Dyno 2 Race Mod APK 1.2.1 (Unlimited money)

Dyno 2 Race Mod APK 1.2.1 (Unlimited money)

App Name Dyno 2 Race - Car Tuning
Publisher HyperMonk Games
Genre Racing
Size 212.70 Mb
Latest Version 1.2.1
Update on Nov 24, 2023
Requirements 5.1
Mod info Unlimited money
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Dyno 2 Race Mod Apk – Car Tuning is a mobile racing game developed by Hypermonk Games that focuses on realistic car tuning and customization. With its in-depth garage, variety of race types, and progression system, it’s a tuner’s paradise.

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The core of the gameplay revolves around the garage dyno where players can extensively tune and modify every aspect of the cars in their collection.

Tuning and Customization

The garage is incredibly detailed, allowing you to tweak all of the following:

  • Engine
    • Cylinders – 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, or 12 cylinders
    • Displacement – Stock to 8000cc
    • Forced Induction – Naturally aspirated, turbo, or supercharged
    • Camshafts – Stock, sport, racing
    • Compression – 8.0:1 to 15.0:1 ratio
    • Ignition Timing
    • Fuel System – Stock to 1000cc/min injectors
    • Fuel Octane – 87 to 116 octane
    • Intake Manifold – Stock to race spec
    • Exhaust Manifold – Stock to race spec
    • Mufflers – Stock, catback, straight pipes
    • And more
  • Transmission
    • Manual or Automatic
    • Gear Ratios
    • Final Drive Ratio
    • Differential Type – Open, Limited Slip, Locked
  • Wheels and Tires
    • Rim Style and Size – 13″ to 22″
    • Tire Width and Aspect Ratio
    • Compound – Hard to Extra Soft
    • Tire Pressure
  • Suspension
    • Springs – Softer or stiffer
    • Shock Absorbers – Stock to Adjustable Coilovers
    • Adjustable Ride Height
    • Camber
    • Toe
    • And more

With so many options, you can spend hours upon hours tuning and tweaking to get your car just right before hitting the dyno or track.

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Testing Tunes

Once you’ve tuned your car, you can run it on the in-garage chassis dyno to measure horsepower, torque curves, 0-60 times, quarter mile times, top speed, and G-forces. This allows you to precisely dial in your setups.

You can then take your car out on the track and put your tuning to the ultimate test. This gameplay loop of garage tuning, dyno testing, and track racing is incredibly addicting.

Expanding Your Collection

As you race and earn money, you can purchase new cars to add to your garage. There is a great variety of cars ranging from everyday commuters to supercars. Certain high-end cars can only be won by defeating challengers in intense 1v1 races.

With each new car, you can dive back into the tuning process and tailor it to your preferences. Tweaking gear ratios on a Ferrari is an entirely different beast compared to stiffening up suspension on a rally-prepped Subaru.

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Dyno 2 utilizes a stylized 2D art style with the cars and environments having almost a cartoon-like look. While not visually intensive from a texturing and modeling standpoint, the graphics allow the game to focus heavily on the other aspects.

Car Customization

A key graphical feature is the ability to visually customize your cars in the garage. You can change paint colors, add vinyl wraps, tint windows, install wings and body kits, swap wheel styles, and more. This lets you personalize your rides.

Physics and Sound

The visuals may be stylized but the physics and sound design aim for realism. Upgrades clearly impact car performance and handling. Engines roar and turbo blowoff valves whistle. It’s minor details like this that elevate the experience.


For a racing game, the controls need to be tight and responsive. Dyno 2 delivers with its simple control scheme.

Touch Controls

Steering is handled by tilting your device left or right. Accelerating and braking are controlled by on-screen buttons. While tilt controls can be difficult to master, they offer superior control once you get the hang of them.

Automatic Shifting

Shifting gears manually while steering and adjusting throttle/brakes is extremely challenging on mobile. Thus Dyno 2 features automatic transmissions to simplify driving. You can still tune gear ratios for optimal acceleration.

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Nitrous Control

While shifting is automatic, nitrous injection is manually controlled with an on-screen button. This allows you to strategically time nitrous bursts to pass opponents or hit that perfect 0-60 launch.


While the core gameplay loop is great, progression systems and unlockables incentivize you to keep playing.

Making Money

You earn money through races and by testing project cars for customers on the dyno. This cash can then be used to purchase new cars and upgrades. Better performance means more race wins which equals even more money.

Unlocking Content

As you play, you unlock new race events, tracks, and cars. Certain high-end cars can only be acquired by winning 1v1 boss battles. This gives you something to work towards beyond just accumulating cash.

Upgrading your garage allows you to store more cars. So progression is not only in terms of car performance but also overall collection size.

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Final Thoughts

With its excellent tuning mechanics, balanced progression, and addictive gameplay loop of customizing, testing, and racing, Dyno 2 Race – Car Tuning is a must-play for gearheads. I easily rate this 5/5 stars due to the incredible garage depth and diverse number of cars and race types. It scratches that tuning itch unlike any other mobile racing game.

Whether you enjoy spending hours tweaking suspension geometry or just want to drop a 1000hp turbocharged V12 into a little hatchback and destroy supercars, Dyno 2 Race has something for all automotive enthusiasts. Download it now and let the wrenching begin!

  • Unlimited money
  • No ads

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