :

Always keep an eye out for coins, cards, keys – these are essential pieces in puzzle-solving sections and may even reveal shortcuts towards victory!.

Use stealth when necessary :

Remain undetected by enemies whenever possible as it allows you time to prepare plans ahead without putting yourself at risk .

Conserve your energy & ammo wisely:

Don’t waste valuable ammunition on weaker opponents; instead conserve them for tougher foes down the line !

Take notes if needed

If a situation seems too complex take note of where everything is located before moving forward , this way important details won’t be forgotten later on!

Game Pros and Cons


1. Engaging gameplay – Offers a unique spin on the horror genre with its randomly-generated world, multiple levels of tension and mini-games to keep players invested in their journey!

2 Cooperative elements : Experience an adventure like no other by working together with friends or strangers alike while unlocking rewards exclusive only when playing cooperatively !

3 Variety of difficulty settings – Choose from three different difficulties so you can tailor your experience according to how much challenge you’re looking for .


1 Limitations on exploration : Certain areas may be off limits unless specific conditions are met first , making progress difficult without completing certain objectives beforehand.

2 Occasional graphical glitches/bugs– From time to time some minor visual artifacts might appear which could cause confusion during intense moments within game play .

3 Limited amount of content compared to full version– If wanting more than what free version offers then purchasing upgrade is required if hoping access all features available in original release.

Excellent Graphics And Sound

Gorgeous visuals

Enjoy detailed environments with unique art styles that make exploring this world a thrilling and immersive experience!

Engaging soundtrack :

Feel the tension rise as each level progresses while enjoying an original score composed specifically to match intensity of game play !

Eyes Scary Thriller Mod Apk

Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod Apk is an intense horror game that presents players with a unique blend of suspense, puzzles and exploration. It offers numerous features such as randomly generated levels, mini-games, cooperative elements and adjustable difficulty settings for those who want more challenge! With its gorgeous visuals and engaging soundtrack it’s sure to keep many gamers entertained no matter how much time they spend playing – so why not give it try today?


Q: Is Eyes: Scary Thriller a multiplayer game?

A. No, it is not – but there are cooperative elements that allow you to share achievements with other players and work together towards unlocking rewards!

Q. What type of controls does the game have ?

A. Keyboard & mouse as well as touchscreen input can be used while playing , plus console controller support for those wanting extra comfort during intense horror sessions at home !

Q . Are there any tips I should know about before starting my adventure ?

A : Make use of all available resources such as items or clues in order to progress faster through levels – conserve your energy & ammo wisely when engaging enemies; take notes if needed ; remain undetected whenever possible for maximum efficiency !

Q. Does this Mod Apk offer additional features compared to Original version?

A . Yes – improved graphics , more powerful adversaries, exclusive content and adjustable difficulty settings allowing users customize their experience exactly how they want it!.

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