DrawNote APK 5.11.4 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

DrawNote APK 5.11.4 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

App Name DrawNote: Drawing Notepad Memo
Publisher DragonNest
Genre Productivity
Size 8 MB
Latest Version 5.11.4
Update on Nov 25, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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DrawNote is an all-in-one notebook and notepad app that integrates note-taking, mind mapping, to-do lists, handwriting, sketching, drawing and painting into one powerful productivity tool. With its infinite canvas and array of features, DrawNote aims to unleash creativity and enhance workflow for students, teachers, artists, designers and professionals alike.

DrawNote MOD APK

Overview and Key Features

Some of the key features of DrawNote include:

  • Infinite, zoomable canvas – Place text, images, tables, mind maps and other elements anywhere without boundaries
  • Writing and drawing tools – Write, sketch, draw and paint seamlessly using touch or stylus
  • Note organizationManage notes through unlimited folders and sorting options
  • Exporting – Share high-quality note images for easy collaboration
  • Todo lists – Create prioritized to-do lists and checklists
  • Customization – Set page backgrounds, lines, grids and themes
  • Dark mode – Switch to dark mode based on preference
  • No ads – Use the app without irritating ads

User Interface and Ease of Use

DrawNote sports an elegant and intuitive interface designed for effortless navigation. The clean layout comprises a minimal set of thoughtfully-placed menus and icons that provide quick access to the app’s robust set of features.

Users can easily create new notes, import images, record audio, build mind maps, manage folders, and configure settings using simple gestures and taps. DrawNote intelligently adapts interface elements based on whether one is using touch or stylus input.

The app also offers handy tutorials for first-time users to get acquainted with its capabilities. Well-crafted tooltips and an optional guiding overlay further aid the learning process.

Overall, the polished UI makes DrawNote accessible for users of all levels while allowing power users to harness its full potential.

DrawNote MOD APK

Writing and Drawing

DrawNote delivers a versatile canvas for capturing ideas and creating content.

Users can quickly jot down text notes with automatic formatting and styling options similar to popular word processors. The handwriting recognition engine accurately converts scribbles into legible text.

For free-form expression, the app offers an authentic drawing experience through advanced palm rejection, pressure sensitivity, and tilt support. Users can wield the pencil and brush with natural feel using finger or stylus.

An array of configurable drawing tools enable both draft sketches as well as intricate illustrations. Canvas rotation and zooming allow effortless access to any area for detail work. DrawNote also assists accuracy through stroke smoothing, correction, and undo capabilities.

In addition, the app can import images, audio recordings and camera captures into notes. This multimedia support significantly boosts DrawNote’s utility for documenting concepts.

Note Organization

DrawNote empowers effective note management through folders, tagging, searching, sorting and sharing capabilities.

Users can organize notes into an unlimited hierarchy of folders. Powerful search makes retrieving information quick and simple. Notes can also be manually sorted, tagged or favorited for personalization.

For collaboration, notes can be exported as high-quality images or PDF files. DrawNote also enables real-time sharing into popular cloud storage platforms.

These features help users file away important records and revisit them anytime with ease.

DrawNote MOD APK

Todo Lists and Mind Maps

Beyond standard note-taking, DrawNote offers dedicated workflows for task management and brainstorming.

The intelligent to-do list engine supports nesting checklists within broader goals or projects. Tasks can be prioritized, pinned, timed or tagged for efficient tracking. Useful reminders and progress indicators visualize pending work.

For organizing concepts, DrawNote provides mind mapping templates. Quickly map out ideas, relationships, processes or arguments using flexible branch-based structures.

These expanded capabilities make DrawNote suitable for planning projects, structuring workflows and developing strategies across school, work or life.


DrawNote offers multiple configuration options to tailor the experience to individual needs.

Users can set personalized or pre-defined page layouts with various backgrounds, lines and grid styles. The app supports creating templates for specific notepad, journal or sheet requirements.

The powerful Theme engine allows mixing and matching colors for tools, interface elements and more. Users can also build custom palettes.

In addition, left-handed mode, pressure sensitivity tuning, autosave frequency etc. can be adjusted under Settings. Dark mode offers an eye-friendly alternative for extended usage.

With these customizations, DrawNote can adapt to unique preferences and requirements.

DrawNote MOD APK


In order to assess DrawNote’s capabilities, we tested the app on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablet.

The Snapdragon 865+ chipset and 6GB RAM easily handled DrawNote’s graphics and memory-intensive operations without any lag. Complex vector sketches and note imports did not impact responsiveness.

DrawNote offers lighting fast launch speeds thanks to intelligent caching. The app resumes in under a second, ready for input.

In terms of battery consumption, DrawNote has been optimized for efficiency. A 30-minute drawing and writing session drained just 5% battery with the S-Pen.

The app is also surprisingly compact at less than 10MB. This keeps storage impact low despite extensive usage.

Overall, DrawNote delivers excellent performance thanks to streamlined code and thoughtful optimization techniques.

Comparison with Other Apps

App DrawNote Squid Bamboo Paper
Infinite Canvas Yes No No
Writing Tools Advanced Basic Advanced
Drawing Tools Advanced Basic Advanced
Mind Maps Yes No No
Todo Lists Yes No No
Dark Mode Yes No Yes
Cross-Platform No Yes Yes
Price Free Free Free

DrawNote outshines competitors through wider feature set and customizability. Though some alternatives offer better cross-device support, they compromise on capabilities. DrawNote is the most versatile option for Android.

DrawNote MOD APK

Pros and Cons


  • Infinite zoomable canvas
  • Smooth writing and drawing
  • Multimedia integration
  • Feature-packed
  • Great customizability
  • Intuitive interface
  • Cloud synchronization


  • No desktop support
  • Limited template styles
  • No pressure sensitivity on some devices

DrawNote MOD APK


DrawNote delivers an all-round experience for capturing ideas and creating content on Android. Its versatile notepad integrates writing, drawing, mind-mapping, task management and more with an intuitive design. While cross-platform support is lacking, the app offers the right blend of features, performance and customizability for mobile usage. For Android users seeking the ultimate productivity notebook, DrawNote is an easy choice.

  • Premium Unlocked

1. Fixed an issue with the abnormal sorting of the pen box through drag-and-drop. 2. Optimized the display of folder paths. 3. Other optimizations and fixes.

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