Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk (Free Skills)

Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk (Free Skills)

GAME INFO: Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk
MOD Features Free Skills
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Size 332 MB
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk – The Ultimate Survival Game

Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk is an exciting action-adventure game that will immerse you in a dangerous dungeon crawling experience. As you explore dark dungeons full of monsters and traps, you’ll need to gather resources, craft equipment, and fight for your life. The modded version of Dungeon Survival 2 unlocks unlimited money and all items for free, allowing you to fully enjoy this thrilling game.

Overview of Dungeon Survival 2

Dungeon Survival 2 is the sequel to the popular survival game Dungeon Survival. It takes you on an epic adventure through dark mysterious dungeons filled with evil creatures. The graphics are stunning and really bring the dungeons to life in beautiful 3D.

You play as an unnamed hero whose village has been destroyed. You must venture into the dungeons below to find the Dungeon Core and destroy it before the entire world is threatened. Along the way you’ll discover friendly NPCs to interact with, deadly traps to avoid, puzzles to solve and powerful monsters to battle.

The controls are simple with an on-screen joystick and buttons – perfect for mobile. But don’t let the simple controls fool you, Dungeon Survival 2 is a challenging game requiring skill and strategy to survive. Death can come quickly if you are not careful!

Some key features include:

  • Incredible 3D graphics bring the dungeon crawling adventure to life
  • 50 deep dungeon levels to explore and conquer
  • Craft powerful weapons and armor to help you survive
  • Solve puzzles and unlock new skills to overcome obstacles
  • Gather resources to craft food, potions, weapons and more
  • Defeat menacing bosses that guard key areas
  • Unlock artifacts and treasures with unique abilities
  • Hours of gameplay spread across multiple dungeon adventures

With its action-packed gameplay, Dungeon Survival 2 will provide you with hours of challenging fun!

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Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk

Benefits of the Modded Version

The modded version of Dungeon Survival 2 provides some great benefits and advantages:

Unlocked Premium Content

The mod unlocks all premium content including items, artifacts, skins and more. This allows you to access powerful artifacts and gear without having to pay real money.

Unlimited Resources

You’ll have unlimited crafting resources like gold, gems, wood, food and more. This means you can craft end-game armor and weapons right from the start.

Increased Player Stats

Player stats like attack damage, armor, and health are all increased. This makes battles easier against tough dungeon creatures.

No Cool Downs

Skills and abilities have no cool downs allowing you to spam powerful magic and attacks. This makes you extremely overpowered against enemies.

Free Revives

Ordinarily revives cost precious gems, but the mod makes revives free. If you die, you can quickly respawn without penalty.

Having these bonuses makes Dungeon Survival 2 much more fun and exciting. You get to experience the full game without paywalls or grinding for resources.

Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk

Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading and Installing the Mod

Downloading and installing the modded .apk file for Dungeon Survival 2 only takes a few minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. On your Android device, open your web browser and go to the download page for the Dungeon Survival 2 mod. This will be a page like apkdone.com or moddroid.com.
  2. Download the modded Dungeon Survival 2 .apk file from the site.
  3. Open your file manager app on your device and find the downloaded .apk file.
  4. Tap the .apk file to begin the installation process.
  5. If prompted, enable installation from Unknown Sources in your Android settings.
  6. After installation completes, open Dungeon Survival 2 just like any other app and enjoy!

You now have the modded version with all bonuses unlocked. It’s recommended to uninstall any previous version of the app before installing the modded one. Also make sure you have enough storage space for the game assets.

Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk

Gameplay Guide for New Players

If you’re new to Dungeon Survival 2, follow this gameplay guide for some tips and strategies to get started:

Choose Your Starting Class Wisely

When first starting the game you can choose between warrior, mage or ranger class. Choose based on your preferred playstyle. Warriors have strong melee attacks, mages are good at ranged spells, and rangers excel at bow skills.

Gather Resources Aggressively

Make sure to gather as many sticks, grass, stones, gold, food and other resources as you can early on. You’ll need these to craft weapons, armor, food, campfires and more to survive.

