Dye Hard APK 0.9.73 MOD [Unlimited Money/No Ads]

Dye Hard APK 0.9.73 MOD [Unlimited Money/No Ads]


App Name Dye Hard - Color War
Genre Action
Latest Version 0.9.66
Update on Jan 5, 2024
Requirements 5.1
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Dye Hard is an exciting team-based shooter game for Android that takes the concept of paintball to the next level. Developed by Casual Azur Games, Dye Hard immerses players in colorful battles where they must cover the arena and opponents in their team’s paint color to capture objectives and defeat the enemy teams.

With vibrant graphics, easy controls, fun mechanics, and deep customization, Dye Hard provides a one-of-a-kind competitive multiplayer experience on mobile.

Dye Hard MOD APK

Dye Hard Game Story

The world of Dye Hard is set in a future where advanced paint technology allows for endless supplies of colorful dyes. Three factions – Red, Blue and Yellow – are locked in an endless war to splatter their paint over buildings, objects and each other across various arena maps.

Equipped with special dye guns and unlimited paint, players join one of the color factions and compete to take over enemy structures and cover more area in their team’s color. Work together to ambush opponents, defend your team’s towers and bases, and control strategic points around the maps.

The more area covered in your color, the faster your team can move and regenerate health. Outmaneuver and out-paint the enemy to lead your faction to victory!

Dye Hard MOD APK

Key Features

Vibrant Graphics and Fluid Paint Simulation

Dye Hard leverages advanced graphics technology and AI-powered fluid simulation to create stunning paint splatter effects. Watch paint fluidly cover the environment and coat enemies as you shoot streams of color from your dye gun. The vivid colors and splashes really make the game world come alive.

Strategic Team-Based Gameplay

Work closely with teammates to develop strategies and coordinate your dye attacks. Should you go on the offensive to invade enemy bases? Or defend your towers to maintain a strong foothold? With endless dye supplies, you aren’t limited to just shooting – lay paint traps, flank opponents, utilize color-coded teleporters, and more to outwit your foes.

Customize Your Character

Make your character stand out on the battlefield with custom skins, dye packs, gun skins, accessories and more unlockables as you play. From stylish assassins to colorful robots, you can really create a unique style.

Various Arena Maps

Dye Hard features a multitude of arena maps set in different environments, from industrial complexes to parks to cities. Learn each map’s layout to find the best ambush spots, sniping positions, cover opportunities and strategic areas to control.

Multiple Game Modes

In addition to the core team battles, Dye Hard offers alternative game modes for exciting variations. Try out deathmatches, zone control, point capture races and more!

Powerful Dye Guns

Unlock an arsenal of dye guns, each with their own spray patterns, ammo capacities, ranges and more stats. Find your favorite go-to gun that aligns with your playstyle, whether that’s a rapid-fire SMG, a long-range sniper or an area-of-effect splasher.

Dye Hard MOD APK

What is the Dye Hard Mod APK?

The Dye Hard Mod APK is a modified version of the game that unlocks all premium content for free. Players can access all the customization items, extra guns, skins and more without having to pay real money.

The mod also removes in-game ads so you can enjoy an uninterrupted competitive experience. If you want to deck out your character and arsenal without grinding for currency or paying, the Dye Hard Mod APK is the way to go.

Key Features of the Mod APK

  • Unlock all skins, accessories, dye colors, etc. for free
  • Unlimited money to buy new gear/guns
  • All guns/equipment available for purchase
  • No ads during battles
  • Improved aim assists and damage bonuses

Dye Hard MOD APK


With colorful graphics, strategic gameplay and plenty of customization, Dye Hard brings a unique twist to team-based shooters on mobile. Whether you enjoy working closely with teammates or prefer lone wolf flanking actions, there are many ways to play and contribute.

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Dye Hard MOD APK

Questions about Dye Hard

1. What type of game is Dye Hard?

Dye Hard is a team-based competitive multiplayer shooter game with a colorful paint theme. Players battle to cover more area of the map in their team’s colored paint.

2. How many teams compete in a Dye Hard match?

There are 3 color-coded teams in each Dye Hard match – Red, Blue and Yellow. So it’s 3v3v3 battles.

3. What platforms is Dye Hard available on?

Dye Hard is currently only available on Android devices through the Google Play Store. An iOS version may come in the future.

4. Does Dye Hard have controller support?

Yes, Dye Hard has built-in controller support for Bluetooth controllers. This allows for precise aiming and easy control of your character.

5. Is Dye Hard free-to-play?

Yes, Dye Hard is free-to-download on the Play Store. There are in-app purchases for skins, accessories etc but these are optional. The core game is free.

Dye Hard APK 0.9.73 MOD [Unlimited Money/No Ads]

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