Epic! APK 3.117.1 MOD (Premium Membership Free)

Epic! APK 3.117.1 MOD (Premium Membership Free)

App Name Epic: Kids' Books & Reading
Publisher Epic! Creations Inc
Genre Education
Size 51 MB
Latest Version 3.117.1
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Requirements 7.0
Mod info Premium Membership Free
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The Epic reading app is a popular digital library designed for kids ages 2-12 years old. With over 40,000 high quality books, audiobooks, videos, and quizzes, Epic aims to encourage children’s literacy and exploration of diverse subjects.

I reviewed Epic’s Android app to provide an in-depth look at its user experience and how it compares to other top reading apps for kids like Vooks and Raz Kids.


Overview of Epic

Epic is available as a subscription-based reading app on both Android and iOS devices. Here are some of the key things to know about Epic:

  • Huge library of books and videos – Over 40,000 titles covering diverse topics and genres, including read-to-me books, chapter books, non-fiction, STEM, and more.
  • Personalized profiles – Ability to create up to 4 child profiles per family account, with customized recommendations and reading stats for each child.
  • Offline reading – Books can be downloaded for offline reading when internet access is limited.
  • Parental controls – Give parents visibility into what their kids are reading and time spent in the app.
  • Motivational features – ‘Epic Hero’ rewards and other gamified elements to motivate kids to read more.
  • Available in multiple languages – In addition to English, there are Spanish, French, and Chinese books.


User Experience on Android

I tested Epic on a Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 12. Here is an overview of what the user experience is like on Android:

Signing Up and Logging In

  • Initial signup requires parent’s email and payment info since Epic requires a paid subscription.
  • Kids can then be added to the parent’s account.
  • App opens to the child’s personalized profile each time, no need to re-login.
  • Switching profiles is easy – just tap the profile icon.

Home Screen

  • Home screen shows personalized book recommendations based on the child’s reading history and favorites.
  • Prominent search bar makes finding books by title, author, topic, etc. simple.
  • Categories along the bottom make it easy to browse Epic’s full catalog of books and videos.

Reading Experience

  • Books open quickly, typically just a few seconds even for larger chapter books with images.
  • No lag or delays when scrolling through pages.
  • Text size can be adjusted easily.
  • Audiobooks synchronize text highlighting as narration plays.
  • Read-to-me books highlight text word-by-word.
  • Fun sound effects and animations add interactivity to many books.

Offline Reading

  • Downloaded books are clearly labeled and work seamlessly offline.
  • The app downloads 2-3 books automatically based on the child’s reading history and favorites.
  • Additional books can be downloaded manually via the child’s profile.
  • Hundreds of books can be stored offline without using too much storage space.

Parental Controls and Visibility

  • Parents can limit total daily reading time.
  • The child’s reading progress and history is easy to review.
  • Books can be hidden from a child’s view if desired.
  • Settings provide control over sound effects, notifications and more.

Motivation and Rewards

  • ‘Epic Hero’ points are earned by reading books and passing quizzes.
  • Points unlock badges and other rewards to motivate kids to read more.
  • The rewards and achievements feel meaningful without being distracting.
  • A daily ‘Epic Streak’ encourages consistent reading habits.


How Epic Compares to Other Reading Apps

Here is an overview of how Epic compares to popular alternatives, Vooks and Raz Kids when used on Android devices:

Feature Epic Vooks Raz Kids
Number of books 40,000+ 600+ Leveled books from K-5
Book types ebooks, audiobooks, read-to-mes, videos videos only ebooks, audiobooks, read-to-mes
Subjects covered diverse fiction/non-fiction science, arts, math, more early reader, fiction, non-fiction
Parental controls extensive basic extensive
Motivational features badges, rewards, streaks some badges points, certificates
Analytics for parents robust basic robust
Price $7.99/month $9.99/month $12.99+/month

Epic vs. Vooks

  • Videos – Vooks offers animated storybooks and educational videos whereas Epic focuses on digital books.
  • Reading diversity – Epic’s massive library covers far more topics, genres, and levels than Vooks’ smaller catalog.
  • Parental controls – Epic gives parents more configuration options and visibility into their child’s reading.
  • Price – At $2/month cheaper, Epic gives you much more content per dollar compared to Vooks.

Epic vs. Raz Kids

  • Reading levels – Raz Kids targets early readers with more leveled books and phonics practice.
  • Teaching tools – Raz Kids provides more built-in reading assessments and teaching tools.
  • Motivation features – Epic’s motivation system is more engaging for kids.
  • Price – Raz Kids has tiered pricing that gets much more expensive for access to more book levels.


The Verdict on Epic Android App

Here are my key takeaways after extensively using the Epic reading app on Android:

  • The huge library and ability to download books makes Epic a great value compared to buying individual ebooks.
  • The app provides a smooth, bug-free reading experience even with large files and audiobooks.
  • Parental controls and visibility into reading progress are extremely robust.
  • Motivational features do a great job encouraging more reading without being distracting.
  • The design and UX are polished and intuitive enough for young kids to navigate independently.
  • Offline reading support makes Epic convenient for travel and areas with limited internet connectivity.
  • For early readers, apps like Raz Kids offer more in the way of leveled books and phonics lessons.
  • Vooks is better if you specifically want animated storybooks and educational videos.

Overall, the Epic reading app provides a stellar experience on Android devices. The extensive library, motivational tools, and parental controls make it one of the top choices for nurturing young readers. While it does not replace specialized early reading apps, it offers an unparalleled selection of high quality books and audiobooks that kids will love discovering and diving into.


Getting Started with Epic Android App

Ready to give Epic a try for your kids? Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started:

1. Install the App

Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device and search for “Epic”. Download and install the app published by Epic Creations Inc.

2. Sign Up

Open the Epic app and tap “Get Started”. Sign up for a new account by entering your email and creating a password.

3. Start Free Trial

Choose the “Start My Free Trial” option when prompted. Provide payment information to start a 7-day free trial of Epic.

4. Add Child Profile

Follow the prompts to set up your child’s profile. Add their name, date of birth, and select any preferences like disabling sound.

5. Begin Reading

Epic will open up to your child’s profile. Browse books and begin reading right away during the free trial!

6. Download Books for Offline

Tap the profile icon, then “Downloads” to select books to save for offline reading. These will be available without wifi.

The Epic reading app makes it easy to get started with digital books for your kids. Take advantage of the free trial to explore Epic’s huge selection of titles across diverse subjects and age ranges.



The Epic reading app provides an excellent user experience on Android devices. It makes an extensive library easily accessible for kids ages 2-12 to encourage literacy and learning through reading. While not as specialized for early readers as some alternatives, its huge catalog, motivational features, and parental controls make it one of the top choices for nurturing young readers.

  • Premium Subscription Unlocked
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Paid Features Unlocked

This update includes a brand new look and performance improvements so kids can continue to enjoy reading and learning on Epic!

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