ES File Explorer APK (Premium Unlocked)

ES File Explorer APK (Premium Unlocked)

App Name ES File Explorer
Publisher Ace Mobile
Genre Tools
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Update on Nov 18, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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ES File Explorer is one of the most popular file manager apps available for Android, with over 500 million users worldwide according to the developer ES Global. First released in 2009, ES File Explorer provides Android users with powerful file management capabilities and additional tools beyond a basic file browser.

In this in-depth review, we will examine ES File Explorer’s functionality, user interface, and overall performance as a file manager for Android. We’ll also look at some of the privacy and security concerns that have been raised about the app in recent years.

ES File Explorer MPOD APK

Overview of ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer enables Android users to easily browse, manage, and transfer files between their device storage, cloud services, computer, and other devices.

Some of the key features of ES File Explorer include:

  • File browsing for local storage, LAN/network shares, and cloud storage
  • File management tools like copy, move, delete, rename, share, etc.
  • App management to view, backup, and uninstall apps
  • File transfer protocols like FTP, SMB, WebDAV
  • Media playback for music, videos, and photos
  • Root browser for rooted Android devices
  • Storage analyzer to view storage usage
  • Built-in text editor, image viewer, and video player

In terms of user interface, ES File Explorer provides a tabbed view to access different file locations, with options for list view or grid view. The sidebar makes it easy to navigate between common folders like Music, Videos, Pictures, Apps, Downloads, and more.

Overall, ES File Explorer aims to provide a full-featured file management experience with powerful tools and integration with various storage services.

ES File Explorer MPOD APK

Key Features of ES File Explorer

Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the notable features of ES File Explorer that make it a popular file manager for Android users.

File Management

The core file management tools you’d expect from a file browser are all present in ES File Explorer:

  • Copy, move, delete, rename, share files – You can easily perform all the basic file operations.
  • Create new folders – Make new folders to organize your files.
  • Search – Search for files by name or content.
  • Zip/unzip – Compress and extract ZIP, RAR, and 7ZIP files.
  • Favorites – Bookmark frequently accessed folders.
  • Recents – Quickly access recently accessed files.
  • Root browser – Access full system files on rooted devices.
  • Split-screen/multi-window – View two folders simultaneously.
  • Sorting – Sort files and folders by name, size, date, etc.
  • Thumbnails – View image and video thumbnails.

ES File Explorer provides a full set of file management capabilities for local device storage.

Storage and App Management

In addition to basic file browsing, ES File Explorer includes tools to manage device storage and apps:

  • Storage analyzer – View storage usage by type (apps, photos, etc.) and manage space.
  • App management – View, backup, and uninstall apps.
  • App backup – Backup apps and data to local storage or the cloud.
  • App uninstall – Uninstall system or third-party apps.
  • Cache cleaner – Clear app cache to free up space.

These features make ES File Explorer more than just a file browser.

File Transfer Capabilities

ES File Explorer supports several file transfer methods to move files between devices:

  • LAN/SMB file sharing – Access and transfer files on Windows PCs and other devices over a shared network.
  • FTP server – Remotely transfer files to/from your device via FTP.
  • WebDAV – Access files on WebDAV servers.
  • Cloud storage – Integrated access to major cloud services like Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, etc.
  • AirShare – Wireless transfer files to another Android device running ES File Explorer.
  • Remote management – Manage files remotely via FTP/HTTP from a computer.

These varied options make ES File Explorer a versatile file transfer tool.

Media Features

For media files like photos, music, and video, ES File Explorer includes these handy features:

  • Media players – Built-in music and video players. Supports common formats.
  • Cast to TV – Stream media to Chromecast devices.
  • Slideshows – View photo slideshows.
  • Playlist management – Create and manage playlists for music.

So you can easily preview and enjoy media files right within the app.

Other Tools

Some other useful tools packed into ES File Explorer include:

  • Text editor – Edit plain text and code files.
  • Image viewer and editor – View and edit image files.
  • HTML viewer – Preview HTML files with rendering.
  • File encryption – Encrypt individual files.
  • File compression – Create ZIP and 7ZIP archives.
  • Document viewer – View documents like PDFs and Office files.
  • APK installer – Install APK files for sideloading apps.
  • App cloning – Clone apps to run multiple instances.
  • WiFi file transfer – Transfer files to another device via WiFi Direct.
  • Web bookmarks – Useful bookmarks for file hosting sites.
  • Incognito browsing – Browse files without saving history.

These give ES File Explorer excellent versatility beyond just file management.

ES File Explorer MPOD APK

User Interface and Experience

Now that we’ve covered the main features, let’s examine the user interface and overall user experience of ES File Explorer.

Interface Layout

The interface follows a familiar layout for a file manager:

  • Sidebar – Quick navigation to common folders like Music, Videos, Apps, Downloads, and cloud storage. Fully customizable.
  • Tabs – Open multiple folder tabs for easy switching.
  • Toolbars – Top and bottom toolbars provide quick access to common actions like search, select, copy/move, new folder, etc.
  • Split-screen – View two folders simultaneously.
  • Details/list view – View file details and sort by name, size, date, etc.
  • Thumbnails – Grid view shows thumbnails for photos, videos, and apps.

