Dragons Rise Of Berk APK 1.80.5 MOD (Unlimited Runes/Unlimited Iron)

Dragons Rise Of Berk APK 1.80.5 MOD (Unlimited Runes/Unlimited Iron)

App Name Dragons: Rise of Berk
Publisher Jam City, Inc.
Genre Simulation
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Requirements 6.0
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Dragons: Rise of Berk is a popular mobile game based on the How to Train Your Dragon movie franchise. Developed by Ludia and published by Jam City, this game allows players to build their own island of Berk, rescue and train dragons from the DreamWorks universe. With vivid 3D graphics and animations, Rise of Berk brings the magical world of dragons to life in the palms of your hands.

Dragons Rise Of Berk MOD APK

The Story and World of Rise of Berk

The game is set in the Viking island of Berk, the home of legendary dragon trainer Hiccup and his friends. After the events of the movies, Berk is now at peace with the dragons living alongside Vikings. However, new threats emerge as mysterious strangers arrive on the shores of Berk, threatening the harmony of the island.

As the village chief, it is up to you work with Hiccup, Toothless and others to build your own Berk, while discovering new islands and training dragons to defend your homeland. Your goal is to ensure the safety and future of Berk by revealing the powers of dragons and using them to fight the strangers.

Dragons Rise Of Berk MOD APK

Main Features of the Game

Rise of Berk comes packed with features that provide an authentic How to Train Your Dragon experience:

Discover and Collect Over 400 Dragons

The key highlight of the game is the ability to collect over 400 dragons from the movies and TV series. You can rescue, hatch and train dragons like Toothless, Stormfly, Hookfang, Skullcrusher etc. There are over 75 unique species to discover including Deadly Nadders, Monstrous Nightmares, Typhoomerangs etc. Each dragon has its own distinct abilities and powers.

Explore 60 Islands in the Viking World

There are 60 stunning islands spread across the Viking territories for you to explore. These islands are filled with adventures and are home to many dragons species waiting to be discovered. Completing missions on the islands provide valuable rewards.

Build and Customize Your Own Berk

You can build various buildings like houses, farms, training grounds etc. to construct your own version of Berk. Decorations and landscaping options allow you to customize your island to your liking.

Exciting Battles and Events

Test your trained dragons in exciting battles and events like Brawl and Gauntlet modes. Limited time events like Berkian Feasts also provide fun activities and prizes.

Stunning 3D Graphics and Animations

The game features beautiful console-quality 3D visuals and animations that bring the dragons to life. Vivid environments, dynamic weather effects and changing seasons make Berk feel like a living, breathing world.

Simple and Intuitive Controls

Despite having tons of content, Rise of Berk features simple and intuitive touch controls optimized for mobile devices. You can easily perform actions like navigating islands, training dragons etc. with simple taps and gestures.

Dragons Rise Of Berk MOD APK

What is the Mod Version?

The modded version of Dragons: Rise of Berk comes with premium features unlocked for free. You get unlimited runes, iron and instant hatching without having to pay real money for in-app purchases. This means you can speed up progress and quickly train dragons without grind or wait.

Key Features of the Mod Version:

  • Unlimited runes
  • Unlimited iron
  • Instant hatching
  • All dragons unlocked
  • Unlimited everything

The mod allows enjoying the complete Rise of Berk experience without annoying ads or delays. You can focus on the fun parts like collecting dragons, customizing Berk and battling other players.

Dragons Rise Of Berk MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Dragons: Rise of Berk:

Is the game completely free to play?

Yes, Dragons: Rise of Berk is completely free to download and play. However, it contains optional in-app purchases to buy gems, runes etc. which can speed up your progress. The modded version has all these premium features unlocked for free.

How much storage space does it need?

The game takes up around 100MB of storage space on Android devices. The actual size may vary across devices due to added content and caches.

Does it work offline?

No, you require an active internet connection to play Rise of Berk for features like battling other players, unlocking new islands etc. Much of the content is hosted online by the developers.

Is my progress saved across devices?

Yes, your progress is linked to your Google Play Games or Facebook account. This allows you to continue playing on another device from where you left off by logging in with the same account.

Is there a community and ways to interact with other players?

Yes, the game has an active fan community on social media and forums. You can add in-game friends, join alliances to chat and trade resources. Limited time global events also let entire communities work towards common goals to unlock rewards.

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Dragons Rise Of Berk MOD APK


In summary, Dragons: Rise of Berk offers a fun way for fans of the How to Train Your Dragon series to build their own dragon utopia. Collecting and training the beautifully animated dragons is a highly satisfying experience. Unlocking new islands and customizing Berk also provides solid long-term goals. The modded version provides the complete experience for free by removing annoying ads and paid elements. If you love the magical world of dragons, definitely give this game a try!

Dragons Rise Of Berk APK 1.80.5 MOD (Unlimited Runes/Unlimited Iron)


Snoggletog, is almost here, and it’s feeling frosty on Berk! - NEW Islands have been discovered! - NEW Dragon Species: Welcome the Ridgesnipper CrossBreed on Berk! - NEW Flock has landed on Berk! Can you collect them all!? - NEW Snoggletog Costumes for our Riders! - Seasonal event returns: Collect Yaknog and exchange them for Dragons, Costumes, and NEW Seasonal Decorations! - Bug fixes and optimizations for a smoother experience.

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