Craft Basic Tools First

Your first goal should be crafting basic tools like pickaxes, axes and shovels. These allow you to gather resources faster. Next craft weapons, armor, food and healing potions.

Build Campfires

Campfires allow you to restore health and stamina when exploring dungeons. Craft them with sticks and stones. Place campfires strategically after tough battles or when low on health.

Explore Carefully, Avoid Traps

Dungeons have deadly spike traps, boulders and hidden triggers. Watch the floor carefully and walk slowly in new areas to avoid traps. Lure monsters away from trap locations to ambush them safely.

Fight Strategically

Don’t just rush into battles swinging your weapon. Pull individual monsters away from groups to fight one-on-one. Use doorways and corridors to limit attacks. Strike and retreat to recover stamina.

Keep Your Gear Repaired

As gear takes damage its effectiveness is reduced. Collect scrap materials and use workbenches often to repair your equipment to keep up performance.

Following these tips will help get you through the early hours of Dungeon Survival 2 until you unlock more powerful gear and abilities. Most importantly, take your time and enjoy the thrilling adventure!

Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk

Tips for Advanced Players

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Dungeon Survival 2, here are some expert tips to dominate the dungeons:

Brew Potions

The alchemy system allows you to brew potions with powerful buffs. Prioritize potions that increase attack, defense, speed, and resource gathering to help in battle and exploration.

Enchant Gear

Enchant your weapons, armor and jewelry at the enchanting table to imbue them with bonus fire, ice, poison or bleeding damage for greater effectiveness against tough monsters.

Cook Food

Don’t just eat raw food. Cooking unlocks recipes that recover more health and provide buffs like additional attack damage for a period of time.

Tame Beasts

Find beastmasters in dungeons and complete their quests to unlock the ability to tame wolves, bears and other creatures. Tamed beasts are invaluable allies in battle.

Explore Bonus Areas

Keep an eye out for hidden side rooms, underwater caves and puzzle doors that lead to bonus loot areas. Often the best gear is found in these secret locations.

Group Up For Bosses

The epic boss encounters are very difficult to defeat solo. If you can, group up with other players online or take control of all three classes yourself to have a balanced party.

Using these advanced strategies you can take your game to the next level and have the skills and gear to survive the deepest, most dangerous dungeon levels.

Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk

Top 7 Questions and Answers

Here are the top 7 questions players have about Dungeon Survival 2 mod:

Q: Is the modded apk safe to download?

A: Yes, mods from reputable sites are safe as long as you download from trustworthy sources. Be wary of shady sites.

Q: Will I get banned for using the mod apk?

A: The modded apk is for offline play only. As long as you don’t try to log into your account, you should not get banned.

Q: How do I download the mod for iPhone?

A: Unfortunately modded apps are only available for Android. iPhones cannot install them unless jailbroken.

Q: Does the mod work on both new and old versions?

A: Most mods are updated to work with the latest version of the game. Some mods support older versions too.

Q: Will my save data carry over?

A: Your local game save will likely not work with the modded version. You may need to start a new game.

Q: Is there multiplayer support?

A: No, modded versions are for offline play only. Multiplayer components are disabled.

Q: Is there a risk of viruses from modded apks?

A: Downloading from untrusted sites has some risk, but mods from reputable sources are generally safe when downloaded properly.

Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk

Key Takeaways

  • Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk unlocks premium content, unlimited resources, overpowered stats and more for free.
  • Carefully follow the instructions to properly download and install the mod for the best experience.
  • Prioritize resource gathering, crafting, exploring carefully and fighting strategically as a new player.
  • Enchanting, alchemy, cooking, and taming beasts are powerful advanced skills to master.
  • Mods allow you to play offline only, be wary of untrusted sites and don’t use them to try to cheat online.


Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk delivers one of the most exciting and addictive dungeon crawler experiences on mobile. With dark dungeons to explore, monsters to battle, loot to plunder and crafting systems to master – it’s incredibly fun and challenging. The mod removes paywalls and grinding to let you fully enjoy this thrilling adventure. Follow the guide above to get the mod set up properly, master the gameplay tips provided, and unlock the most powerful artifacts to conquer the dungeons and defeat the Dungeon Core!

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