Dailymotion APK 2.12.25 MOD (Premium, No Ads) for android

Dailymotion APK 2.12.25 MOD (Premium, No Ads) for android


App Name Dailymotion
Publisher Dailymotion
Genre Entertainment
Latest Version 2.12.25
Update on Dec 8, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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Dailymotion is a popular video sharing and streaming platform, allowing users to upload, view, share, and comment on videos. With over 300 million monthly active users globally, Dailymotion provides access to a wide variety of user generated and professional video content across categories like music, gaming, news, sports, and more.

The Dailymotion Android app allows users to access the platform’s massive video catalog from their Android smartphones and tablets. In this in-depth review, we will evaluate the Dailymotion Android app across several key criteria:

  • User interface and design
  • Video playback quality and controls
  • Search and discovery features
  • Offline viewing capabilities
  • Community and social features

We will highlight the app’s strengths and weaknesses in each area, and provide an overall assessment of its utility for Android users looking to watch videos on the go.

Dailymotion MOD APK

User Interface and Design

The Dailymotion app features a clean, modern user interface (UI) optimized for ease of browsing and viewing videos in both portrait and landscape orientations.

A bottom tab bar provides quick access between the Home, Following, and Search sections. The Home tab features curated video playlists and recommendations based on your viewing history and interests. The Following tab shows the latest videos from the creators and channels you follow.

The UI makes efficient use of screen real estate on both phones and tablets. Video thumbnails and titles are prominently displayed, while information like views, duration and upload date is available at a glance.


Users can customize their Home feed by selecting topics of interest like Gaming, Sports, and Comedy during onboarding. The app allows further personalization via a “Not Interested” option to remove unwanted videos from recommendations.

The clean layout, intuitive navigation and customization options help users easily discover and watch videos tailored to their tastes.

Dailymotion MOD APK

Video Playback Quality and Controls

Dailymotion utilizes adaptive bitrate streaming to optimize video playback quality based on the user’s device capabilities and network conditions.

Resolution Options

On the video player screen, tapping the HD icon allows selecting video resolution from 240p up to 1080p HD when available. The default Auto setting appropriately adapts quality by detecting bandwidth.

Additional Playback Controls

Useful playback controls like play/pause, skip ahead/back, subtitles, and fullscreen are conveniently located on the video player.

An innovative “Stills” feature generates a shareable animated GIF from any video segment, allowing easy creation and distribution of highlights.

Performance and Stability

Video loading and buffering performance is excellent even at higher resolutions on WiFi and 4G. The app also continues playing audio in the background if you switch to another app momentarily.

In summary, Dailymotion offers reliable video streaming with useful quality and control options for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Dailymotion MOD APK

Search and Discovery

Finding videos to watch is a breeze with Dailymotion’s powerful search and discovery features.

The search feature returns results instantly as you type titles or keywords. It helpfully displays suggested searches and refines the results based on your input. Videos matching your query are ranked by relevance.


The app provides personalized recommendations on the Home tab based on your watch history and selected topics of interest. An intuitive “Not Interested” option allows further refining Home feed recommendations to your taste.


The Following tab conveniently shows the latest videos from creators and channels you choose to follow, making it easy to keep up with new content from your favorite sources.

Playlists and Categories

Playlists created by Dailymotion’s content curators provide a neatly organized way to browse videos grouped by theme or category like Music, Comedy, Automotive, and more. You can also create personal playlists to save videos for convenient access later.

With multiple avenues to search for and discover new videos, Dailymotion makes it simple to find content that matches your interests.

Dailymotion MOD APK

Offline Viewing

Dailymotion allows saving videos for offline viewing when Internet access is limited – an invaluable feature for frequent travelers and commuters.

Download Videos

Downloading a video for offline access is as easy as tapping the download icon on its thumbnail or description. Downloaded videos can be accessed in the “Downloads” section when offline.

Retain Watch Progress

The app remembers and synchronizes your playback position when switching between online and offline viewing. This allows seamlessly resuming from where you left off.

Storage Management

The Downloads section has options to sort videos by date or size, delete downloaded videos in bulk, and see available storage space. This gives users better control over managing offline content within storage constraints.

By enabling reliable offline viewing support, Dailymotion ensures you need never be without entertaining video content while on the go.

Dailymotion MOD APK

Community Features

The Dailymotion app facilitates community interaction by allowing users to comment on and share videos, follow creators, curate playlists, and more.

User Profiles

Registered users can set up a public profile showcasing their uploaded videos, playlists, likes, and more. Visitors to your profile can subscribe for updates on your latest activity.


Videos allow commenting for discussion and feedback. Comment notifications keep you engaged in ongoing conversations.

Sharing Content

Easy options to share videos via messaging apps, social platforms, or simply copying the link empower users to spread content wider.

Integrated community features help foster greater user engagement on the platform. However, some users have complained of excessive notifications from comment threads. An option to limit notifications would be welcome.

Dailymotion MOD APK


The Dailymotion app delivers an excellent Android video streaming experience with smooth playback, robust search and discovery, offline support, and community features.

A highly intuitive interface, personalized recommendations, and innovative playback controls like animated GIF creation make video consumption uniquely enjoyable. Reliable performance even at HD resolutions ensures high quality viewing.

While the amount of professionally produced original content is less compared to some competing services, Dailymotion shines in user generated content. Topics like gaming, comedy, and music enjoy especially strong representation in the catalog.

For Android users seeking a video platform with strong community ties and user created content, Dailymotion is a compelling option. Its offline support provides additional appeal for frequent travelers.

Overall, the Dailymotion Android app rates 4 out of 5 stars for delivering a polished, full-featured mobile video streaming solution.

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