The dual-pane view is handy for fast file transfers. Overall, the interface feels polished and responsive.

Ease of Use

Despite having tons of features, ES File Explorer does not feel overly complex. Common tasks like browsing files, transferring files, and managing storage are quite intuitive.

The sidebar and toolbar provide quick access to key functions. Power users have access to advanced tools through the menu, while casual users can just stick to the basics.

First-time users may need some time to become familiar with all the available tools, but the app includes a built-in help guide.


There are many customization options to personalize the experience:

  • Themes – Choose from over 20 color themes.
  • Layouts – Configure sidebar layout and sections.
  • Views – Set default view mode to list, grid, or tiles.
  • Fonts – Customize the font style and size.
  • Full-screen – Enable immersive full-screen browsing.

So users can tailor ES File Explorer to their preferences.

Speed and Performance

ES File Explorer feels snappy when browsing files and folders, thanks to efficient coding. Scrolling, switching folders, and opening large files are smooth.

Searching through thousands of files or analyzing storage is also quite fast. The app keeps resource usage low, so performance impact is minimal.

Of course, actual transfer speeds will depend on the device hardware and connection. But the app itself performs well.

ES File Explorer MPOD APK

Privacy and Security Concerns

ES File Explorer offers powerful file management capabilities, albeit with some privacy trade-offs. Over the years, various security researchers and media outlets have highlighted some shady practices by the app, leading to its removal from the Google Play Store in 2019.

Here are some of the main privacy concerns that have been raised about ES File Explorer in the past:

  • Excessive permissions – The app asks for extensive access permissions, like contacts, call logs, photos, etc. even when not needed for a file manager.
  • Aggressive ads – Ad pop-ups and full-screen ads became intrusive after the app changed ownership in 2016.
  • Tracking and data collection – Concerns that user data was being tracked and sent to remote servers.
  • Hidden web server – A local web server was found running in the background without user knowledge.
  • Click fraud – The app was caught generating fake ad clicks to earn revenue.
  • Removed from Play Store – Google removed the app in 2019 for ad fraud policy violations.

While recent versions seem to have toned down some of these practices, users should be cautious given the app’s history. Using a reliable anti-virus app to scan for malware is advisable.

Also, avoid sideloading old APK versions of ES File Explorer, as they likely contain privacy intrusions.

ES File Explorer MPOD APK

Alternatives to ES File Explorer

If the privacy risks of ES File Explorer are a concern, there are plenty of alternative file manager apps to consider for Android.

Here are some of the top options:

App Key Features
Solid Explorer Dual-pane, tabs, cloud support, themes
FX File Explorer Split-screen, WiFi transfers, privacy focus
MiXplorer Fully featured, add-ons, lightweight
Amaze File Manager Open source, no ads, simple UI
X-plore File Manager Dual-pane, root access, cloud support

These alternative file managers offer similar features and tools as ES File Explorer, without the privacy concerns. Most are reasonably priced or free.

ES File Explorer MPOD APK

Verdict: Should You Use ES File Explorer in 2023?

So what’s the final verdict after this in-depth review?

ES File Explorer still provides a powerful file management experience thanks to its varied tools and features. The user interface is polished and intuitive for basic functions.

However, the numerous privacy issues revealed in past years make it hard to wholeheartedly recommend ES File Explorer anymore. Malware risks and intrusive ads diminish the user experience.

While recent versions seem to have improved, most users are better off choosing one of the alternative file manager apps available for Android today. Many of the alternatives match or exceed ES File Explorer in features, without the privacy trade-offs.

So in summary:


  • Full-featured file manager and transfer tool
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Handy media features and productivity tools


  • Extensive history of privacy violations
  • Removed from Play Store for policy violations
  • Too many unnecessary permissions required


While still a capable file manager, ES File Explorer carries significant privacy risks given its history. Users are advised to consider alternative apps like Solid Explorer or MiXplorer for a safer file management experience on Android devices.

Frequently Asked Questions about ES File Explorer

Is ES File Explorer safe to use?

No, ES File Explorer has several known privacy issues and was removed from the Play Store in 2019. It is not recommended for most users.

Does ES File Explorer still work in 2023?

Yes, you can still install and use ES File Explorer on Android if you sideload the APK. However, this is not advisable due to security risks.

What are the best alternative file managers to ES File Explorer?

Some top alternatives are Solid Explorer, MiXplorer, FX File Explorer, Amaze File Manager, and X-plore File Manager. These provide similar features without the privacy trade-offs.

Does ES File Explorer show ads?

Yes, ES File Explorer contains ads in both the free and paid versions. The ads became more intrusive after the app changed ownership in 2016.

Is ES File Explorer really that bad?

It provides useful file tools, but the extensive history of privacy violations, hidden behavior, and removal from the Play Store make it a security risk not worth taking for most users.

What permissions does ES File Explorer request?

It requests extensive permissions like contacts, call logs, photos, location, etc. even when not required.

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