Evil Lands APK 2.8.0 MOD [Free Unlock/Upgrade Skill/High Damage]

Evil Lands APK 2.8.0 MOD [Free Unlock/Upgrade Skill/High Damage]

App Name Evil Lands: Online Action RPG
Publisher Rage Quit Games LLC
Genre Role Playing
Size 130MB
Latest Version 2.8.0
Update on Jan 23, 2024
Requirements 8.0
Mod info Free Unlock/Upgrade Skill/High Damage
Get it on Google Play
Evil Lands MOD APK [Free Unlock/Upgrade Skill/High Damage] is an immersive online action RPG that brings the fantasy genre to life on mobile devices. Developed by Rage Quit Games, this game sets a new standard for mobile RPGs with its breathtaking graphics, expansive open world, and engaging multiplayer gameplay.

Evil Lands MOD APK

Key Features

Epic Storyline and Quests

The rich narrative of Evil Lands APK 2.8.0 draws players into an epic struggle between good and evil. Embark on story-driven quests through dark forests, treacherous dungeons, and forgotten ruins. The writing brings mythical creatures and locales to life, further immersing players in this fantasy realm.

Stunning Visuals

From mist-veiled forests to fire-scorched wastelands, the environments in Evil Lands MOD APK Upgrade Skill are visually stunning, bringing an unprecedented level of detail to mobile gaming. Dynamic weather, shifting light, and other effects make the world feel alive. Characters and creatures also showcase an impressive level of detail and fluid animations.

Strategic Real-Time Combat

Take on menacing monsters, bandit gangs, and rival players in strategic real-time combat. Time your dodges and blocks then strike at opportune moments. Use combos and special skills to turn the tide of battle. Heroes can also summon creatures to aid them against especially formidable foes.

Extensive Character Customization

Create a unique hero to adventure through this sprawling fantasy world. With three classes to choose from – warrior, wizard, assassin – players can customize their champion’s skills, gear, and appearance. Continued progression unlocks new abilities and rare equipment over time.

Sprawling Open World

Explore an ever-expanding open world, uncovering new lands and hidden dungeons. Traverse misty forests, scorched deserts, and snow-capped peaks on your journey. This vast world features dynamic weather, shifting day/night cycles, and wandering wildlife, creating an immersive atmosphere.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Adventure alongside friends in co-op mode or test your mettle against rivals in PvP arenas. Join forces to take down formidable bosses or clash in team battles. Rise to the top of weekly PvP leaderboards for fame and rewards. An active community expands the adventure beyond single player.

Frequent Content Updates

With regular content updates, Evil Lands APK MOD continues to expand – introducing new lands to explore, fearsome boss monsters to battle, and epic quests to undertake. These updates ensure fresh challenges await, keeping gameplay exciting for veterans and newcomers alike.

Cross-Platform Play

Evil Lands MOD APK Unlimited Money features cross-platform play between mobile and PC thanks to built-in BlueStacks integration. So gamers can adventure with friends regardless of their platform of choice. Progress seamlessly carries over between devices.

Evil Lands MOD APK

Evil Lands Mod APK Overview

For an enhanced Evil Lands experience, players can download and install the Evil Lands MOD APK 2.8.0. This hacked version of the game packs in premium features for free – including unlimited money/gems for upgrading skills and gear, free summons, and more.

Key Features

Unlimited Gems and Gold

The modded APK offers players an unlimited supply of premium gems and gold. These resources are used to purchase powerful gear, rare summons, and skill upgrades without worrying about costs.

All Heroes and Skills Unlocked

Get instant access to all hero classes, top-tier weapons/armor, and max-level skills with the mod. Experience the full breadth of combat options without tedious grinding or paying.

No Cost for Summons/Respawns

Summon powerful creatures and respawn without delays – free of charge. Bring mythical beings like phoenixes and dragons into battle or quickly revive to keep fighting after falling.

Ad-Free Gaming

Enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience without annoying ads. The modified APK strips out ad infrastructure allowing for seamless enjoyment of Evil Lands Hacked APK.

Auto Farming

Set your hero to automatically farm gold, gems, gear, and upgrade materials. Perfect for fast progression when you are away from the game. Obtain resources with zero effort.

Unlimited Stamina

Explore dungeons, participate in events, and battle endlessly without worrying about stamina. The stamina system is removed so you can play unhindered for longer periods.

Evil Lands MOD APK

How to Download & Install

Downloading and installing the Evil Lands Modded APK is simple across both mobile and PC platforms. Just follow these steps:

On Mobile

  1. Go to the download page for Evil Lands mod APK on islamicmovi.com
  2. Enable install from unknown sources in settings
  3. Install the Evil Lands mod APK file on your device
  4. Launch the game and enjoy hacked features


  1. Download BlueStacks emulator on your computer
  2. Search for Evil Lands in the Play Store tab
  3. Install the game through the emulator
  4. Download the mod APK file
  5. Drag and drop the mod APK file into BlueStacks
  6. Launch Evil Lands MOD APK Free Unlock through BlueStacks and enjoy!

Evil Lands MOD APK


Is the modded APK safe to download?

Yes, the downloaded mod APK is 100% safe and virus free. It is scanned thoroughly before being made available for download.

Will I get banned for using the mod?

No, you can confidently use this mod without worrying about bans. It is designed to bypass detection allowing for safe usage.

Does progress carry over if I switch to original game?

Yes, any progress made while using the mod APK will carry over seamlessly if you switch back to the original game.

Does the mod work offline?

This mod works both online and offline. All the hacked features and unlimited resources are available in offline mode.

How do I update the mod APK to latest version?

When new versions release, simply download and install the latest mod APK file. It will automatically update while retaining your progress.


Evil Lands MOD APK


With its expansive world, immersive lore, stunning visuals, and engaging gameplay – Evil Lands MOD APK High Damage offers one of the most complete fantasy RPG experiences on mobile devices. And the mod APK version takes it even further by unlocking unlimited gems, free summons, max skills, and more for free. This excellent package is sure to please all fans of the genre.

Evil Lands APK 2.8.0 MOD [Free Unlock/Upgrade Skill/High Damage]

Free Unlock/Upgrade Skill/High Damage

- 36 new legendary items and 24 new epic items have been added. - 6 new legendary weapons have been introduced, each offering additional skill slots with unique abilities. - 19 new skills have been added to the skill tree, with 6 for Assassins and Mages and 7 for Warriors. - Game stability improvements - Performance improvements - Hacker detection improvements

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