Easy Notes APK MOD (Premium, VIP Unlocked)

Easy Notes APK MOD (Premium, VIP Unlocked)

App Name Easy Notes - Notebook, Notepad
Publisher QR Scanner & QR Code Generator & Radio & Notes
Genre Productivity
Size 46 MB
Latest Version
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Premium, VIP Unlocked
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Easy Notes is a free note taking app available for Android that makes it simple and easy to capture thoughts, ideas, to-do lists, and any other notes you need to write down. With over 1 million downloads and a 4.5 star rating on the Google Play Store, Easy Notes is one of the most popular note apps thanks to its intuitive interface, versatile features, and thoughtful design.

In this extensive review, we’ll take a close look at the key capabilities of Easy Notes to help you determine if it’s the right note taking app for your needs.

Easy Notes MOD APK

User Interface and Design

The user interface of Easy Notes stands out for its simplicity and visual appeal. The home screen displays a list of notes with the title and first line of text showing. You can view notes in a list or grid layout. The interface uses muted colors and material design elements to look modern and uncluttered.

Creating a new note is very fast – just tap the “+” button. You’re taken straight into the note editor where you can start typing a title and text right away. The toolbar provides quick access to formatting options like bold, italics, bullet lists, and more.

Easy Notes makes excellent use of color to make notes visually distinctive. Each note gets assigned a default color, but you can change it to one of over a dozen color choices. Icons next to notes indicate if they have a reminder set, are pinned to the top, or have a checklist. This visual language helps you grasp at a glance what a note contains without even opening it.

The interface provides a search bar and categories pane on the home screen for quickly filtering down notes. An integrated calendar view also shows notes with reminders set for each day. These elements demonstrate thoughtful design that complements the app’s simplicity.

Easy Notes MOD APK

Note Taking Capabilities

The foundation of any note app is the editor used to write notes. Easy Notes provides a capable rich text editor that makes it fast and easy to write notes. Basic formatting like bold, italics, headings, and bullet lists take just a tap while more advanced features like hyperlinks and code blocks are also supported.

Checklists are a standout feature in Easy Notes. You can transform any note into a checklist by tapping the checklist icon in the toolbar. This changes the note into a series of checkable task items. The checkboxes make it easy to track progress on tasks or shopping lists. Checklists can have reminders set on them independently of the main note reminder.

For times when text isn’t enough, Easy Notes enables adding images and voice recordings to notes. Having the ability to supplement notes with multimedia makes the app more versatile for visual thinkers. Recordings are handy for capturing verbal information when typing would be inconvenient.

Easy Notes MOD APK

Syncing and Accessibility

Since we often need to access notes from multiple devices, syncing capabilities are critical. Unfortunately Easy Notes does not support automatic syncing across devices out of the box. However, it does provide multiple manual options for exporting and backing up notes.

You can export all notes to a ZIP file that contains the notes in plain text, Markdown, PDF, and other formats. These ZIP backups can be saved to cloud storage services like Google Drive or emailed to yourself for simple transfers to other devices. While not as seamless as auto-syncing, it still makes notes reasonably portable.

Easy Notes also supports logging in with a Google account. While it doesn’t enable real-time syncing, it does facilitate backup and restore through Google Drive. Overall the sync functionality gets the job done but lags behind other note apps that offer real-time continuous sync.

Easy Notes MOD APK


Data privacy is important for any app handling personal information. Easy Notes does not implement end-to-end encryption like some other secure note taking apps. However, it does still provide a couple useful security options.

The first is password protection for individual notes. You can set a separate password for specific notes you want to secure. The contents of password protected notes are hidden until you enter the password each time you access them.

Easy Notes also provides fingerprint unlock as an option on devices with fingerprint readers. This allows you to use your fingerprint to unlock the app instead of typing a password each time. Together these features help enhance privacy without forcing encryption on all notes.

Feature Details
User Interface Clean, visually appealing material design. Choice of list or grid view for notes. Intuitive creation flow for new notes.
Note Taking Rich text notes with support for formatting, checklists, images, recordings and more.
Syncing Manual export of notes to ZIP files for transfer across devices. Backup & restore through Google Drive accounts. No continuous auto-sync.
Security Individual note password protection. Fingerprint unlock supported. No default end-to-end encryption.

Easy Notes MOD APK

Bottom Line

Easy Notes succeeds in its core mission of letting users write notes quickly while including helpful formatting tools and optional elements like checklists and recordings. The interface introduces visual design that makes notes easy to scan and distinguish at a glance. Lack of robust sync integration is perhaps the biggest limitation.

But for a free app, Easy Notes packs an impressive set of versatile features for writing text and multimedia notes while upholding simplicity and good design. If you want an easy way to start capturing notes on Android with room to grow, Easy Notes is a great choice. The popularity and rating of the app demonstrate that it’s a leader in its category on Android.

Easy Notes MOD APK

Comparison to Other Top Note Apps

How does Easy Notes compare to other top note apps on Android? Here is a brief comparison to two of the other highest rated note apps on Android – Google Keep and OneNote.

Google Keep

  • Simple visual design focused solely on text notes
  • Labels instead of folders for organization
  • Robust real-time syncing across devices
  • Integration with other Google products
  • Less formatting options than Easy Notes
  • No multimedia attachments


  • Extensive formatting toolbar and templates
  • Support for drawing with a stylus
  • Sophisticated notebooks/sections hierarchy
  • Continuous syncing across devices
  • More complex interface less intuitive than Easy Notes
  • No default end-to-end encryption

The verdict is that Easy Notes holds its own against the two category leaders, offering a better balance of usability and features compared to the extremes represented by Google Keep and OneNote. Easy Notes smartly carves out a spot between minimalist and robust that should satisfy many basic note taking needs for Android users.

  • Premium Unlocked
  • VIP Unlocked

⭐ An easy to use note taking app ⭐ Customize the color of sticky notes ⭐ Support inserting photos and text ⭐ Make to-do lists and shopping lists ⭐ Notes your thought anytime, anywhere

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