Day R Premium APK 1.798 MOD [Unlimited Money/Free Craft/Max level]

Day R Premium APK 1.798 MOD [Unlimited Money/Free Craft/Max level]

App Name Day R Premium
Publisher Rmind Games
Genre Paid
Size 130mb
Latest Version 1.798
Update on Jan 23, 2024
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Unlimited Money/Free Craft/Max level
Get it on Google Play
Day R Premium MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Free Craft/Max level] is an immersive and challenging survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. As the sole survivor, players must traverse the wasteland scavenging for supplies to craft weapons, build shelters, treat illnesses, and defend against enemies. With detailed graphics and survival mechanics, Day R Premium APK MOD delivers a gritty and realistic survival experience.

Day R Premium MOD APK


Day R Premium APK 1.798 is the premium version of the popular survival game Day R, featuring ad-free gameplay and additional features like unlimited saves and chat access. Developed by Russian studio TLTGames, Day R Premium MOD APK Unlocked All sets players in a devastated alternate 1980s USSR after a nuclear war destroyed civilization.

As the player, you wake up alone in a bunker with no food or resources. Venturing out into the post-apocalyptic wasteland, you must scavenge supplies from abandoned towns and cities while dealing with hazards like radiation, injury, illness and attack from dangerous survivors. The game utilizes realistic survival mechanics – you need to find food and water daily, treat wounds, illnesses and radiation sickness, maintain clothing and equipment, and defend yourself.

With no guides, Day R Premium MOD APK Unlimited Money challenges players to stay alive for as long as possible using their wits and survival skills. Death is permanent, forcing you to start over with a new character.

Day R Premium MOD APK

Key Features

Huge Open World

Day R Premium MOD APK features a massive open world map spanning the entirety of the former USSR. Players can explore dangerous irradiated zones like Chernobyl or venture into major cities like Moscow and Kiev to scavenge for valuable supplies. The expansive world rewards thorough searching and planning expeditions for maximum loot.

In-Depth Crafting

Crafting is essential for survival in Day R Premium MOD APK Unlimited Money. Players can craft hundreds of items like weapons, clothing, armor, medical supplies, tools, parts for vehicles and defensive fortifications for shelter. Crafting utilizes realistic recipes scavenged from skill books, requiring the right components and tools.

Survival Mechanics

Detailed survival systems present constant challenges. Maintaining hunger and thirst levels by scavenging canned food and water is vital. Temperatures require wearing protective clothing. Injuries, illnesses and radiation need treatment with medical supplies and meds. Failure to meet any need drains health and eventually results in death.

RPG Character Progression

While the world remains deadly, your character grows over time. Scavenging skill books lets you learn specialized skills like engineering, chemistry, driving, fishing and plant knowledge. Investing skill points into stats like strength, dexterity and intelligence improves combat ability, crafting speed and prices when bartering.

Vehicles & Fast Travel

Finding a working vehicle allows traversing the huge map faster while carrying more loot. Players can find and repair cars, trucks, tanks, motorcycles, helicopters, boats, bicycles and even horses! Vehicles use realistic parts like engines, tires and fuel. Maintaining and fueling them is key.

Rich Storyline

Notes, artifacts and encounters with survivors slowly reveal stories about World War III. While the main focus is survival, players interested in the backstory can discover more on the nuclear war, life before the fallout, the survivalist movement, secret government bunkers and the possibility of rebuilding civilization.


Seeing other survivors is rare after the apocalypse. Day R on islamicmovi apk offers asynchronous multiplayer where you can trade goods via radio signal, view other players’ stats and bases when you find their remains, and interact with their camps left behind in the persistent world.

Day R Premium MOD APK

What is the Day R Premium Mod APK?

The Day R Premium MOD APK 1.798 on is a modified version of the game packed with cheats and bonuses to make survival easier. While Day R Premium MOD APK is already ad-free, the mod APK adds unlimited in-game money to buy any items, max player level and skills for the best gear, higher exchange rates when trading, free crafting of items without components and more loot in shelters.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Max Player Level
  • Free Crafting Of Items
  • Higher Exchange Rates
  • More Loot In Shelters

The mods allow casual players to enjoy the full breadth of content without tedious grinding. However it reduces the challenge – making survival very easy. Players looking for a hardcore survival experience should play the original version instead.

Day R Premium MOD APK

How To Download & Install

As modified software, the Day R Premium MOD APK Max Lavel is not available officially on the Google Play Store. Players have to download and install it manually:


  1. Download the latest mod APK file from a trusted site like on
  2. Enable “Install from unknown source” in Android settings if prompted
  3. Install the Day R mod APK – overriding any warnings about unverified apps
  4. Launch Day R Premium mod APK! Enjoy added money, items, skills and loot


Playing on a big screen is easier with Android emulators for PC like Bluestacks. Simply:

  1. Download and install the emulator on PC
  2. Launch the emulator and sign into Google account
  3. Search for “Day R Premium mod APK” in built-in browser
  4. Download and install mod APK file
  5. Enjoy playing with cheats enabled!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about Day R Premium and the mod APK:

Is the mod APK safe to download?

Yes, downloading from reputed sites like on ensures a working and virus-free mod APK. Just enable install from “Unknown sources” during first-time setup.

Does the mod work offline?

No, like the original game the mod APK requires an internet connection on first launch to initialize. After that it works offline.

What happens if I die in game?

Dying results in permadeath for that character. You must start a new game with a new character profile. However stats and learned skills carry over to new characters.

Can I play Day R Premium on iPhone or iPad?

Unfortunately Day R Premium MODDED APK is available only on Android platform. iOS users cannot directly play this game.

How big is the game install size?

Day R Premium MOD APK requires 2GB free space on Android devices while the mod APK is around 150MB. The game downloads additional asset files post-install.

Is my progress saved across devices?

Yes, Day R Premium Hacked APK uses cloud saving when logged into Google Play Games. This syncs the save file across all devices using the same account.

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Day R Premium MOD APK


For fans of gritty and realistic survival games, Day R Premium MOD APK Free Craft delivers an exceptional post-apocalyptic experience on mobile. The expansive USSR wasteland, detailed survival mechanics and deep crafting system provide dangerous challenges. Becoming self-sufficient through scavenging, crafting gear and building a base game gives a great sense of progression. While permadeath and difficulty keeps tension high, the added cheats in the mod APK allows more casual players to enjoy it too. Overall, Day R Premium MOD APK is a must-try modern survival game masterpiece.

Day R Premium APK 1.798 MOD [Unlimited Money/Free Craft/Max level]

Unlimited Money/Free Craft/Max level

The winter adventure in Day R Premium continues! ✔️️Smash the ice shelters of the evil scumbags to return the stolen gifts to the inhabitants of the settlements; ✔️️You still have time to summon all the helpers of Santa Clauses to get even more Joy; ✔️️Open all the reward chests - they contain a lot of cool and useful items to complete the winter event; ✔️️Get the final perk of Santa Claus - teleportation to the nearest settlement, even from the farthest distance!

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