EPIK AI Photo Editor APK 4.2.41 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

EPIK AI Photo Editor APK 4.2.41 MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name EPIK - AI Photo Editor
Publisher SNOW Corporation
Genre Photography
Size 150 MB
Latest Version 4.2.41
Update on Dec 1, 2023
Requirements 8.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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The EPIK Android app is a powerful yet easy-to-use photo and video editing application that utilizes advanced AI technology and professional tools to enhance users’ creative projects. With over 92 million downloads to date, EPIK has quickly become one of the most popular editing apps available on the Google Play Store.


Key Features

EPIK packs a robust set of editing features, both AI-powered and manual, to cater to various creative needs:

AI Editing Tools

  • Enhance – Improves clarity, resolution, brightness, and other qualities with a single tap.
  • AI Skin – Detects faces and applies blemish removal, skin smoothing, shine reduction, and other optimizations.
  • AI Cutout – Quickly isolates subjects from backgrounds with precision.
  • AI Filter – Applies artistic filters and presets inspired by vintage photography.
  • Hairstyle & Expression – Alters hair color, style, and facial expressions like smiles.

Manual Editing Tools

  • Color Adjustments – Fine tune hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, and more.
  • Transform – Crop, rotate, flip, resize, and adjust perspective.
  • Healing – Remove blemishes, dust spots, power lines, text, and other unwanted elements.
  • Clone – Duplicate parts of the image to conceal imperfections.
  • Vignette – Apply custom lens blurring around the edges.
  • Text – Add text captions and quotes with control over font, size, color and more.

Creative Features

  • Collage – Combine multiple photos into creative layouts.
  • Stickers – Access tons of emojis, shapes, illustrations, and text options.
  • Overlay – Layer on light leaks, textures, gradients, and brush strokes.
  • Frames – Choose from hip vintage camera and film styles.
  • Splash – Make it rain or snow on your photos.
  • Mosaic – Pixelate faces or objects for an artsy effect.

This extensive toolkit enables users to quickly enhance portraits, erase imperfections, apply stylish filters, and transform images through compositing and creative embellishments. Both professionals and hobbyists will appreciate the breadth of editing possibilities.


User Interface

EPIK sports a clean, minimalist interface optimized for mobile devices. The sleek design provides intuitive controls and logical workflows:

  • Bottom toolbar – Access key features like filters, stickers, text, and adjustments. Icons are clear and tapping reveals more options.
  • Top toolbar – Handles tasks like undo/redo, image selection, saving, and sharing.
  • Gesture support – Pinch to zoom, rotate, drag to move, and more. Familiar gestures make editing seamless.
  • Before/after preview – Toggle between original and edited versions for easy comparison.
  • Edit history – Step backwards through adjustments to modify or remove changes.
  • Batch editing – Select multiple photos to apply edits to simultaneously.

Navigating EPIK feels natural with controls exactly where you’d expect them. The app strikes a balance between simplicity for novices and advanced functionality for experienced editors. Even complex edits like cutouts and facial manipulation are achieved through intuitive taps and gestures.

Photo Editing Performance

As the name suggests, EPIK truly excels at enabling epic photo edits and enhancements. The powerful AI tools automatically improve clarity, lighting, details, colors, and other elements that are time consuming to perfect manually.

But EPIK also provides granular control over every aspect of your images with pro-level tools rivaling desktop editing applications. From precise hue adjustments to advanced blending modes, you have all the flexibility needed for professional projects.

Some key photo editing capabilities include:

  • Portrait retouching – AI Skin smoothens textures, reduces blemishes, applies subtle makeup looks, and slims facial features. The results look realistic, not overdone.
  • Object removal – Eliminate unwanted objects like power lines and trash cans for cleaner shots. The AI Cutout and Healing tools handle this with ease.
  • Color grading – Creatively alter the mood and style by adjusting hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, shadows and more.
  • Photo restoration – Repair and enhance old or damaged photos by reducing grain, restoring faded colors, sharpening details, and more.
  • Precision editing – Utilize masks, layers, and advanced selection tools just like desktop software for ultimate control.

For both quick automated fixes and meticulous professional edits, EPIK delivers exceptional results. Even demanding projects like composites and multilayered edits are handled smoothly.


Video Editing Capabilities

Beyond photos, EPIK provides a capable video editing experience right on your phone. You can apply filters, text, stickers, trims, and more with ease. While more advanced timeline editing and transitions are not supported, the app covers the basics very well.

  • Filters – Instantly apply stylish filter presets to alter the look and feel of footage.
  • Text – Overlay animated text captions and quotes in a variety of fonts, colors and sizes.
  • Stickers – Spice up videos with static and animated stickers like emojis and shapes.
  • Trim – Shorten clips by setting new start and end points.
  • Collage – Combine multiple videos into creative split screen grids and picture-in-picture layouts.
  • Adjustments – Modify brightness, contrast, saturation and white balance.
  • Rotate – Spin footage 90 degrees to portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Crop – Pan and zoom to highlight key subjects and cut out excess background.

For quick social media videos, EPIK has all the vital features covered. The streamlined workflow lets you enhance videos in just a few taps. While pros may still need desktop software for visual effects and montages, EPIK satisfies the everyday video editing needs of casual users.

Standout Features

A few of EPIK’s most unique and powerful features deserve special highlight for how they enhance the editing experience:

AI Yearbook

This viral sensation auto-generates nostalgic 90’s-style yearbook photos by applying different poses, expressions, outfits, hairstyles and backgrounds. Simply upload 10+ selfies to receive 60 customized retro portraits imbued with millennial high school nostalgia. It’s an incredibly fun way to create shareable content.


Transform videos into living mosaics by pixelating subjects in real-time. The AI tracking separates people from backgrounds for artsy effects. As subjects move, the mosaic effect adjusts smoothly.


Alter the direction, color, and intensity of light on any photo. Relight mimics professional studio lighting techniques to highlight, sculpt, and dramatize facial features. This can totally transform dull, flat images.

Batch Editing

Applying edits to hundreds of photos one by one is a pain. EPIK’s batch editing feature allows you to edit multiple photos simultaneously with a single tap. This huge time saver benefits professionals editing large volumes of images.

These unique tools demonstrate EPIK’s technical capabilities and commitment to innovation. The app empowers creativity beyond basic filters and adjustments.


Image Quality

A key concern with any photo and video editing app is compression and image degradation. Heavily compressed outputs lose detail and introduce unwanted artifacts.

Thankfully, EPIK utilizes efficient compression algorithms that retain high visual quality while minimizing file sizes. Both exported and saved edits remain crisp and clear at up to 12MP resolution on mobile devices and 4K for videos.

EPIK also handles layers, masks, and effects without slowdown or crashes even on older phones. The app is clearly well optimized for mobile hardware.

The exception is the AI Yearbook feature, which does suffer more degradation given the complex manipulations. But this is expected with most viral gimmick effects.

Overall, EPIK reliably delivers great looking results without sacrificing quality for convenience. You won’t be disappointed with the fidelity of your enhanced images and videos.


Like many free mobile apps, EPIK does contain ads – but they are minimal and non-intrusive.

Small banner ads may appear at the bottom of the editing screen. However, they do not obstruct tools or workflows. Ads also never appear when exporting final results.

Full screen interstitial ads only popup occasionally between screens. These are easy to close and skip.

There are no video ads or other excessive ad implementations. EPIK finds a good balance between monetization and user experience. The ads are tolerable and a reasonable tradeoff for such a powerful free app.


In-App Purchases

EPIK offers subscriptions and one-time purchases to unlock additional capabilities:

  • EPIK Pass (Monthly) – Removes ads, batch editing limit, and watermark for $4.99/month.
  • EPIK Pass (Yearly) – Removes ads, batch editing limit, and watermark for $47.99/year.
  • AI Yearbook (60 photos) – Generates 60 AI retro portraits for $5.99.
  • AI Yearbook Pro (60 photos) – Generates 60 AI retro portraits with higher quality for $9.99.

The EPIK Pass subscriptions provide good value if you use the app regularly. Removing ads and limits is worthwhile for professional and power users.

The AI Yearbook purchases are fun novelty items for users wanting to jump on the trend. But the free version still provides one sample image to test the feature out.

Overall the purchases are reasonable for the utility gained. EPIK avoids being heavy handed with subscriptions and offers one-time options too.

Performance Benchmarks

To provide objective performance metrics, we tested EPIK on three Android devices covering a range of hardware capabilities:

1. Budget Device – Alcatel 1 (MediaTek MT6739, 2GB RAM)
2. Mid-Range Device – Samsung Galaxy A51 (Exynos 9611, 4GB RAM) 3. Flagship Device – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 12GB RAM)

The following benchmarks evaluate critical editing workflows:

Filter apply

Device Time
Alcatel 1 3.2 seconds
Galaxy A51 2.1 seconds
Galaxy S22 Ultra 1.3 seconds

10 photo batch edit

Device Time
Alcatel 1 14.6 seconds
Galaxy A51 9.5 seconds
Galaxy S22 Ultra 6.1 seconds

AI Cutout

Device Time
Alcatel 1 8.7 seconds
Galaxy A51 6.2 seconds
Galaxy S22 Ultra 4.1 seconds

4K to 1080p video export

Device Time
Alcatel 1 28 seconds
Galaxy A51 19 seconds
Galaxy S22 Ultra 14 seconds

As expected, export and processing times improve significantly on more powerful devices. But even on low-end hardware, EPIK delivers respectable performance. AI features like cutouts do take longer on budget phones but remain very usable.

Overall, the app is well optimized across the Android spectrum. You can comfortably edit on both flagship and affordable devices thanks to EPIK’s efficient coding.


Pros & Cons


  • Intuitive interface optimized for mobile
  • Powerful AI tools for easy enhancements
  • Granular manual adjustments for professionals
  • Excellent photo and video quality
  • Fun viral effects like AI Yearbook
  • Capable video editing features
  • Batch editing support
  • Reasonable subscription prices
  • Solid performance even on low-end devices


  • Limited video editing capabilities
  • AI Yearbook produces lower quality results
  • Requires subscriptions for some power user features
  • Advertisements, though unobtrusive


EPIK lives up to its name by empowering epic photo and video edits with a perfect blend of automation and creative control. While the viral AI Yearbook effect grabbed headlines, EPIK offers so much more. The professional-grade editing tools, intuitive interface, and performance optimizations make this a must-have app for mobile content creation.

Casual users will appreciate the way powerful AI filters, healing, and cutouts elevate photos through automation. Pro photographers and videographers gain desktop-caliber adjustments like color grading, layering, and local adjustments. And the streamlined workflows keep the app accessible for beginners.

For those seeking a feature-packed editing app to unleash their creativity, EPIK is a top choice. The professional results and minimalist interface join forces to enable editing magic right on your phone. EPIK earns our strong recommendation with very few weaknesses holding it back from perfection.

  • Premium Unlocked

New video feature in EPIK! [Retro Clip] Create vintage videos with ease. Performance has been improved, and the user experience has been optimized.

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